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Pregnant but still want to work and make money money?

Whether it’s a necessity or a lack of boredom, making money is always a great thing – even when you’re pregnant.

There are obviously challenges being pregnant. You want to find a job that suits you first of all and also suits your unique situation of being an expecting mother. You want to take care of your children and future children while working part time during your pregnancy and beyond, to help them succeed as much as possible in life, like through afterschooling success programs.

I want to share with you my top 9 jobs for pregnant women. I feel these jobs are excellent for a mother who wants to “take it easy” a little and not do anything that’s too stressful on you or the baby, as well as make a decent income to support your family today and in the future.

You may also notice that many of the jobs I’ve listed are the “work at home” types. I think those are perfect, because being comfortable is one of the most important things an expecting mother needs to have. And where else are you more comfortable than in your own home!

Check out my list below!

1. Fill Out Paid Surveys

Survey companies pay you money for your opinion. This is one of the easiest, if not the easiest way to make money from home while you’re pregnant.

Filling out paid surveys for cash is easy. You sign up with survey companies and they will have surveys you can fill out, and they will also send you additional surveys to fill out from time to time. All you do is answer the questions they ask and then you will be paid cash.

After you’ve accumulated enough cash, you can cash out your money and viola! you get paid.

Surveys pay a few dollars to well over 10 dollars per survey completed. Some people make hundreds of dollars per month with survey based websites. Again, I really like them because they’re quick cash and you can make a decent amount of money with them.

If you’re interest, I put together a list of the best survey companies here. Check them out and sign up for whichever one floats your boat.

2. Start A Blog That Makes Money

Of all the ways to make money comfortably from your own home, blogging is at the very top of my list.

Now, blogging isn’t a make money right now type of deal. It takes a little longer to get the ball rolling and making money. However, I still feel it’s the best job for pregnant women if you don’t absolutely need income today.

This is because you can set your own hours and leave your “blogging job” any time, like when your child needs your attention or when the baby is kicking too much.

With a blog, you can make several hundred dollars per month, to thousands of dollars per month (or more). You’ll basically never have to work a “real job” ever again.

And you get to talk about the things you love and enjoy about all day. As long as you can write and have basic computer skills, you can set up a money making blog in minutes.

I think the biggest fear new bloggers have is they don’t know how to blog or what to do to set one up. I made a tutorial on how to start a blog for the absolute beginner, and I focused it on how to make money too.

To see my tutorial on starting a money making blog for newbies, click here.

3. Write Content

Becoming a write is a great skill. Perhaps it’s a skill you already have. People and businesses need content written all the time. If you know how to write, then you can pretty much have a writing job forever. The key to getting writing jobs is to get noticed. It’s a little hard because there are a lot of people who want to make money writing too.

I’d check out a place like, which is marketplace that connects writers and people looking for writers together. People looking for writers will post jobs they need done, and you as the writer can apply for the job.

Each writing job will list what is required of you, list deadlines, and the pay rate.

You don’t need to be an amazing writer to become a writer. Many people don’t require excellent writing. Personally, if you went to school and graduated, you should have enough writing skills to find a writing job.


online jobs for pregnant women part time


4. Become A Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is someone who listens to something and then writes it down on a computer. Basically, you’re job is to translate spoken words into actual words.

Now, the actual audio you’ll be transcribing will range incredibly. But if you are a quick and accurate typer, this is great job to have from home.

There are many places to get a transcriptionist job. Instead of going through the details on how to do it, I’ll just leave a link to The Penny Hoarder who has a good write up on becoming a transcriptionist, and where to find these jobs.

5. Be A Tutor

If you have any skill at all in anything that someone would find useful, then you can be an online tutor. The cool thing is you don’t have to leave your home to do this!

You can teach just about anything with online tutoring. Math, guitar, sign language, and more. You don’t have to be amazing at whatever it is you could teach either. You just need more skill than the person you are teaching, and you need to be able to teach it well.

A good place to connect with students who are looking for tutors is

6. Be A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who does jobs for other people and business online. These jobs will range incredibly. For example, you could manage a website for someone, or you could write emails for a company, or write content for a blog. There really is an enormous range of jobs you could do while pregnant.

To find virtual assistant jobs, you can check out again. There are other sites like upwork to find virtual assistant jobs, like, that I recommend too.

7. Be A Customer Service Agent From Home

Many companies don’t require their agents to “come to work”. Because of the nature of customer service over the phone, companies are hiring people to work from home instead of coming into work. If you’ve got the customer service dialled in and don’t mind being on the phone, then this could be good job for you while you’re pregnant.

I think doing a Google search for these types of jobs is the best way to find them.

8. Be A Graphics Designer / Video Make & Editor

If you have technical skills in this are, then you have an incredibly opportunity to make money. These skills are in very high demand and you can charge a lot of money for your time too. Now, I probably don’t recommend obtaining these skills to find a job in this area while you’re pregnant, because 9 months isn’t long enough to get really good at it. But if it’s your passion and you want to do it long term, then I say go for it!

People will always need videos and graphics made. With online businesses and blogs growing every day, these skills are in high demand.

9. Data Entry Jobs

Companies need manual computer labor jobs done all the time, and data entry is one of them. your job basically consists of entering information from paper to computer. You’ll need basics computer skills, but it will really help you if you can type fast. You’ll also need to be accurate. You can expect to earn anywhere from $6-$20 an hour.

Searching For Jobs While Pregnant

If you’re looking for a regular job while pregnant, then you’ll need to do a little bit of job hunting. Visiting stores and businesses that appeal to you and speaking to the hiring manager with your resume in hand is a good start.

Also, applying for jobs online on job banks is another great way to find jobs that could fit you.

Monster has a pretty nice article about searching for a job while being pregnant. It talks about things like work environments that appeals to expecting mothers and objections you may encounter from employers. You can read that here.

Overall though, I recommend doing something from home. It’s just easier on you and you can wake up and set your own hours basically. You can also make a lot of money – even more than a regular job, and you won’t really have a boss to answer to, or have to deal with customers when your baby is kicking you all day.

And plus, these online jobs for pregnant women are great if you want to work part time or on a temporary basis.