The AchieveCard is a popular prepaid Visa Debit card that is reloadable, and has many other useful functions many prepaid cards do not have.

The main benefits of getting a prepaid card is that it’s generally safe, you can set up direct deposit for easy access to your cash, and also set up online banking to not only manage your account, but pay bills and other things online.

You’ve got a lot of prepaid card options, just about everybody seems to be offering them these days. You’ll need to consider things like the benefits they offer vs the fees and costs associated with managing and using the card.

Below, I wanted to highlight the main features of this card and how it can benefit you.

Main Benefits Of Achieve Card

  • Prepaid card with online bill pay capabilities – Just like online banking with a regular bank, your achieve card has the ability to pay bills online. You’ll need to log into your account and click on the bill pay link, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can pay all kinds of bills online. If you are used to paying bills with checks, mailing stuff, etc, then this could be a nice change for you.
  • Prepaid card with direct deposit – You can set up direct deposit on your achieve card. You’ll need the routing number and account number of your prepaid account, and that’s what you’ll give to your employer to set up direct deposit. From there, once it’s set up, your pay checks will be directly deposited into your Achieve card. Then you can use your card basically like a debit card.
  • Prepaid card with reloadable cash – You can load money into your Achieve card any time. If you run out of funds in your account, you can take your card to participating stores to reload it. As of right now, you can reload your Achieve card at CVS, Ace Cash Express, Kmart, Rite Aid, 7-11, Walgreens, and Walmart. There can be a fee of up to $4.95 to load your account with money.
  • Make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted – Your Achieve card is essentially a debit card in the way it behaves. You have a certain amount of money in your account, and when the funds run low, you’ll top it up. If you run out of money, then you have no more money and can’t use it (unlike a credit card where you are borrowing money).
  • You can use your Achieve card to buy pretty much anything, like making purchases online, paying for gas, or booking reservations.
  • Great for people under 18 – Since minors can’t have their own credit cards, a Visa debit Achieve card is a good option to access money. It’s not the same as a credit card, but it’s a piece of plastic that gives you access to money instead of carrying cash around.

Achieve Card Reward Points System

achieve card reviewWhen you use your achieve card to make purchases, you’ll earn rewards as well. Not all prepaid cards give you this benefit, so if you’re the type of person who likes getting stuff for free, this might be a good card choice for you.

Their rewards work as a point system in which you earn points to bid on auction items, contests, and games.

If you have the highest bid at the end of the auction or game, you win the item. You can win things like Macy’s gift card or a tablet.

Basically, it’s every day household items like phones, cameras, iPods, kettles, and gift cards. You can check out the Achieve card rewards centre to learn more about their rewards.

How To Find Your Achieve Card Balance

If you want to know how much money you have in your achieve card, head over to their website and login to your account. You’ll be able to see your balance from there.

Achieve Card Login

To login to your achieve card members area, click this link here to get there. On the top right, you can log into your achieve card members area.

Achieve Card App

What business these days doesn’t have their own app? Achieve has an app you can download and manage your card accounts. Things like viewing your balance and transaction history is really easy with the app.

You can also do things like access your direct deposit information to give to your employer. Other things yo can do include paying bills with the app and find locations near you to top up your achieve card account. Pretty slick. Here’s the link to download the app on android.

Have Any Extra Questions?

Check out the achieve card F.A.Q page where they answer your most common questions about their card. It talks about things like how to use your reward points, setting up online bill payments, your daily limits, setting up direct deposit, tax refunds, and other important information about your card.