The first step to take when you are applying for credit is to find out what your credit score is.

You must know your credit score because it will give you an idea of your ability to not only take out a loan, but how much of a loan you can afford.

Your credit score plays a large part in both the interest rate you will pay when you take out a loan as well as how much money a lender will be willing to lend you.

One of the worst things you can do to your credit score is to apply for a bunch of credit and not get approved for anything. This will hurt your credit score because every time you apply for new credit, your credit rating will drop a little, and it takes months for it to climb back up to the same level.

Today, I want to review a popular free credit report and credit score product, Quizzle!

What’s Quizzle All About?

Quizzle is company that offers free credit reports and credit scores for people just like you who want to check their credit history.

If you want to check where your current credit score is or want to check your history to see if anything is on your credit report that shouldn’t be there, then Quizzle could be perfect for you.

Quizzle is great if you want to buy a new home or refinance your current home

It’s a great idea to check your credit report and your credit score if you plan on buying a new home or if you are refinancing your home loan.

There are many requirements needed when qualifying for a home loan, and your credit score is one of the main things lenders take into consideration. You will want to know where you stand before you start digging into the ins and outs of getting a home loan.

Quizzle gives you a free VantageScore credit score and a TransUnion credit report every 3 months if you sign up with them. Experts suggest you check your credit report a MINIMUM of once a year.

Quizzle will give you your TransUnion credit report every 3 months – which is great because if anything funny happens to land on your credit report, you’ll be able to catch it sooner and fix the problem.


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Quizzle Is Completely Free

Some credit reporting companies will charge you money to check your credit report and check your credit score. Quizzle’s service is free. They don’t ask you for any credit card information when you sign up and they won’t make you buy anything once you are signed up.

They will give you your free credit report, credit score, and will also give you personalized recommendations, including a home value estimate for free.

Quizzle Helps You Manage Errors On Your Credit Report

When you receive your credit report from Quizzle, check for any irregularities. If you find something on there that doesn’t belong there, it’s important to take action on that item immediately.

An error on your credit report, say a loan that has been taken to collections that did not belong to you, can dramatically hurt your ability to qualify for a loan. Lenders don’t really care about your story or if it was a mistake. They lend money based on your credit history. So a problem with it needs to be taken care of.

Quizzle has a function where you can dispute any errors on your credit report right from within their website. There are no guarantees that it will solve the error, however, it’s a free and easy tool to use. And if you are successful in getting rid of the error, it can help raise your credit rating and get you more favorable loans.

Other Key Benefits of Quizzle

  • Quizzle is a credit reporting and credit score company. Besides giving you your free report and score, they have cool tools to help you identify which parts of your credit is keeping your score low. In other words, you’ll be able to learn what you can do to improve your credit score.
  • Quizzle will also show you how your credit score is trending, which will also help you pin point what you’re doing wrong (if your credit score has been trending down) so you can get back on track and improve that credit score of yours.
  • Another nice feature Quizzle offers is their score analysis. Once your free credit score is revealed to you, you can learn a lot about what your score means. For example, home loans require a certain credit score to qualify. When it comes to applying for credit cards, some cards require excellent credit scores while some credit cards are tailored for people with bad credit.

Again, it’s important to not blindly apply for credit of any type because if you don’t qualify for it, you will be hurting your credit score needlessly.

Quizzle Summary:

At the heart of what Quizzle does is that they help you manage your credit. Your credit is one of the most important financial things you need to take care of every day. The better your credit and credit score, the lower APR you will pay on your loans, saving you a ton of money today and long into the future.

You need to know what your credit score is (and know it often) and work towards making it as high as you can. The first step is to find out what your score is. See below on how to get your free credit report and score with Quizzle.

How Do You Get Quizzle For Free?

Creating an account with Quizzle is 100% free. Creating an account will get you your free credit report and credit score. Click here to visit Quizzle to create your account now.

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