If you’re unemployed and need to make money fast, then this article is for you.

I want to show you some quick ways to make money without a job today. I know a lot of you are looking for ways to make money without working, so keep reading.

Basically, there are a lot of things you can do online that people and companies will pay you money for.

The internet is an amazing place to make money with no money. There are a ton of ways to make money without a job online, but to be honest, a lot of them take a lot of work. I’m guessing you’re more looking for ways to get money without a job and not looking to start a business or anything like that.

So directly below, I’ll tell you about the best way I know of making money without a job on the internet.

1. Make money taking paid surveys

Taking paid surveys is a quick and reliable way to make money right now.

Survey companies will pay you money for your opinion and to fill out surveys. All you need to do is participate in them and you will be paid when you finish the survey. For example, you could take a survey that’s about an upcoming election, and you simply answer the questions they ask, and BOOM, you get paid.

Here are some high quality survey sites to join. You can join all of them and take a lot of surveys to make more money.

Vindale Research

Opinion Outpost

SpringBoard America

Earning Research

2. Start a blog that makes money

To be honest, if you are looking to make more money, you’ll need to invest your time and build an asset that will make you a lot of money in the long term.

Click here to see my in depth tutorial making money blogging

It probably won’t get you any money today, or in the near future. You will want to take the paid surveys I mentioned above if you want quick cash. But if you’re looking to make a lot of money within a year or so, then starting an online business is where it’s at.

It really is.

Because with an online business like your own blog, where you share your opinion and knowledge about something you are passionate and/or knowledgable about, you can make insane amount of money. Plus it’s hella fun.

For example, this blog dopedollar.com is a blog where I talk about personal finance stuff, something which I’m really passionate about and enjoy talking about.

You could have a lot of fun talking about cars, make up, fashion, basketball, or yoga. In fact, you probably spend a lot of time online looking and reading about this stuff on other people’s blogs and forums.

Why not start your own blog and make money expressing your opinions on things.

How much money can you make blogging?

Honestly, the sky is truly the limit. Many bloggers make $100,000+ per year. They get to work on their blogs whenever they feel like it and get to wake up whenever they want. Though their blog is their “job”, it is basically making money without a job.

I really recommend blogging as a way to make money. I know a lot of people think they don’t have the computer skills or business knowledge to start a blog that makes money. But let’s get real, most people who start any type of business like venture don’t know a thing about it. Everyone starts somewhere.

You learn as you go. If you can type and have knowledge about a subject, you have a lot of what you need to succeed online already. It then becomes a matter of setting up your blog the right way from the get go, and writing content, and then promoting it.

And you just rinse and repeat. Spend your free time on it and as time goes by, you will have built yourself a really nice “asset” that will generate you money while you sleep.

You truly can start a blog that makes enough money for you to retire on in a few years. My goal is to always start blogs that can generate $100,000 within 3 years. It’s totally achievable too, when you get started on the right foot. And the great thing about blogging is that you will get started with only spending like less than $50 for the first year.

The real investment in blogging is your time. Not money. It’s the best business I know of that will make you a lot of money with little to no money spent.

Anyways I’ll be creating a little guide on how to make money blogging soon, and I’ll shoot over a link to it once it’s done.


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3. Other ways to make money without working

Well, it’s not really making money without “working”, because you’ll need to do something for money. Nobody will just hand you money for free. But you’re not “working” in the way you would at a regular job with a boss breathing down your neck and clocking in and out type of gig.

Here is a list of 5 additional ways to get money without working:

  1. Sell a skill you have. Everyone has skills that other people need. Whether you’re a electrician who can’t find work, or a College drop out bum who knows how to build a computer, you have skills that people need help with! The thing you need to do is learn how to get paid for these skills. You need to think a little outside of the box and not look at the typical “find a job that fits my skills” stuff. You need to “advertise” yourself to others and let them know that you are for hire! So hit up a craigslist or tell friends about your availability or put signs up in places where people who could be interested in your skills hang out. For example, if I had electrical skills and couldn’t work for whatever reason, I would absolutely find people who need help putting up a light, or rewiring their home, or need a plug changed in their house, etc. Regular people don’t know how to do this stuff and will pay for professional help. I would advertise online on any bulletin board place like Craigslist or tell my friends to ask friends, etc.
  2. Sell your old stuff. I’ll bet you have a lot of stuff you don’t need anymore. There’s no need to hold on to them anymore or be lazy about getting rid of them. You need money, so get off your butt and gather stuff you are willing to part ways with, and sell them. There are many many ways to sell old stuff. You can visit a flea market or have a garage sale. In fact, I wrote an article about garage sale tips here. $10 dollars here, $25 dollars there, multiplied by dozens of items, and you’ve just made a lot of money. Plus, you’ll declutter your home. I’m a minimalistic kind of guy and less is more for me. So I love me a good decluttered home. There’s also alternatives like Craigslist.
  3. Get a loan. Well, getting a loan isn’t technically making money, but it’s a way to get money quickly. This option may or may not make sense for your situation. There are places where you can get a loan with very bad credit, and even payday loans where they don’t even do credit checks. Just make sure you understand the loan terms and your obligation to pay them back, as well as the cost you pay to take out a loan. I always feel that if you can pay back the loan fairly quickly and you can afford it in the long term, it is worth it to get a loan if you want to get money with no money.
  4. Teach a skill you have. Can you play the piano or cook really well? I would pay someone who could cook Italian food well to come into my kitchen and teach me about cooking real darn good Italian food. Whatever skill you have, there are people out there who can benefit from it. And there are also people who will pay you money for your time and expertise. I talked about blogging earlier where you can teach other and talk about your passion/expertise online to share with the world, but you can also do it in real life in your local town. The key thing is to get out there and advertise your self. Because if you don’t, then nobody will know about you and your service. It can be as simple as putting posters up with your phone number. Hey, if you are a gym person you could offer to go to the gym with beginners and show them how to use equipment and get them comfortable with being in the gym. That’s a scary place for newbies! These are just some examples of ways you can make money without a job. Remember, your skills are awesome and people need your knowledge. Get paid to share it.

In summary…

Basically, if you can’t work a typical job for whatever reason, and you need money, then doing online surveys that pay you money is a great way to make cash without working.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to work until you are old and don’t want to slave away for a boss for the rest of your life, then you need to build an asset that makes you money for a long time. And not just makes you money, but makes you A LOT of money. The internet is the best place to make a lot of money without spending very much money. I don’t know of any other type of place to “start a business” with virtually no money to begin with. The internet offers that. And blogging is the best way to do it (in my opinion).

Blogging takes a lot of your free time and will take more than 6 months to start seeing returns for your work. So it’s a “long term” way to make money without a job. But the money you can make can be ridiculous if you do it right. Big time bloggers make millions a year. You don’t need to hit it big time to succeed. Personally, I aim for $100,000 or more per year when I start a blog. I think that’s an amazing goal and feat to reach. And I don’t think blogging is hard either. You just need to be able to type, be able to be “useful” by sharing your knowledge and teaching people stuff, or advising them with your expertise, and then promote stuff to them that they can buy (if you do a good job sharing your expertise, people will LOVE buying stuff from you). You don’t even need to make your own products to sell. You can promote other people’s stuff and get a commission. That’s where you should begin at the start anyways, so you get the hang of things and then you can make your own products when you get a good grip of what blogging is like.

At the end of the day, you need to be able to help others in some way in order to make money. With a typical job, you are trading your skills for an hourly wage. You are useful to your employer. When you take a paid survey, you are giving your opinions on certain topics that will help companies build and shape that product. You are being useful by sharing your opinion. With your own “asset” or “business”, like your own blog, you are creating a little piece of knowledge hub that is useful for anyone who wants to learn more about it. Whether it’s about nutrition, losing weight, making money, or getting a girlfriend, the goal is to always help people get something they want. And a lot of the times, they need to pay for a product along the way to get what they need. For example, if you had a travel blog, people who read about traveling to Italy on your blog will need to buy a flight there and spend money to visit the Vatican and stay at a hotel. These are things you can get paid for promoting on your blog. If you have a nutrition blog, you can share what you like to have for breakfast and give your readers a link to where they can buy the specific ingredients you used, or you can promote a cookbook you really like and get paid that way too. You see, there are so many ways to make money with a blog that you can’t even imagine! It is truly one of the best and funnest ways to make money talking about stuff you already enjoy talking about. Get on the blogging train!