Do you hate your life right now?

There is light at the end of the tunnel. You need to start heading towards the light.

I think the best way to move yourself into a happy place where you are valuable and have purpose in life is to begin doing things in life that gives you purpose and meaning.

One of the most productive ways to make your life meaningful and awesome is to make money. Because with money, you can create experiences for yourself that can make your life better.

Here’s my list of ways to make money quickly so you can turn the self hate into productive energy throughout your day.

1. Online surveys

Survey companies pay you money to fill out surveys. They do this because they need your opinions in order to create better products and services. This is your way to give back to the world and help consumers get better products. And you get paid for your time too. It’s a great place to make a different.

How it works is that you sign up with survey companies and then they send you surveys or you can search for ones that suit you. Once you fill them out you get credited with money. It’s pretty much as simple as that. And once you have enough money for a cash out you can do that and get paid.

Here are a few great survey companies to sign up

Panel Payday

Survey Junkie

My Points

2. Become an Uber driver

What do you think about making money driving people around? It’s a way for you to get out of the house and meet new people while providing a valuable service. I like to chat with Uber drivers all the time when I’m getting a ride. One thing I realized is that Uber drivers are just regular people looking to make money. I met a guy who lost his job and has to pay for his house, so he started using Uber to drive people around for money. Uber drivers can make good money especially during busy hours where fares are jacked up – which means the driver gets more money because they get a share of the overall cost of the ride.

If you’re interested in making money with Uber, you can sign up here.

3. Inbox Dollars

There are several ways to make money with Inbox Dollars. One of them is using their own search engine instead of Google. You can also watch videos for money, and take surveys. These are things you are already doing – but you can make money by doing them through Inbox Dollars

Click here to sign up for Inbox Dollars

4. Learn photography and start making money

Photography is one of the best hobbies in the world because it’s like painting or singing or dancing – it’s you doing your thing and making your own art. There is a lot of satisfaction in creating something in your life that you do for yourself and that you can share with the world. Photography is one of those things that is simply amazing because a picture truly does say 1000 words.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re new with a camera or you have had experience before. Photography is a life long skill that you can use over and over again to bring joy to your life. If you need other hobby ideas to make money, check out hobbies that make money.

To make money with photography, you can take pictures to sell on stock photography sites, grow your Instagram account and make money from Instagram, Start a photography blog, create products like a photography class or a photo editing course, etc.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the more popular places online to make money from. They have simple tasks like watching videos and filling out surveys for money that you can complete whenever you want. Again, just a quick little way to earn extra side income to give your life a little more value.

Click here to check out Swagbucks

6. Start investing money

Something about doing things and then watching money grow is super exciting and rewarding. I guess it’s kind of like gardening where you plant stuff and watch the fruits of your labor grow. Only with investing, you watch your money grow. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience with money or a lot. Everyone starts somewhere. Investing is something every person should learn how to do – after all – nobody will look after your money better than you will.

To learn how to invest money, here’s a great guide on that.

7. Sell your unused stuff

Give value by making sure your stuff goes to places that value them more. Selling stuff is super fun because you make money. It’s really joyful meeting people and performing a transaction that helps both sides. I think you’ll be surprised at how much this can make you happier with your life.

There are so many places to sell things. You can do it online on free listing websites like Craigslist or Kijiji. Also, Amazon and eBay are also popular market places with more of a structure for selling goods. Lastly, you can hold a garage sale if you have a ton of stuff you can sell and want to do it locally.

8. Start working out

I don’t know what it is exactly, but science has a lot of different theories as to why working out makes you feel like a boss in life. It really does. being a person who has worked out a lot in his life, I really truly believe there’s few things better for your overall health mentally and physically. Getting exercise is incredibly healthy is so many ways. I highly recommend hitting up a gym or doing some home work out stuff to give your mind and body the love it deserves.

Check out this link to working out by Steve Kamb.

9. Make money on Fiverr

If you haven’t heard of Fiverr, it’s a website where people sell services online for $5. Because it’s so cheap, a lot of people go on there to buy services. You can be a person who provides services on Fiverr. It’s super easy. You sign up for an account and then start selling gigs. I recommend looking around to see what kinds of gigs people offer and then think about what you could potentially sell on there.

Check out Fiverr here.

10. Start a blog

Did you know people are making mad money with a blog? I’m talking several hundred dollars per day. They quit their jobs and pretty much just blog all the time to make more money. But they have the freedom to do what they want when they want. That’s the real reasons why most people want to start a blog.

Blogging isn’t this thing you can start today and two weeks late you’re rich. No way. But if you want to start a blog that makes meaningful money in like a year or so, then blogging is something you want to look into.

Check out this tutorial on how to many money blogging

Don’t hate life. Life is so damn good

I know we all get in a hole sometimes and just hate life to the max. I get that. But being at the bottom right now doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Everyone falls. You need to start doing things in your life that will give it purpose and meaning – so you’ll want to get up every morning to live it up. There shouldn’t be any excuses for hating life. Life is so beautiful and awesome. Again, start making some money. Making money is first of all super awesome already. But it also gives you extra money to buy things that make you happier and do things like travel that gives you experiences that you can really enjoy.

On top of making money, start doing things that make your mind and body feel great. Eating well and working out are two big things you can do to change your mood and body, including your mind. No more saying “I hate myself!” You can do this!

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