If you want to start making money with CPA offers on your blog and need more information about how to do that, this blog post is for you.

CPA marketing is an extremely popular way to make money with paid advertising – however this article focuses on CPA marketing for bloggers.

So if you have a blog and want to see if you can make money by promoting CPA offers, keep reading on!

I make a few thousand dollars per month with CPA offers – on autopilot almost.

I’m not trying to sell you on CPA marketing by saying “autopilot”…

It’s just true.

Promoting CPA offers is an incredible way to monetize your blog. Once you “get it”, you’ll probably get addicted.

Im going to show you everything I know on making money with CPA networks!

Let’s dig in.

What is CPA marketing?

First, we gotta know what CPA marketing means.

CPA is an acronym for COST PER ACTION.

CPA is a measure of what it costs to acquire a lead.

I mentioned earlier that most people use paid advertising to promote CPA offers – which is where the name came from.

The really nice thing about CPA marketing as a blogger who gets free traffic is that you don’t really have to figure out the math to measure your profitability if you don’t want to.

I’m about to explain the math behind paid CPA marketing- but you DON’T need to know this as a blogger – and can skip it.

I’m including it for completeness sakes.

Here’s how PAID CPA marketing works:

The whole idea with paid CPA advertising is this:

Spend LESS money than what the payout is for a lead.


  • It costs $0.10 per click
  • It pays $1.00 per “sale”

If you are getting one sale for every 5 clicks, it means it COSTS you $0.50 per action.

So your CPA is 0.50.

In this example, your cost (CPA) is $0.50 and your pay out is $1.00 – which means you’ll be making a $0.50 profit for every 5 clicks.

In a case like this, you would milk the hell out of this campaign until it dries out. A $0.50 profit doesn’t sound much – but when you scale it – the return is enormous.


You drive 5,000 clicks to your offer daily = $2,500 profit every day.

When you’re driving 10,000 – 20,000 clicks or more…. well, that’s cha ching in the bank.

Scaling your offer is easily doable when you pay for it (buy advertising).

With a blog that generates organic traffic – you’re limited to the current traffic you have. But that’s not a bad thing – because it’s “free” and you don’t have to worry about conversion metrics as much.

Okay, so back to CPA marketing for a blogger….

In a nutshell, this is how CPA marketing works:

CPA stands for cost per “action” as I mentioned earlier. This means you will be paid for every desired action your visitor takes.

For example, an offer could pay $2.00 when someone submits their email address (the desired action).

CPA marketing is awesome because you get paid for actions – rather than sales – which are typically harder to convert.

Who can benefit from CPA marketing?

Every blogger can make money with CPA offers.

Even if your blog is in a bit of an obscure niche – and there aren’t any direct CPA offers for what you blog about – you should be able to find related offers that your target audience is interested in.

In the case above, you want to promote CPA offers that are relevant to the demographic of your blog visitors.

For example, you could have a blog post about “ways to get free cable tv”. People searching for this topic don’t have money or are the frugal type.

An offer that promotes “free” things like getting free Amazon gift cards or winning a Playstation could appeal to a decent amount of people who read your blog post – so you could promote these offers to them and see if it converts.

How does CPA marketing work?

Most CPA offers pay you for a lead – however there are offers that pay per sale (CPS) – which make it more along the lines of affiliate marketing.

An example of an offer that pays per lead (CPL)

You blog about education.

You write a blog post about the rising demand for nursing students. This would be a great article to promote a nursing offer.

You find a nursing offer that pays you $40 per sign up. People who sign up for the nursing offer will be sent more information about nursing schools in the U.S.

In your article, you insert a link to the nursing sign up for readers who are interested in learning more about getting an education in nursing to check out.

For every person who clicks your link and fills out the form (the action required), you will be paid $40.

That’s how simple CPA marketing is. And you can see how lucrative it can get too – when you have good targeted traffic.

Types of CPA offers

I want to go over the more popular types of offers you’ll find in CPA networks.

Generally, the easier the “action” is – the lower the pay out will be.

For example, an email submit offer may pay you $0.80.

An application for a pay day loan could be 3 pages long and will ask for more personal information – which is clearly harder to convert – but it could pay $80.

types of offers:

  • Email submits – the user submits their email. Very popular type of offer. Pays small but easiest to convert. Great for blog topics that doesn’t have a clear monetization strategy
  • Zip submits – the user submits their zip code. Same as above
  • Pay per call – the user makes a phone call. User has to make a phone call. One of my least favorite CPA offers
  • Pay per download/install – the user downloads/installs the software
  • Pay per sale – the user has to buy the product. Usually a physical product, like diet pills or a training program
  • Pay per trial – the user signs up for a free trial. Sometimes requires a credit card sign up but this usually pays you more

You’ll find the above type of offers in CPA networks.

How To Make Money With CPA Networks

All right, here’s where it get’s exciting – and what you’re mainly here for.

I’m going to go over the main things you need to do in order to make money with CPA offers – and some simple strategies you can use to begin promoting CPA offers in a way that converts.


You need traffic to your blog. Without traffic, nobody will see your CPA offers.

This article isn’t about how to get traffic to your blog – however I’ve found that many types of traffic can work for CPA offers.

Google traffic is the best converting. I’ve also found Pinterest traffic to convert well too.

If you can get traffic to your blog – from whatever sources – do it. It’s all worth trying. You’ll never know what converts.

The MOST important thing about traffic is getting relevant traffic that is interested in your blog post – and then pairing that blog post with a relevant CPA offer.

For example:

If you write a blog post about saving money on groceries, you want to attract people who are interested in living frugally. You could promote this blog post on frugal living Facebook groups or on money saving Pinterest group boards. Promoting a money saving coupon CPA offer on this blog post is an excellent match.

Monetization strategies with CPA offers

I can’t stress this enough:

Promote offers that relate directly to your blog post topic. The more relevant your offer is the higher your conversions will be.

Always keep that in mind.


A blog post about ways to get great eye lashes that promote an eye lash serum CPA offer is a perfect match.

Promote easy to convert CPA offers at first

I highly recommend promoting CPA offers that are simple to convert when you get started.

Email submits and other forms that have just a few fields to fill out are easy for visitors to complete.

You want to start making money right away so you can measure it against what you’re currently doing to make money – to see what is the best approach for this particular blog post.

Find great CPA offers to build your blog post around

An important marketing tip for you is this:

Find an offer to promote first – and then build content around the offer.

When you start off this way, you can create content that more seamlessly talks about the offer. This will increase your conversions.

For example,

let’s say I’ve found a bunch of “free gift card” offers that I feel could make me some money.

I could write a blog post about “the best places to get free gift cards” – and promote the gift card offers in this blog post.

This is more effective than trying to squeeze in a gift card offer into a blog post about “how to get free Netflix” for example.

When you browse for CPA offers, start thinking about what types of content you could create around the the topic of the offer.

Keep it simple

I’ve seen a lot of websites that do a phenomenal job of integrating CPA offers into their website. They do such a good job that sometimes I even forget that it’s a CPA offer.

The offers are built into their website and look like they are a part of the site. This requires a website designer to do.

As a beginner CPA marketer, this is totally not necessary. You’re job in the beginning is to test offers to see what works. And only after you’ve got a great handle on CPA marketing should you hire a designer to design your site or blog post around a CPA offer – if you want to go that route.

The BEST way to promote a CPA offer is simply to leave a link to the offer.


If you want to learn more about the best nursing schools to attend, click here <— links to nursing CPA offer.

Easy and simple.

Use emails to make more money

Email marketing is a skill every blogger needs to get damn good at.

Most people will not take the action you want when they see your offer for the first time.

However, if you are able to capture their email first, you can promote the offer to them through email – several times – until they take the action that makes you money.

If you are promoting offers that are harder to convert, like a debt consolidation loan or a make money business opportunity, you definitely need to be grabbing people’s emails.

Through email, you can educate and teach them the benefits of the topic so they can make a more informed decision. If you do a good job, a lot more people will take the desired action – which of course makes you more money.

CPA marketing vs affiliate marketing

CPA marketing differs from affiliate marketing primarily for the fact that CPA marketing pays you for a lead and affiliate marketing pays you for a sale.

Getting a sale is harder than getting a lead (usually).

Affiliate sales typically pays you more money though.

You will want to test out CPA offers and affiliate offers if you want to optimize revenue.

If your traffic isn’t high quality and / or isn’t targeted, CPA offers is probably the best way to go. You can promote a general offer that’s simple to convert, and has a general appeal (like a free gift cards).

Finding High Quality CPA Networks And Getting Accepted

CPA networks are where you’ll find CPA offers to promote.

The first step in promoting offers is to get accepted to the networks.

Some CPA networks are a little harder to get in. They are looking for bloggers who are more experienced, have traffic already, and are making money.

It’s likely you won’t get accepted to all the networks you apply for. But that’s okay. It’s a “no for now” and not forever type of deal.

Follow the following best practices will give you the best chance to get accepted:

Best practices for getting accepted into CPA networks
  • Make sure your blog is legit – Your blog MUST look like a real blog. It needs to have quality content, look pleasant, and have the usual about, privacy, contact, disclaimer pages. CPA networks don’t want their offers advertised on junkie websites
  • Be honest – You’ll be asked to fill out details about your blog in your application, including how you will promote offers, how much traffic you’re currently receiving, your marketing history, etc. When I applied way back, I was brand new – and was accepted to almost every place I applied at
  • It’s okay to be “new” – Don’t lie about this. These networks will accept new people. Make sure to let them know you are a serious blogger who wants to work with a great CPA network
  • They will call you – Part of the application process is a phone call from the network. A real person will verify who you are and may ask you a few questions. Be ready for the phone call. In fact, when MaxBounty called me, it went to voicemail. I picked up the phone right away and called the manager back 3 times (I didn’t want to leave a voicemail) until she answered. Taking the initiative is a strong signal that you’re a quality blogger
  • Follow up – Sometimes you’ll apply and not hear back for weeks. This is a good time to follow up. Giving them a call is the best way to reach them, but an email can work too
  • Just get into one network – If you’re super new, you may be better off joining ONE network for now, make some money with it, and then apply to other networks. Networks like to see you making money elsewhere – so once you are doing that, your chances of being accepted is pretty close to a done deal

Best CPA networks to join

A problem I had when I began CPA marketing was joining too many networks.

I felt like the more networks I was a part of, the more options I had to promote.

While this is true, it’s a bad idea…

Because being a part of 15 networks means you are making a little bit of money everywhere – which takes a longer time to be paid out because it takes me longer to meet the minimum threshold payout – and I have to login and track things from so many different networks.

I use 3 networks now.

That’s it.

I also ONLY participate with the BEST networks.


There are TONS of CPA networks you could join, and they will all have varying offers to promote…. but you REALLY need to make sure you work with a network that will pay you on time and won’t disappear on you (yes, this happens).

The following are trusted CPA networks that I am a part of and that I can vouch for OR have an excellent reputation

When you apply, you are applying as a “publisher” (someone who promotes offers).

There are more quality networks than what I listed above, however if you’re new and getting started, choose from the list above.

Remember, you only want to be using 1-3 networks.

Get accepted into a few first. Once you have your bearings on CPA marketing and understand the industry more, you can apply for other networks if need be.

For me, MaxBounty and Peerfly are top dogs. They’ve been around for a long time, make payments on time, and they will be on every single “best CPA network” list. They are also newbie friendly.

So try and get accepted into those.

My Best CPA Marketing Tips

Being a blogger who makes money with CPA offers for a number of years now, I’ve learned a few things that I want to share with you to help you make the most out of your marketing.

Test offers

There could be 10 similar offers. Not all of them will convert the same. A good example would be a dating offer where you’ll never know if you’ll make more money with eHarmony, match.com, or meetrussiangirls.com.

Testing offers is the only way to find out.

Within the dashboard of your CPA network, you can track what links are getting clicked and how many of them convert. Networks come with basic tracking and it’s usually all a blogger needs.

Follow the rules

Every offer you promote will tell you HOW you can promote it.

For example, an offer may only be allowed to be promoted contextually only (like on a blog post). This means you can’t promote it through email messages or on Facebook.

Networks can check where your traffic is coming from. And they will! So be compliant.

Another example would be “incentive” offers where you can bribe people with CPA offers. If an offer says “no incentive”, then don’t bribe people to sign up!

Usually when they catch you doing something wrong, they cancel the offer on you so you can’t promote it anymore.

They can also ban you from their network entirely – but from what I’ve seen – this usually happens after you abuse the rules a few times.

Become great friends with your affiliate manager

Your affiliate manager is EVERYTHING to you.

This person is your direct contact with your network.

He/She will make or break your experience with a network.

Their job is to help you make as much money as possible (because when you make money so do they).

If you need ANYTHING, send your affiliate manager an email or message on Skype.

For example, If I’m looking for an offer in the health niche that is currently converting well, I don’t have to guess. I can just ask my affiliate manager. She will send me a list of offers that are doing well. I don’t have to guess or wonder what’s working – because she has all the data and all I have to do is ask for it.

Or if I want to be paid more for an offer or I need an increase in cap space – I’ll email my manager about it.

Let’s be real, how she responds to me and how fast she gets back to me is directly related to our friendship.

 Your relationship with your manager really really matters.

I can’t stress that enough.

So make sure you build yours.

Over to you

Do you have any questions about CPA marketing? Let me know in the comment section below.