Today I’m going to share what I did in my college life and how I spend my valuable time. In my first semester of college, I only tried to get good grades and spend rest of my time on social media or by sleeping. Think about it how lazy I was! But soon I realized that only getting good grades cannot ensure my future career. By doing part-time job related to my field of study can ensure a permanent job and can also add some cash. You can ask why you need to earn when you have plenty of it? But trust me if you can earn your own pocket money by yourself, then it will boost up your confidence level.

In my point of view, I have seen most of the students pass their golden period of time by roaming aimlessly or pass time on social media or by sleeping. Try to remember friend ‘The world is not the bed of roses’    
I have also wasted a lot of time in my student life and at the time when I realized I soon started to look for a part-time job. According to my personal experience, I can give you a suggestion and some tips on which based on your need to choose the right job for you.

Right Part-Time Job

Choosing a right part-time job you need to very carefully consider some of these factors-

Location: Job location shouldn’t be far from your resident or campus.

Time-Schedule: You need to check time-schedule of the job. You should choose a job that can hamper your studies. Always remember that study is the prime job of you.

Payment: Try to find a job where payment is high enough and you can gain a skill which will help you to build you your career.

I hope have got some clear thoughts about choosing a part-time job. Now I will give you some of the best jobs lists that a student can do.

Any job at your institution

Being a student it is very easy to manage a job at your institution. If you can manage it, you may get a waiver on your tuition fees as it is an open secret that college or university offer reduced or even free tuition to their employees.


If you are confident and well known with your subject, then you can be a tutor. Being a tutor you can earn a lot if you can help your students to get decent grades. For doing this you need to be focused, confident and need to have a lot of patience.

Assistant of Professors or Researchers

Being a professor’s assistant is like a dream job for many of our students. Do you know why? Because being an assistant of professor you can easily get his favoritism when it comes to your marks. Beside this favor, you will get to know a lot of things related to your studies which will beneficial for your future career.  

On-demand driver or car sharing

Being an Uber driver you can earn a ton of money and it is also very flexible work. You need not do it before your exam. You can do the work whenever you want.

Engineering Intern

If you are a student in the field of engineering, then there is likely an alternative rather than joining as an intern in any startup companies where the engineer is needed. Being an engineer it is not enough to have bookish knowledge but to have the working experience. Being an intern in any engineering sector you earn money as well as can gain working experience.

Library Assistant

Library jobs are one of my favorite jobs as being a student you need to buy a lot of books but if you become a library assistant then you can save your money from the expenses that you need to buy books. Moreover, you can interact with students and professors which will broaden your knowledge and ideas. You can also get plenty of free time and can do your homework.

Fitness trainer

Are you a fitness freak? But don’t have money to go to the gym. Don’t worry if you are a student of physical education or a similar subject like physical therapy this is the perfect job for you.  By being a gym or yoga instructor you can not only earn money but also can stay fit which is important for a student.

Social Media Assistant

Most of the students nowadays spend their time on social media without any benefits. Being a social media assistant for brands and companies you can utilize your time and can earn a handsome amount around $30 per hour which is pretty high.


Fiverr and Upwork are two massive marketplaces for all types of freelance work. You can become a freelancer based on your skills. If you can become a freelancer than it will be more easy to give proper time for your study. If you have writing skills you can earn from it for this you can follow custom writing services UK. Don’t worry about earning, freelancer earns quite a handsome amount enough for students.

Restaurant Server

A very common job for college and university students. Most of them perform the job of waiters or waitresses. They do take orders and serve the meals. Doing this you can learn how to manage people and you can save your food bills also.

Lastly, I would say if you are a student and want to build up your career then don’t waste time. Try to utilize every single second. A part-time job will allow you to do so.

If you have any suggestion regarding this topic you can comment below and don’t forget to tell us which job is preferable to you.

What about jobs for kids?

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