Action plans are used by business, organizations, and every day people like you and me for various reasons. But the idea is to write down what the problem is, what the ideal outcome needs to be, and what needs to be done to get there, and what steps needs to be taken to reach the desired goal.

There are many types of action plan forms available for print and download because many different types of people need actions plans for different reasons. I’ve included a list of 8 different types, and some of them will have several plan of action templates in each.

Have a look at them. You should probably be able to find one that suits your specific needs. Some of them are fairly specific which may or may not be a good thing. I’ve found the general ones are really good too, since they are able to give you a general action plan outline which you can edit and change yourself if need be.

All of these templates are downloadable and printable. They will come in either word format, excel format, or pdf format. In any case, whichever you download, you are able to convert them into a form that works for your needs.

1. Google Docs Plan Of Action Template

plan of action template by google

This Google docs action plan template is a general one that can be used for many applications. It’s a simple one page sheet that outlines what actions should be taken, who needs to take them, resources, barriers, and results. If you need to document action steps for something that isn’t overly complicated, then this template could be the right one.

Google docs action plan template

2. Free Planner Templates

Free Planner has 5 free action plan templates to choose from. They are pretty varied in style and depth, so you’ll likely want to go through them to see if they have the right fields that make sense for your purpose. They have a few general templates, along with a business action plan template and a project action plan template. Check them out.

Free Planner templates

3. Word stream Action Plan Template

Word stream’s template is a general business template that has been tailored more towards businesses. Yo can see that you can add a logo to it for branding, which is a nice touch. It’s a simple template without any bells and whistles. If your business needs a general action plan to keep your employees in check then this might be the right one for you.

Business action plan template

4. Bright Hub PM Corrective Action Plan Template

corrective action plan template

This template is a corrective action plan which is meant for corrective behavior. The template is very simple and straight forward. The main sections are the problem and desired outcome fields, and then there are a few other fields for general information. It’s nothing fancy or special, rather a straight forward and to the point action plan sheet. It’s in Word format.

Corrective behavior action plan template

5. Nays Emergency Action Plan

sports emergency action plan

This emergency action plan template is made specifically for sports and sports injuries. I don’t really see it working for anything else but that, or something similar. It’s got branding on it that isn’t really editable, so it may not work for your business or organization. However, if you just need something that works, this might do the trick, because there aren’t many emergency action plan templates that are free to download. This is a pdf document that you can download right from your browser.

Sports emergency plan of action template

6. CDC GOV Emergency Action Plan Template

plan of action template for emergencies

I really like this emergency action plan template. It is several pages long and is very detailed and complete. It is meant to be used for emergency purposes and could be just the right template for you. Some of the included details are Structural and climbing emergencies, Fire emergency, medical emergency, and evacuation procedures. You can use whatever you need and cut out what you don’t. This template is in pdf format.

In depth emergency action plan template

7. Tidy Forms Action Plan Template

action plan form word

Tidy forms offers 3 templates that are fairly general, but will give you some more variety if you’ve gone through the ones here already and haven’t found anything that suits your needs. They include an action plan form and an action plan draft.

Tidy forms action plan templates

These plan of action forms can be used for one time uses or can be used for a 30 day, 60 day, or even 90 day action plan. You can always adjust the template to create the one you’d really like. It’s sometimes hard to find the exact template for your needs when you are looking for free templates, but I think the ones here  are pretty good. Good luck with them.