This is a Southwest wanna get away review.

But in a nutshell, Southwest wanna get away is a fare “class” that is usually purchased by your typical traveler who sits in economy.

You usually buy this ticket online or with a travel agent, and book for it in advance.

Compared to other Southwest Airline fares, like Business or Anytime fares, The Wanna Get Away fares are much much cheaper to purchase, which is why it’s popular with regular people who just wanna get away! It’s a great way to travel domestically within the United States.

Actually, they are some of the cheapest tickets you can buy as far as I’ve seen. So if you like Southwest and want a cheap flight, then I recommend using their Wanna Get Away tickets. When you search for flights online you’ll get a lot of search engine companies that will find the cheapest flights for you. And you’ll probably notice that Southwest tends to pop up near the top where the cheap tickets are. At least this was my experience!

More About Southwest Wanna Get Away Fares

It comes with less perks than some of the other flight fares, like earning less Rapid Reward points – which is Southwests loyalty program, and if you want to fly standby, it will cost extra money. But a nice perk is that you are allowed to change your flight anytime and there is no fee for this, if you make changes before your departure date.

Southwest wanna get away are airfare ticketsĀ are non refundable tickets tickets that you purchase with Southwest.

These tickets although not refundable, as opposed to their “Anytime” tickets, can be applied to future travel on Southwest Airlines. It can only be used for the original ticketed passenger.

So it’s nice with a little bit of flexibility.


What is Southwest Wanna Get Away?


The non-refundable ticket needs to be applied to future travel within a given time period (eligibility period). If you do not apply the purchase price within this given time, the entire amount of the ticket will be forfeited. This includes all fees, taxes, and any charges that accompanies the fare.

A few other key points about Southwest Wanna Get Away tickets:

  • Fares for the flights can vary because seating is limited and seating may not be available on all flight dates
  • Standby travel will require you to upgrade to the Anytime fare
  • You are able to combine fares, however, all rules and restrictions Southwest Airlines has set in place will apply
  • Fares are subject to change until you purchase your ticket and fares may be available only for a limited of time
  • Other important conditions include limited seating and advance purchases so make sure you know the rules or give Southwest a call. You can read Southwest’s Fare Information here.

Also, note Southwest’s NO SHOW policy: In summary, they state that you should cancel your reservation at least 10 minute prior to your scheduled departure flight. If you don’t do this and don’t board your flight, it will be considered a no show and all remaining funds on the reservation will be forfeited. That would suck.

So What Is Southwest Wanna Get Away?

Basically, in a nutshell, Southwest has different fares for different types of seats on their airplanes. Their Wanna Get Away tickets are the cheapest ones meant for travellers looking for a great low cost price on flights.


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