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8 Most Common Types Of House Insurance Claims

Ever look at your home insurance policy and wonder if you actually “need” it? That’s a questions I always ask myself when it’s time to renew my house insurance. I look at the list of things it covers, and how much coverage in dollars I get, and I ask myself “is this enough coverage?” or […]

State Farm Roadside Assistance Review

This is a review of State Farm emergency roadside assistance. If you’re looking to get this service, have a read below and learn if it’s the right fit for you. First of all, what is road side assistance? Roadside assistance is a type of insurance that helps drivers with vehicle issues when their car breaks […]

Personal Injury Protection Coverage (PIP Insurance)

What is Personal injury protection? Personal Injury Protection definition: PIP insurance is insurance on top of your regular vehicle insurance that covers you in case of a vehicle accident. The main benefit of PIP insurance is the coverage it provides. PIP covers expenses related to injuries you sustained during a vehicle accident, regardless of who […]