Your Wells fargo routing number is a number that represents where your bank account was first opened.

Your routing number is sometimes also referred to a transit number.

Along with your routing number, you also have a checking account number. Your checking account number is unique to you.

Together, your Wells Fargo Routing number and your checking account number make up a unique number that identifies your bank account.

You will need this combination of numbers for a variety of reasons, however, the most common reason why you would need it is for direct deposit purposes. For example, employers will need to know where to deposit your money to pay you, and they need to know what your routing/transit number is, as well as your checking account number.

Other reasons why you may need your routing/account number is to perform transactions like direct payment of bills, perform electronic funds transfers, or make a tax payment from your bank account, or receive direct deposit for tax returns.

Either of the above situations require your routing/bank account numbers.

I’ll show you how to find both your routing and checking account number below:

How To Find Your Wells Fargo Routing Number

Your routing number can be found in a number of ways.

The easiest way is to grab your check book and look at the bottom of it. You’ll find 3 sets of numbers. The bottom left number is your routing number. It is always the bottom left. It will be a 9 digit number.

If you don’t have checks, then you can use the table below to find your routing number. It’s important to find the State that you OPENED your account in. It’s not the State you currently live in, because that can be different from the place you opened your bank account.


State/Region Routing Number State/Region Routing Number
Alabama 062000080 New Hampshire 121042882
Alaska 125200057 New Jersey 021200025
Arizona 122105278 New Mexico 107002192
Arkansas 111900659 New York 026012881
California 121042882 North Carolina 053000219
Colorado 102000076 North Dakota 091300010
Connecticut 021101108 Ohio 041215537
Delaware 031100869 Oklahoma 121042882
District of Columbia 054001220 Oregon 123006800
Florida 063107513 Pennsylvania 031000503
Georgia 061000227 Rhode Island 121042882
Hawaii 121042882 South Carolina 053207766
Idaho 124103799 South Dakota 091400046
Illinois 071101307 Tennessee 064003768
Indiana 074900275 Texas 111900659
Iowa 073000228 Texas – El Paso 112000066
Kansas 101089292 Utah 124002971
Kentucky 121042882 Vermont 121042882
Louisiana 121042882 Virginia 051400549
Maine 121042882 Washington 125008547
Maryland 055003201 West Virginia 121042882
Massachusetts 121042882 Wisconsin 075911988
Michigan 091101455 Wyoming 102301092
Minnesota 091000019 American Samoa 121042882
Mississippi 062203751 North Mariana Islands 121042882
Missouri 121042882 Puerto Rico 121042882
Montana 092905278 Virgin Islands 121042882
Nebraska 104000058 American Forces Abroad 121042882
Nevada 321270742


You can click here and visit Wells Fargo’s website to get instructions on how to find your routing and account number as well. You can also call Wells Fargo at 1-800-868-3557

How To Find Your Wells Fargo Account Number

Your account number can be found on your checks as well. It is the second set of numbers, in the middle between the routing number and account number on your check. It’s a longer digit number like your routing number.

Your account number identifies your account and it will be unique.

Together, your account number and your routing number identifies your bank account information. Whenever you need to perform direct deposits or automatic withdrawals, you’ll need both these numbers to identify your bank account.

Below is an example of a personal check from Wells Fargo. As you can see, the bottom left number is your routing/transit number, and the number beside it is your account number. And the last number (000) is your check serial number – which identifies which check this is.

routing number Wells Fargo

Other Resources:

If you are looking for a SWIFT code, CHIPS or Dewier ABA number, then you can visit this link here. It will give you a table of routing codes for Wells Fargo’s in the US and internationally.

If you have trouble obtaining your routing/account numbers, I recommend speaking to a Wells Fargo banking representative. They’re open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Their phone number isĀ 1-800-869-3557.