Looking for apps that pay you money?

These money making apps are excellent for earning a bit of money on the side while you’re waiting in line or just bored at home with nothing to do.

They’re all really easy to use and quick to download.

How money making apps work: You basically just download the app, and do various things within the app to earn credits or money directly.

Most of these apps will pay you money through Paypal cash or you can use your earned credits to redeem for gift cards.

I’ve linked to the Android app store for each of the app listed here. I haven’t check that the iTunes store has the app, but I’m willing to bet you’ll be able to find it in the iTunes store if you’re looking for the Apple equivalent. These apps aren’t business ideas that will get you rich, but they are excellent ways to make money quickly!

21 Apps & Websites That Pay You Money

Below is a list of 21 Apps that make money. As long as you have a phone, you can download the app or access their website to generate income online.

1. Ipsos

Ipsos online survey app to make moneyIpsos is a market research website where you can fill out surveys for rewards like gift cards to popular retailers like Walmart, Starbucks, and Target.

Or you can get Paypal gift cards which is the same as cash when you transfer your Paypal cash to your bank account!

Simply sign up with Ipsos and get paid every time you complete a survey.

Click here to sign up for Ipsos

2. Survey Junkie

Get Paid With Survey Junkie AppSurvey junkie is another popular online way to make money using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Survey junkie deals exclusively with online surveys only which makes them really easy to make money with.

It’s really as simple as joining Survey Junkie, completing their available surveys, and getting paid after every survey you complete.

Click here to sign up for Survey Junkie

3. Swagbucks ($5 sign up bonus)

Get Paid With Swagbucks OnlineSwagbucks is an online portal where you can do many things to earn rewards and cash.

A few things include playing games, watching entertaining videos, and filling out questionnaires.

Best of all, Swagbucks is currently offering a bonus $5 just for signing up!

Swagbucks is a mega hub for people to earn cash and rewards with their phone. You can use their incredibly easy to use mobile app to do everything you need to do to get paid.

Sign up and download their app to get started making money.

Sign up with Swagbucks here

4. Vindale

Make money with Vindale Research App Online on your phoneVindale is strictly a survey website where they pay you cash for completing surveys.

You get paid after you complete each survey, and you are paid via check or Paypal money transfer.

Vindale is one of the few survey companies that deal in cash only (as opposed to rewards) which is attractive to some people.

Click here to sign up to Vindale

5. MyPoints

MyPoints earns you cash by doing things you already do onlineMyPoints is an online hub where you can do many things to earn cash using their website and app.

A few ways you can earn money is through shopping online through them to get cash back, filling out paid surveys, watching videos or playing games.

MyPoints can be used to get money by doing many things you already do online.

Click here to sign up for MyPoints

6. Acorns

Acorns App for investing moneyAcorns is a “micro investing” app that takes your spare change from your every day purchases and puts it into your investment accounts.

Acorns is powerful because it allows you to invest money “a little at a time” and without you doing any additional work either.

Here’s an example of investing with Acorns:

You purchase a soda that costs $1.69. Acorns will round that purchase up to $2.00, and the extra $0.31 change will be put towards your investment and retirement accounts.

As you continue to buy every day things, Acorns will be working in the background saving all your extra change and investing that money for you without you doing anything different.

How amazing is that! You absolutely need to check out Acorns.

Click here to sign up for Acorns

7. Trim

Trim App Pays you money back by lowering your billsTrim is a personal finance app that is most popular for its feature of finding bills you overpay for and lowering them for you on your behalf (yes, they really contact your cable/internet company and negotiate a lower rate for you)

If Trim can save you money, they will. And you won’t have to do any of the work.

Trim has other money management features as well, like helping you automatically save money by transferring funds into a high yield savings account, finding your subscriptions and cancelling any of them for you if you don’t want them anymore, and helping you get out of debt by finding ways to lower your interest rates.

You can find out where you can save money in less than a minute after signing up with Trim. Trim is also free to use!

Click here to sign up for Trim

8. Getaround

Get around app pays you money for renting out your vehicle

Getaround is an app you use to rent your vehicle out to people who need a car!

It works just like how airbnb is used to rent out homes and rooms for people who need a place to stay.

You list your vehicle for rent on the app and people will browse around, see your car, and rent it out.

You get paid when your car is rented. You set when your car is available (you can have it available for certain parts of the day or for a full day).

Getaround says you can make $800+ per month renting your vehicle.

This is a great way to make money if you have a spare vehicle sitting around losing value, or if you don’t drive your car much and would like to make money from it.

Click here to learn more about renting your vehicle with Getaround

9. Top Cash Back

TopCashBack is a popular app that makes money

Top Cash Back is an online website that pays you back money when you shop through them. They are essentially the same as Ebates in the way the run.

Whenever you buy anything online, you want to make sure to check if Top Cash Back has the retailer in their web portal. If they do, you want to click through to the retailers website within Top Cash Back’s website, because that’s how you will earn extra money simply by going through them.

Top Cash Back partners with thousands of retailers. They have virtually all the common small and big retailers. There’s no drawbacks from using Top Cash Back. You’ll end up saving more money. It’s that simple.

Top Cash Back has an app where they make it really easy for you to buy things and search for things to buy. You’ll automatically save more money by doing this.

Best of all, it costs nothing to join!

Click here to join Top Cash Back

Android & iOS Money Making Apps

Google Opinion

Google Opinion is an app that earns you Google Play credit that you can use to purchase things in the Play store. You earn credit by answering quick surveys. You will get sent surveys around once per week whenever they have relevant surveys to offer, and you can receive up to $1.00 in Play credits for completing the survey.

Alaska Bunch

apps to make money

This app is different from many of the ones you’ll find here. This app lets you respond to polls created by other people and companies. You earn money from your responses. The type of polls you could be asked range from “what to wear to dinner” to “what new logo to use” and “which picture to post to Instagram”. This is a picture based poll that you vote on. They say you can earn up to $12 an hour. You can withdraw your cash using Paypal.


CashPirate is an app that is free to download and lets you earn cash and rewards by downloading free apps, trying out free games, completing surveys, watching videos, and trying free products. You can also earn money by inviting your friends, and you will earn extra coins if they earn coins. Your coins are caused out through Paypal or you can use them to get gift cards.

App Trailers

App Trailers is pretty cool because you can watch trailers of new apps and earn rewards. Another way to earn rewards is to upload videos and get likes. Once you’ve accumulated enough points to cash out, yo can use the points towards getting gift cards for brands like Sephora, Amazon.com and iTunes.

Make Money

Apps that make money

Make money with Make Money by completing simple tasks inside the app. Things you can do to make money with this app is to watch videos, try other free apps, complete surveys, give opinions, test services, complete free trials, and more. You earn credit rewards as you complete these tasks. When you are ready to redeem, you can redeem your credit rewards for cash via Paypal.


SlideJoy lets you earn money by checking trending news and to unlock your doc screen. You get cash or rewards. If you use this app, you will have trending news and ads on your lock screen. Cash rewards are redeemed through Paypal. Once the add appears on your lock screen, you can slide up down left or right and each slide does a different function, like get you more news, get more info about the content, etc.


sell photos for money

Foap is an app to sell your photos. They call it “foaping it”. It’s essentially a marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect and transact. When you are ready to cash out, you will be paid through Paypal. The app is free and each photo costs $10. The photographer gets $5, and I guess it looks like the App owner gets the other $5 to run its business costs.


Gig Walk might be the coolest app on here. This app lets you perform random jobs in your area. They are called gigs and each gig you perform will pay you a different amount of money. You can start making money with it right away. You find Gigs in your area and apply for them. Once you are accepted, yo perform the gig as instructed and submit your work through the app. Gigs range in payment from $3-$100 or more. They can take a few minutes to complete to several hours. Expect longer gigs to pay more money. Gig walk links to Paypal and once the job is completed and approved, the money will be sent to your paypal account.

Wild Wallet

Wild Wallet is an app that earns you money by installing free apps. They say you can earn up to $100 daily with your smartphone. You redeem your credits for a lot of different gift cards, like Amazon.com, Playstation, Google Play Store, iTunes, or Xbox. You can also redeem for a Paypal payment.

Gift Wallet

Apps that pay gift cards

This app earns your gift cards, rewards, and Paypal cash. In order to earn these rewards, you’ll need to complete tasks. The majority of their tasks are downloading apps. You can also refer friends and family to the app and earn more rewards. You can get 30% of their tasks’ reward points.


Tapporo is a rewards app that earns you gift cards and money that you can receive through Paypal. You earn these rewards by doing things like completing offers and watching videos, and inviting your friends to use the app.