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dopedollar.com is a personal finance blog run by Jay Li. Jay is a man who can be described rather simply: He really really really likes money. His infatuation with it is weird. Maybe he’s just a weird dude, because he decided to write his about page in 3rd person.


He has learned from his own experiences that the most important part about building a mountain of wealth is to make more money. In other words, building wealth isn’t about being frugal, or learning how to budget like a bad ass, or mastering money saving skills, or even working your ass off for a promotion at work. These things help build wealth, but not the kind of wealth that gives you the freedom to holiday in the French Riviera for half the year. This is the type of wealth Jay is obsessed with, and it’s the type of wealth he wants to help you achieve with this blog.

Being obsessed with money, Jay has developed financial habits that differ greatly from your typical person. He does the whole frugal thing by┬álimiting his spending on useless things while going all out on buying things he gets tremendous enjoyment from. He’s done this his whole life, actually. He grew up incredibly poor. His family had little to nothing and gave him no money. He got his first job at age 13 washing dishes on the weekends. Getting a head start on making and spending money taught him a few really important things early on. The two most important things were 1) He hated working a job. And 2) He really enjoyed buying stuff and wanted more money.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that he’s always seeking ways to grow rich without doing that 9-5 slavery stuff. He hates that shit and wonders how basically everyone just accepts it. He wants to show you that it is possible to make meaningful money on the side while maintaining your day job. Enough until you can confidently quit your job and work on it full time on your side hustle, as they call it.

He believes strongly that to build real wealth and freedom, you need to do things that generate a lot more money than a day job. He’s talking about actions like starting your own business and investing money in the right places for growth. He’s learned “a little bit every day goes a long way”. He lives by this rule. He wants this blog to be that “little bit” every day for you, so you can also live the dream life you’ve given up hope on.

What this blog is about

dopedollar.com is a blog focused heavily on the generating money side of things.

General personal finance as well as blogging as the main source of generating income online is the main focus of dopedollar.com

He loves writing about it. But it’s also very focused on getting out of debt, too. Because Jay knows it’s very difficult to build a mountain of wealth on top of a mountain of debt. Overall though, this blog wants to help you master your personal finances. Theres more to “financial freedom”┬áthan making money and killing debt. You’ve got to make other key financial decisions like where to bank or picking insurance. This blog wants to help you with that too. Oh, and btw, Jay also wanted you to know that he loves credit cards. So expect to learn a bunch of stuff about these plastic beauties, too.

Lastly, Jay wants to point out something super important. Firstly, he still doesn’t know why he’s writing this in 3rd person. But more importantly, he wants to make the analogy that building wealth is a lot like building a family. Everyone has an opinion on how to build a family properly. No doubt about that. Likewise, everyone has an opinion on how to build wealth, too. This blog is Jay’s opinion. He’s still learning a lot every day. And he’s not right about everything (though he doesn’t like to admit it). And honestly, there are usually many ways to achieve the same thing. So He encourages you to get as many opinions as you can on whatever it is you’re trying to financially achieve – just like the same way you’d ask family and friends for an opinion on how to handle a family situation.

Cool beans?