rent payments suck, and it sucks even more when we can’t keep up with it.

Life can get tough sometimes, and we sometimes fall behind on rent payments.

Fortunately, there are great places that help you with your rent payments.

If you’ve fallen behind on rent and need help paying rent, here are 5 places you can go to find money for rent.

1. US department of housing and urban development

The government has programs that help apartment owners rent living dwellings at reduced rates, which help tenants. You’ll be able to search for apartments on their website that qualify. They also have public housing programs that help give low income families affordable apartments, including help for elderly and people with disabilities. You’ll want to contact a public housing agency to see if you qualify. You can also find this on HUD’s website.

Including the above assistance, HUD has a housing choice voucher program which is basically a discount voucher on rent. You find your own place and use the voucher to pay parts or all of the rent payment.

You will also be able to search for local rental help in your state. This program helps you find affordable rentals and special needs housing. You can also get help with your utility bills and other similar expenses.

If any of the above is something you want to explore more, definitely head over to HUD’s website here.

2. Rental assistance for single mothers & low income families

The Rural Rental Assistance Program is a program that helps low income households decrease the rent they pay. The Rural Housing Service funds this program, and to get support from them, you’ll need to qualify. More specifically, you’ll need to be living in an area that qualifies. You can learn more about this on their website. You’ll also need monthly rent payments that exceed 30% of your families adjusted revenue. Click here to learn more.

3. Home Forward

Home Forward is a rental assistance organization that helps people with long term rent and short term rent. They are a general rental assistance program that helps in a variety of ways. So if you’re simply just currently in short term money problems and need temporary money to pay for rent, or if you’re currently in a long term financial struggle to pay rent, they can help. They more specifically provide rental payment assistance to their low income neighbourhoods, military veterans, and people with disabilities.

If you want to check them out, visit their website here and you can apply for their various programs.

4. Disability.GOV rental program resource

This is a great resource that lists a bunch of government programs that help with rent payments. Most of them are HUD related as I mentioned above here, but this link here is a better resource because it explains what each program is and how they work more clearly, and it’s easier to navigate. Check it out here.

5. Churches that help with rent

Churches are a great place to get help with rent. It’s a little trickier to find local Churches that can assist you. However, there are organizations that are fairly well known to help people in need, like the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. Some of these charities can also help you with medical bills, utility bills, and of course toys and gifts during the holidays.

If you’re looking for more information about Churches that help with rent, or you’re looking for a Church in your area that can help with your rental payments, here’s a really good resource you can use to learn more about that.

Bonus Tip: Get a personal loan

You can also get a personal loan to pay for rent. A personal loan is simply a loan that is used to pay for any “personal” reasons, including rental payments.

Getting a loan to help in financially difficult situations is nothing new for Americans. It’s a pretty easy option, and it’s very quick too. Borrowing money usually takes a few days or less, and you can sometimes get a lot of money too and be able to pay for other expenses you may currently have difficulty paying.

In any case, it’s a loan at the end of the day, and you will need to pay it back when you get back on your feet financially. So just keep that in mind.

If you’re looking for a good place to apply for a loan at low interest rates, Lending Club is a popular online website to do just that. They’re popular and people trust them, which is why I am recommending them.

Click here to visit Lending Club.

General Tips On What You Can Do If You Can’t Pay Rent On Time

along with the 5 resources I listed above that helps give you rental assistance, here are some general tips you can also use that may help you get rent relief or help you pay your rent better.

  • Talk to your landlord and see if you can delay your payment: The first thing you should do is talk to your landlord and explain your situation. If you’re temporarily broke then let them know that and tell them when you expect to have money to pay for rent. If you’re flat out broke and it doesn’t look good in the near future, explain your situation and see if they will let you rent at a reduced rate. In any case, you want to contact your landlord because it’s better than not paying your rent and dodging your landlord constantly.
  • Understand what your lease agreement says: Different lease agreements will deal with non rent payments differently. You will want to read it again and find out what happens if you don’t pay. Some have strict rules about non payment and some are more relaxed. What you decide to do will depend on the rules. If you know you’ll be evicted in 30 days if you don’t pay your rent, then you will want to take stronger action sooner. But in any case, you’ll want to contact your landlord anyways like I mentioned above and state your situation.
  • Make partial payments: Making half a payment is sometimes better than not making a payment at all. It shows your landlord you are trying, rather than not paying it and dodging them. You’ll want to get something written and signed that acknowledges you reduced payment. How much that is and for how long will depend on your landlord. Just make sure you have it all documented, including obtaining a receipt for your payment. If things go south, you’ll have the proper paperwork to back it up.
  • Apply for a grant: If your struggles to pay rent is more long term, then you can look for grants. They aren’t the easiest things to get but you could benefit from one if you get approved for one. Grants are basically free money for specific situations. In your situation, charities can offer grants to help you during your financially stressful times. To find rental grants, hit up Google and search for rental grant Michigan for example. Replace Michigan with the actual state or city you live in.

need help with rental payments?

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