A business proposal is a document that is written and then send to prospective clients. The goal of a business proposal is to obtain a specific job. You’ll probably realize that there can be many many types of business proposals, because there are what seems like an infinite amount of businesses and services available today.

Today I want to give you 6 business proposal templates that you can download and use for your own purposes. They are all free to use and are usually downloaded in either Word of PDF format for ease of use. You’ll notice when you check out the links I’ve provided that there are many types of templates to choose from. You’ll want to scan them and find the type of business proposal that fits your needs. If you do not find a specific template that fits you exactly, you can look for a template that is closely associated to what your proposal is about. You will have many options to edit and customize the templates to your own liking.

6 Free Business Proposal Templates

1. http://www.tidyforms.com/business-proposal-template.html

Tidyforms has long provided us specific templates that are colourful and to the point. They have an excellent selection of business proposal templates to choose from. Since business proposal is a pretty generic word for various types of proposals, they have broken it down into many specific types of templates. Some of them are bid proposal templates, construction proposal templates, job proposal templates, sales proposal templates, and grant proposal templates. You typically get 3 types of templates to choose from in each category, so you have a few options to choose from. Tidy Forms is always a great place to find all kinds of templates and worksheets, so don’t hesitate to spend some time checking their stuff out.

2. Rocket Lawyer Fill In The Blanks Business Proposal Template

Rocket Lawyer has one of the most intuitive business proposal templates you will find online. The way their template works is you fill in fields that pertain to your business needs and Rocket Lawyer will generate a business proposal for you based on the information you inputted. This is an excellent way to create a business proposal quickly and without any head aches. If you are looking for a general business proposal template or a simple one, then I can see this working really well for you. However, there is one downside to this type of template. It’s a one size fit all type of template, and if your business proposal needs to be unique and more customized, then you may not want to go through with this template. What I suggest is to give it a shot and see what comes out the other end. If it looks great for what you need then all is peachy. You can also edit the template after, since you will download the document in Word format.

3. Proposable Colourful & Professional Templates

Proposal templates are something to brag about. They probably have the prettiest and most colourful templates on this list. I highly highly recommend that you check out their business proposal templates. Their templates are highly professional, and their entire business is about providing people like you and me with amazing proposal templates of all kinds. They’ve got many templates for all kinds of business proposals. They include a travel proposal template, graphic design proposal template, social media proposal template, software development template, web design proposal template, wedding plan proposal template, and marketing proposal template. Their free templates tends to lean on the internet and graphics design side of things, so if your business proposal is about something related to that, then they may have the perfect template for you. And even if you aren’t in this are of business, still check them out. You’ll want a very nicely designed template if you want to showcase your business and services. The small downside is that to use their free business proposal templates, you’ll need to sign up to their website. Not a huge deal, IMO.

4. Pandadoc Simple & Professional Business Templates

Pandadoc’s proposal templates is another great set of templates you can choose for your business proposal. All of their templates follow the same style and theme, and are for the most part shorter. If you need a template that gets to the point quickly and doesn’t fluff with too much extra details, then you may have found yourself an excellent set of templates. Just like most of the templates on this list here, they have a wide range of business proposal templates to choose from. Their templates have been created by contractors in each specific field that the template is about. All you’ll need to do is add your own photos and information to the templates, and you’ve got a golden business proposal. Pandadoc has a very cool system that you will be able to utilize. They want to make sending business proposals easy and efficient for you. You get to create your business proposal on their website and send it out right from there, where you can track open rates and views of your business proposal. It’s pretty cool.

5. Sample Templates Business Proposal Letters

Here is an excellent set of business proposal letters to go with your business proposals. A proposal letter is what your intended reader will read first before thinking about looking at your business proposal. So obviously, you need a business proposal letter that gets attention! Sample templates has 10 sample letters you can download and customize to your own liking.

6. Form Birds Business Proposal Forms

Form Birds has a small selection of templates for business proposals, but I wanted to include them here because they carry some pretty unique templates that could fit your needs if you are looking for something more unique. Some of them is mostly all text and some of them are more picture heavy with many colours. They are all free for download and these business proposal templates will come in pdf format. pdf documents can be then converted into Word documents if you prefer to edit them that way.


sample business proposal templates

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I hope you were able to find the perfect template for your business proposal. You’ve probably noticed that you’ll need to rummage around to find the right template for you, since there are so many types of proposal templates to choose from. But I think it’s a good thing that these types of templates are like that, because it will give you a more tailored solution to attract the right jobs.

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