Amazon is one of the best online retailers we have the pleasure of using.

One of the easiest ways to pay for Amazon purchases is through using Amazon gift cards.

Besides buying Amazon gift cards, the coolest way to get Amazon gift cards is through doing paid surveys.

These survey websites will allow you to complete surveys in exchange for Amazon gift cards (you can actually get other types of gift cards too).

Below is a list of 5 really good survey websites to get Amazon gift cards!

5 Best Survey Websites For Amazon Gift Cards

Note: To get Amazon gift cards faster, I recommend signing up for all of the survey websites below – because it will give you WAY more survey options this way. If you stick with just signing up for lets say two survey sites, you’re limiting yourself to how many surveys you can take. There are only a limited amount of surveys you can take per website. When you are signed up with many survey websites, you can take A LOT of surveys and get Amazon gift cards faster.


Swagbucks is a very reputable company that has been around for over 20 years and have an enormous amount of people using them. The fastest way to earn Amazon gift cards is through paid surveys. But you also have a lot of other ways to earn Amazon cards, including playing games, browsing the internet, watching videos, shopping, and printing out coupons to use at grocery stores. Swagbucks is one of my favourite places to get Amazon gift cards. I recommend them highly.

Click here to join Swagbucks



I like E-Poll for their variety of surveys. You provide feedback through surveys on a variety of topics. The topics are usually pretty interesting. They can be topics about entertainment, celebrities, new products, and new services. E-Poll is free to join.

Click here to join E-Poll


Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is a very professional survey website. Just visiting their website will give you the feeling of professionalism and manner. They are one otf the worlds oldest market research company too. They have awesome surveys that look into American lifestyle. They have surveys on many topics. They tend to focus on surveys related to products and services in corporations and non-profit corporations. Your opinion will help others shape policies and products/services in these industries – Oh, and you’ll get some cool Amazon gift cards in the process 🙂

Click here to sign up for Harris Poll Online


Panda Research

Panda research is actually a research company that will pay you in cash instead of Amazon gift cards. But I wanted to include them here because I like them a lot. Plus, cash is a little more versatile than A gift card anyways. You can of course use that cash to buy something from Amazon. Panda research will pay you a certain dollar amount per survey taken. They have a large database of surveys you could take. The amount of money you can get paid will vary depending on the type and size of the paid survey offer. however, you can be paid up to $50 per survey. It could be a few dollars to over 10 dollars. Either way, they’ve paid out over 2 million dollars so far. I recommend them.

Bonus: Right now, sign up for Panda Research and get $3 right away.

Click here to sign up for Panda Research


Vindale Research

The last survey website for Amazon gift cards I really like is Vindale. Vindale has straight forward surveys which makes them a bonus. You also have the option of reviewing products to earn Amazon rewards. You can keep the products after you review them, too :). Also, they’ve paid out over $5 million to their users, so they’re totally legit. You can make upwards of $100 per survey completed. That’s a pretty sweet Gift Card size!

Click here to sign up for Vindale Research



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Amazon gift card survey


Why Do Survey Companies Give Amazon Gift Cards?

Basically, survey companies exist to help companies and organizations make better products and services.

To make good products and services, companies need to know what consumers think. Consumers are people just like you and me who use products every day.

Companies need to know what we like and dislike about the things we do every day so they can make better stuff for us.

Generally speaking, your everyday person will not fill out surveys for free. It’s like what’s in it for me, right!?! So these companies need to pay for your opinions. So these survey companies have a bunch of companies they work with, and they become a place where you can fill out surveys for cash and rewards, like gift cards.

The thing you want to do is to fill out surveys as honestly as possible. Remember, companies rely on your opinions to shape their products and policies that surround them.

I think the coolest thing about taking surveys is that you are helping out companies, you are helping yourself since you will likely consume some of these products and services some day, and you are also getting paid in Amazon gift cards or cash. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

How To Have Success With Survey Websites?

To have success getting as many gift cards as possible, I recommend staying active with each website and filling out any survey that you are eligible for. Some companies will email you and let you know surveys are available too, which is pretty cool. Other than that, sign up for all the survey websites I recommended above. They’re great, and they will give you a lot of opportunities to earn gift cards.