There are two main places to get title loans.

You can visit a car title loan near you, or you can get an online title loan.

I’ll show you how to do both in this article.

Online Car Title Loans

A really easy way to get a title loan is to apply for one online. Filling out an application is a quick process. and you don’t have to leave your home.

But the biggest benefits for online car title loans are:

  • No credit checks
  • Instant approvals
  • Up to $25,000 loan
  • You can keep driving your car

A great place to get a title loan online is Title Loan Portal.

It takes a couple minutes to fill out the form and you get a response right away typically. You can even use the website to check and see if you qualify for a title loan.

Car Title Loans Near Me

If you want to find a title loan store near your location, it will be a little harder than doing it online as mentioned above.

There isn’t a website that collects car title loan locations that I know of, and when you Google “title loans”, you don’t even get a map of title loan stores near you – which is usually the case when you Google specific types of businesses.

I guess that’s just the nature of title loan stores, because they are all random little stores all scattered around, and are different than an easily identifiable store like Chase Bank or Walmart.

So that obviously makes it a little bit difficult to find title loans near you.

But here’s how you can find title loan lenders in your area:

Go to Google and type in a search query like “Car Title Loans NYC”. Replace NYC with the actual city you live in. Your search will probably return websites that are companies that offer title loans in the city or state you entered.

You can have a look through the Google search you just made and see if you find a title loan location that suits you.

Some of them offer title loans online. If you have a hard time finding a location near you, then I suggest applying for an auto title loan online. Feel free to use the link I mentioned above.

How Do Online Car Title Loans Work?

Before you apply for a title loan online, I wanted to share some info with you about getting a title loan from the internet.

A title loan is when you give you title to your car up as collateral for a loan. If you do not pay back the loan, the lender keeps the title to your car. But that’s just silly! Of course you’re going to pay back your loan, and when you do, the lender will back the title of your car.

The benefit to you is that you used the value of your car to get access to money. Because the value of your car is used for the loan, you are not required to get a credit check. So car title loans can be a great option for people with no credit or bad credit.

Other benefits of title loans are you don’t always need to have a job (but you do need income from some source typically), and you don’t necessarily need a bank account (but some title loan places require this). these two things are usually needed for most other types of loans.

How Do You Get Approved For An Online Title Loan?

The easiest way to get a title loan is to apply online and see what result you get. Online approvals are usually instant which is great because it’s fast and you get your loan money quickly.

I recommend using this online title loan place to get a title loan.

Where Are Title Loans Usually Located?

If you’re having trouble finding title loans by doing Google searches, you can check around your neighbourhood and areas where loan shops and title pawn stores are typically located.

They are in and around areas that typically get some traffic. They’re often located near streets and street corners. You’ve probably seen a ton driving by and going about your day. You could always stop by one on your way home from work or something like that – or just apply for a loan online if it makes it easier.

Why Apply For Title Loans Online?

Each state has their own rules of applying for title loans. Some states require you to submit certain information like your SSN and some states don’t require you to submit certain information.

Each online title loan store needs to follow these rules. For example, a online title loan company may only be able to give out title loans to people in the state of Texas, because of certain laws that’s required there, and another online title loan store can offer title loans for 16 different states.

It’s a little bit annoying searching each online title loan store to find what states they can lend money out to or not.

One way to get away from this problem is to use a Title Loan website that simply directs you to lenders who are willing to give you a loan based on the information you submitted.

How it works is that you fill out a form and once you hit submit, the form will be processed, and it will get matched with a lender that is legally allowed to give you a title loan in your state, and then be sent back to you for approval. This process is usually instant.

So instead of looking around everywhere online for a title loan place that will lend to you in your specific state, you just let the website do the processing for you.

A good website that will get you an instant approval for up to $25,000 for a title loan is this one here.