Ah, Costco

You can’t miss it. They are in just about every city in North America it seems.

A lot of people love shopping at Costco for their food and bulk items.

And a lot of us know Costco offers more than just groceries and good.

But did you know Costco is really big in the travel market?

Costco provides pretty much every service you could need as far as travel goes. You can find great travel deals, book car rentals, find great travel packages to Hawaii, and get a lot of travel deals through Costco’s travel.

Today, I’m going to review and talk about What Costco Travel is all about and if you should use them to plan and book your next vacation.

Costco Travel Benefits: Should You Use Them?

First of all, you probably already know that being a Costco member gives you perks and discounts beyond the ability to shop their groceries and other items. Well, it’s the same with their discount travel.

Costco works with many partners to get extra discounts for you. As long as you are a member of Costco, you can benefit from these discounts. For example, you could book a rental car with one of Costco’s rental car partners and save 15% for example. But more on this later.

What Types Of Things Can You Book With Costco?

Costco members can benefit from a wide range of travel related products and services. These things include renting cars, booking cruises for you and your family, buying vacation packages for you and your family, and and booking cool hotel rooms. If it’s travel related, chances are Costco can help you with it.

How Does Costco Get Their Travel Products?

You can book cruises with Disney or rent a car with Budget and Enterprise, and get discounts at parks like Disney World. It looks like Costco negotiates travel offerings with these companies and perhaps buys them in bulk, which means they can get them cheaper than if you booked them yourself. This means Costco has the ability to pass on the savings to you.


costco vacation packages



Costco Has Up Front Pricing

Costco has prices listed up front that includes all taxes and fees. As you book your vacation stuff with them the prices will be clearly indicated so there are no surprises. I like this with Costco because I hate it when you get to the end of the checkout and find out it’s more expensive than you thought because the extra fee’s were not disclosed earlier.

Costco Vacation Packages

You can go just about anywhere in the world you’d like with their prepackaged vacations. These places include Costa Rica, Maui, Europe, The Caribbean, Mexico, Fiji, Cook Islands, and Tahiti.

Costco Cruises

Much like their vacation packages, Costco can cruise you around just about anywhere too. Popular cruise destinations revolve around porting around North America. Some destinations you could book a cruise with Costco are Alaska, Bermuda, The Caribbean, Europe, The mediterranean, Hawaii, Mexico, and more. They have benefits for group cruises too, if you are looking to book a large number of people, and you can purchase shore excursions through them as well to add value to your cruise.

Costco travel deals

Example of Costco’s range of travel products

Costco Rental Cars

Costco works with Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. Not surprisingly, these are the big dogs in the car rental space. Costco car rental is really straight forward. You fill out their form for what type of vehicle you’d like and what days, and they will give you several options depending on whats available, and of course, the price. Since you are a Costco member, you will also see what type of a discount you’ll be receiving. Discounts can be different depending on which car rental company it is.

Costco’s Travel Partners

You can’t have an online travel agency like Costco and not have partners! Costco works with many popular travel retailers that you’ll probably recognize. They include Disneyland Resort Vacations, Walt Disney Vacations, Best Western Hotels, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Trafalgar Guided Vacations, etc. When you book your vacation through Costco, you may see these travel partners and their travel products show up in your searches.

Costco Travel Deals

Everyone loves a good deal, right! Costco, like many travel agencies will have special deals for their customers. Some of these deals include:

  • Weekly hot deals – These are Hot offers that Costco puts out on a weekly basis. It’s not really apparent what makes them “hot”, but I imagine a mixture of price and what the hot item is is the main reason for it. You’ll find many cruise and vacation packages here
  • $499 and under – Costco has a section for $499 and under, where you can find deals on cruises and vacation packages that are under $500 per person. For example, you could find a Bahamas cruise with Norwegian for $299, or a Orlando Holiday with Universal Orlando package for $365.
  • What’s New Section – This section is for the new stuff that Costco has to offer. It’s their latest offers. You probably won’t find amazing Costco deals here, but if you’re looking for something fresh to do, then this would be a good section to look at
  • Last Minute Cruises – One of my favourite Costco deals are the last minute cruise deals. When cruises are getting close to departure date and they aren’t filled, they slash prices. Because it’s better to fill people into the empty rooms at a discount rather than nobody at all. You can find cruises all over the world here for discounted prices. For example, an Eastern Caribbean cruise with Carnival for 7 nights can start from $819 per person

review of costco travel

Costco Theme Parks

Costco is pretty big on theme parks. They are aimed at family travel and have a lot of adventures within them. Their featured products include Walt Disney Resort, Universal Orlando, Disneyland Resort vacations, Adventured by Disney, Lion World Travel, and Trafalgar Worldwide Guided vacations. Here, you can find specific vacation packages that you will build your itinerary around.

How Do You Qualify For Costco Travel?

It’s easy to book travel with Costco. You just need to be a member of Costco and live in the United States. And you can book everything you need from their website Costco Travel. On the left hand side, you’ll see a sidebar when you can build your trip, no matter what it is. Or browse their navigation menu and find details about vacation packages or cruises.

How To Get The Best Travel Deals

Whether you go with Costco or not, you will want to compare whatever you find with other competitors. Sure, Costco negotiates rates with partner companies and gets great deals and passes the savings on to you, but let’s be honest, so does many other travel companies.

Your best bet is to decide what type of vacation you want and then look for it. Find what prices Costco is offering you and then look for similar vacations, if not the exact same one, on other travel networks and agencies. You may be surprised at how competitive the travel industry is!

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