Adding extra space in available credit with your credit line can give you much more flexibility with your spending, especially in those times when money is tight, and those special times of the year when you’re spending more money than normal.

Not only does it give you more flexibility, you’ll also get more purchasing power.

If you already have a Chase credit line and would like to increase the limit, then you’ll need to contact Chase and request a credit line increase.

I’ll detail how to contact Chase and request a credit line increase here, as well as give you some tips about how to get a credit limit increase.

First, you’ll obviously need to have an existing line of credit with Chase.

How To Request A Chase Credit Line Increase

You can request an increase in credit limit by visiting a Chase branch location or you can also visit this link here and do it online. I think it’s probably the easiest to submit your increase request online with the link above. You’ll obviously need an online account to be able to access your information online, so if you don’t have one, you could sign up for one first.

You may also give Chase a phone call and speak to one of their credit experts at 888-245-0625.

To increase your credit line limit online, you’ll need your personal code and to log into your account. So make sure you have this information in order, or contact Chase customer service to obtain this information.

chase credit limit increase

Common Questions About Increasing Your Line Of Credit With Chase

Does raising your line of credit hurt your credit score? No it does not. The only time your credit score will be impacted is when you apply for NEW credit. Since you already have existing credit, you will not be impacted negatively by requesting to increase your limit.

  • Does it cost money to increase your line of credit? No it does not.
  • How long does it take for an increase in line of credit to be approved? Approval from Chase is right away, and they will notify you if your request for increase has been approved or not.
  • What information do I need to request a credit line increase? You will need proof of income in order to request a line of credit increase. The reason for this is because Chase will determine the proper amount of credit line increase based on how much money you make. The more money you make, the more available credit line increase you should be able to receive. But they will need proof of your income.

Tips For Increasing Your Chase Credit Limit

  • Make more money – The more money you make, the larger the credit limit you can usually be approved for, or if you apply for a personal loan. If you’ve been currently working an extra job or have been receiving a steady and reliable income from other sources, it could be a a great time to request a credit limit increase. You will have proof that you are making more money right now and it could help you secure a larger increase. Remember, once you have your credit limit increased, it will not go down (under normal circumstances).
  • Have proof of income – If you can’t show how much money you are making, Chase cannot approve your request. You also want to make sure your proof of income is from a legitimate source. If you don’t have conventional proof of income like a pay stub statement, then speak with a Chase representative to see what alternatives there are for you.
  • Make sure you haven’t requested a limit increase recently – If you’ve recently asked for a credit limit increase, it’s likely you’ll not be approved for another request if it’s been too recent. Now, how “recent” it was since your last credit limit increase request isn’t exactly defined anywhere, but I’d say within 6 months probably counts as recent. If it’s been longer than 6 months, or maybe a year or so since your last request, then I’d say it’s safe to request again. However, it doesn’t hurt to contact Chase to check anyways, even if you’ve made a request recently.
  • Decrease your debts – If you’ve recently decreased the amount of debt you owe, you could be in better shape to get a credit line increase. This is because your debt to income ratio will be lower, which means the money you make compared to your debt is larger. Basically, when you have less debt, you are more likely to be able to pay back a loan. This can make it easier for you to get a bigger line of credit increase. Again, if you’ve paid off a large chunk of debt recently or have less debt than when you first got your line of credit, and you’re thinking about increase your credit line, then this could be a great time for a request.

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