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Need to make extra money from home?

Today, I want to share with you my list of 9 awesome part time work from home job ideas. These jobs are totally legit and can make you a lot of money.

These jobs can also be done full time too – if you want to never walk into an office again :).

Anyway, check out the list below and make sure to visit the related links I’ve posted if you want to learn more about that type of job.

9 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

1. Blogging

Blogging is my favourite way to earn income. Blogging is great because you are truly your own boss and make your own rules for everything, and maybe even better, you don’t have to listen to anyone.

But the main thing about blogging is that you will make a lot more money than any of the other work from home jobs I’ve listed here when you learn how to do it properly. Blogs start off making a few hundred dollars a month, and once you establish your blog, you can earn thousands of dollars a month.

Many blogs earn $100,000 or more every year. And many of these people work part time on it in the evenings or whatever. Blogging is incredibly lucrative and it’s a job I highly recommend you get yourself into. It’s a longer term strategy – you won’t be making money right away. You will have to invest a little bit of money up front. And then get to work on it, of course. But once you get your blog going, boy oh boy, you’ll never have to work a “real” job ever again.

If you’re interested in getting started blogging, see my make money blogging for beginners guide here.

2. Survey Specialist

If you’re looking for a legitimate part time work from home job that earns money immediately, there isn’t anything better than being a survey specialist.

A survey specialist fills out surveys for money. Every survey you complete, you get paid a certain amount of dollars. How much you are paid will depend on the topic of the survey and how long it takes to complete. But expect a few dollars to over 50 dollars per survey completed.

There are definitely survey companies you want to avoid. Below, I’ll list 4 of my favourite survey companies for you to join. They are legit companies. Also, I recommend signing up for all 4 companies because you don’t automatically get an unlimited amount of surveys to complete – but being a part of 4 survey companies will give you a lot more options than just 1.

Vindale Research

Panda Research

Harris Poll


3. Call Center Specialist

Not everyone is a fan of being on the phone, but if you are a talker and like the customer service side of things, being a call centre specialist is probably something you should get into. It’s a great jobs you can do from home at night after work to earn extra income, or you can make it your full time job and work at it during the day.

Many companies hire call centre specialists to handle their customer service inquiries from customers. To find companies that hire people for work at home opportunities, you can check out this listing from Monster.com, or just google something like “work from home call centre”.

4. Travel Agent

Gone are the days where people need to visit a travel agent specialist in store to put together a travel package! Many travel agents today work remotely from home. And why not, with the internet, you have everything you need to research and book a vacation for others.

If you are a travel enthusiast and would like to help others set up and book their vacations, being a work from home travel agent is a pretty good place to start. Ashlee wrote a really good blog post about being a virtual travel agent here, and she shares companies that are looking to hire virtual travel agents as well.


part time work from home opportunities


5. Writer and/or Editor

If you have good writing and/or editing skills, you will pretty much never ever not find a job. With so much content being publishes online and in print, there will always be a huge demand for writers and editors.

There are many many ways for you to become a writer/editor from home. You could find work the traditional way by searching job matching websites to find writing jobs for companies. But personally, I’d rather be my own boss a little more and find people and small businesses to write for. It’s usually more flexible and less “job like”.

To find writing/editing jobs, I recommend looking for blogs about topics you are interested in, and emailing them using if they are looking for writers. If you notice a blog has contributors, this is a clear sign that they are hiring people to write for them and they are very likely being paid to write these articles. I’d send emails off. If you’re a good reliable writer with reasonable fee’s, trust me, you are in HUGE demand. Just gotta get yourself out there for people to see.

6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who helps a company or person perform tasks online. These tasks can really range depending on the business. For example, virtual assistant can be requires to read and respond to emails, deal with customer questions, handle returns and exchanges, write articles, edit articles, publish work on websites, create and edit videos for companies, find pictures online, etc. The list will be endless.

You can set your own time and pace usually, depending on how demanding the employer is. You should state up front how available you are. To learn more about being a virtual assistant, here’s a really good blog post about that.

7. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is someone who takes spoken words and puts them into written words. Your job would require you to listen to something and write it down on a computer. You’ll need fast typing skills and be accurate too – and have a good sense of listening as well. This is a solid work from home job you could do full time or part time.

The things you may be required to transcribe can be just about anything. Pretty much every industry will require transcriptionists for one reason or another. And not all companies need you to be in the office to get the job done. I’d search google for “work from home transcriptionist” jobs to find a job on this field.

8. Tutor

If you have expertise is anything, being a tutor is an awesome way to earn part time money. Heck, it can be full time too. Any skills will work. Can you cook, play the guitar, sing, dance, math, soccer, whatever. As long as you have a skill that other people are interested in learning or get better at, then you can become a tutor.

You don’t need to be a master at these things. Many people, in fact most people are usually in the beginner stages of learning things, so as long as you can help others, you can be a good tutor. But how do you get a part time tutor job and work from home? Well, you can teach others over the internet! To find potential clients, you can visit a website like tutor.com.

9. Social Media Manager

Every company online has a social media presence… basically. A lot of business owners don’t know how to manage social media and they need to hire people to do it. A lot of companies don’t have offices or are located half way across the country from you. But it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to walk into an office and sit in a cubicle to post Facebook updates for a company, or tweet a new product that’s coming up.

You can do all these things from the comfort of your own home. If you love being online and on social media, and you have knowledge of how it works, then you could be a great social media manager for a company.

To find a part time job as a social media manager, and work from home, I would check out Anna’s blog post about being a social media manager from home. She goes into what it takes to be one, and places you can search for work at home jobs as a social media manager!


Part Time Work From Home Jobs Summary

If you’re looking for extra income in the evenings or when you’re away from work, the jobs listed above are excellent ways to get started with it. Of course, there are other work from home jobs and they may suit you better than the ones I’ve listed above. The list above is meant to give you an idea of what types of jobs from home are out there.

Most of the jobs I posted above are more of the “job” type. What I mean is, you put in your hours and get paid an hourly rate. This works well for some people and it’s what most of us do actually.

However, if you want to kinda being your own boss and do your own thing, then I really recommend starting a blog that makes money. Instead of making $15-$20 an hour, you can make $50-$100 an hour with a blog, for example. I wrote a really good blog post about setting up a blog and making money from it. It’s a free guide and you can see that blog post right here.