The Union Plus Card or Unionpluscard is a credit card specifically for union members.

The main benefits of having this type of credit card is the discounts that you get when you are a member of Unionplus.

If you are looking to gain rewards for using a credit card, then this credit card probably isn’t the best one for you.

That’s because it’s not a rewards focused credit card.

Its s a credit card focused on discounts.

It would be a reasonable credit card for you if you are interested in discounts that they offer.

Here are a few popular discount Unionpluscard members receive:

  • AT&T Wirless
  • Discounted Flowers
  • Car Rental Discounts
  • Motor Club
  • Movie Ticket discounts
  • Goodyear Tire & Services

Along with the benefits above, you will also get access to the usual benefits of being a cardmember of any type of credit card, such as:

  • Managing your account online
  • paying bills online
  • looking at monthly statements and transactions online
  • receiving email and mobile alerts

More On The Union Plus Credit Card

Union Plus card is issued by Capital One Bank. Again, it’s a credit card made for Union Members. An example of a benefit of owning this card is saving 15% on At&T bills. Along with having the credit card, if you apply for it, you also receive other member benefits like financial education materials to help you manage your money and credit better.

How Good Is The UnionPlusCard?

Overall, it’s not a phenomenal credit card that everyone is going to talk about. But it does have its benefits.

If you’re looking for credit cards to really maximize your spending, then consider a rewards credit card that gives you rewards for spending money. Whether thats earning points towards travel or earning a cool 2% cash back, it’s much more exciting and in my opinion, rewarding too.

If you’re looking for the best travel reward credit cards, check out my list of the best travel rewards credit cards here.


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