If you’re struggling to save money and need some new and effective ideas, then this post is your goldmine.

I’ve used my super duper Google skills and rounded up the best money saving articles for you.

You’ll find ways to save money on specific purchases (like food, or a car), and general money saving tips too. You’ll discover fast ways to save money, slow and steady ways, and general tips to keep your wallet plump. As you go through the links below, you’ll find that many tips can be used “generally” to save money for any purpose.

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 How To Use This Money Saving Tips list?

I recommend going to the specific section that applies to you. If it doesn’t exist, then check out the general money saving tips section, and then peruse the other sections. There’s so many golden nuggets of interesting ways to save money scattered in these links. Have fun.

General Money Saving Tips

This is a general list of ways to save money. These tips can be used for any occasion, like a wedding or for school. I picked out the best ones here for you. Yay.


How To Save Money On Food

Groceries is one of your biggest monthly expense. Spending too much money on food is one of my biggest weakness, and It’s likely one of yours too. I think with all these tips listed here, you need to come at it with discipline. It’s so easy to go to Starbucks every day. Yes, you’ve heard a million times, $5 a day on coffee is $150 extra a month you could have (for more important things, like a sick trip Europe). But most people just ignore it.

With that said, you’ll save the most money in the way you approach shopping for groceries and the way you cook. Spend some time going through this massive list of ways to save money on food (because, you know, you eat :)).


Ways To Save Money On A Car

Cars are ridiculously expensive in my books. Spending $35,000 on a car is more money than I made when I got out of University. You need to be car savvy and learn how to save money in every little way possible. Because a little bit here and there is a big damn deal. Use the resources below to help you save some serious dough on your next ride.



Money Saving Tips For Your Home

Whether you’re looking to save a lot of money to buy your first home or looking for fresh ways to save dough for home renovations, this list will keep you busy for a couple hours.


How To Save Money On Gas

The only thing I like about going to the gas station is the smell of gasoline. But I’d gladly give that up to never pay for gas again. Sadly, that’s never going to happen. But, I used these gas saving tips to help me save roughly 15% off my fuel consumption. Say what!


Money Saving Tips For Weddings

I meet a lot of people who have crappy low budget weddings because “It’s too expensive”. They are very costly, and it’s a shame many people can’t afford the wedding they truly want. You may or may not have the money for your dream wedding, but using these links below will help you find some creative ways to find more “money” for your wedding.


How To Save Money For Travel

One of my top 3 passions is travel. When I travel, I always meet people who are on extremely budgets enjoying the hell out of their adventures. I used to travel fairly comfortably, spending a lot of money on food, accommodations, and everything really. My bank account takes a big hit, but I get what I pay for usually. For those of you who need some creative ways to spend less money while traveling and to save money for travel, the following resources are incredible. Almost every single one is written by big name travel guru’s, who practice what they preach.


Ways To Save Money For College

Getting an education is extremely important, but the cost of it is just plain ridiculous. You can ease the inevitable cash sucking hole that College is with these money tips for school. Just a simple tip like buying used books instead of new books can save you 20-50% off book costs every semester. That usually means you’ll save about $100 at least. So check out these tips.



I hope you found some new & interesting ways to save money. Was there a specific tip you found useful? Hit me with it in the comment section below.

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