Today I want to share with you my credit sesame review.

What is credit sesame?

Credit Sesame is a company that offers a wide range of financial services.

They are probably most popular for their service of providing customers with free credit scores and credit monitoring.

To get your free credit score from Credit Sesame, click here

Let’s go over Credit Sesames various products and services:

Free Credit Score From Credit Sesame

The first thing you should know is that you can get your free credit score from Credit Sesame without paying any money. All you will need to do is sing up with them which takes a few minutes. You do not have to give them your credit card when signing up, which is great because it doesn’t force you to pay them anything.

Why do you want your credit scores? Well, Credit Sesame’s analysis takes a look at your credit and debt and they will educate you about things like saving money on loans, dealing with credit card debt, and gives you useful information about a home mortgage if you have one. By being aware of what your credit score is, it will help you understand where you are financially and lets you be in control of your finances.

Credit Score Monitoring

Credit sesame can also monitor your credit score over time. They say it’s one of the best in the industry. They will track your credit score and send you alerts. These alerts are based off of their 35 credit monitoring signals. If they change, you will be alerted. For example, a change like a late payment would send you an alert. And also as important, it will alert you if suspicious changes are made to your accounts. Identity theft is a big problem in America and being alerted right away about potential fraudulent activity can go a long way to saving you a long battle in the long run.


Review of credit sesame


Check Your Credit Score With Credit Sesame

After you sign up for your account, and once you’ve verified your information, Credit Sesame will give you your credit score. They also have a wide range of tools that will help you manage your credit and debt situation, no matter what its present state. Another great thing about Credit Sesame is that they have an education portal that helps you with many different financial topics that are related to improving and maintaining an healthy credit profile. It’s important to check your credit score regularly and credit sesame can help you with that.

Free ID Theft Protection

Credit Sesame has a free and paid option for monitoring your personal information. One of the worst things that can happen to you is for someone to steal your identity and cause all sorts of financial problems for you. It’s sometimes very difficult to prove and is a complete head ache to deal with. It’s better to be up front with this problem and protect yourself in case something were to happen rather than to deal with it later and suffer the consequences.

You can expect their free service to offer basic ID theft services and their paid service to give you the entire gamut of ID Theft protection. You will get basic sets of tools to monitor and protect your identity. As of this writing, their free identity theft monitoring service also comes with $50,000 identity theft insurance which can cover you in the even you are a victim of identity theft. You will also have access to a identity restoration specialist for free as well.

If you like their free service or want the full service, their premium identity monitoring service gives you a lot of cool features like unlimited daily credit score updates, monthly credit reports, social security number monitoring, and $1 million ID Theft insurance. Basically, all these things will help reduce the chances someone steals your personal information like your social society number or drivers license number and pretends to be you.

Other Credit Sesame Products/Services

Besides the above mentioned services, you can also get a bunch of other financial services with Credit Sesame. Most notably, you can apply for credit cards through them, get personal loans, and home and auto loans too. I think it pays to shop around for these types of things. But if you are in a need for one of these types of services, they have them available for you. I wouldn’t shop around everywhere applying for loans all over the place because that negatively affects your credit score. But a few places is probably reasonable.

Why Should You Use Credit Sesame?

The biggest reason why Credit Sesame should interest you is because they give you your free credit score. To get your free credit score, you’ll need to sign up an account and fill in your personal information so they can retrieve your credit score.

Beyond that, they have other services like ID protection and credit monitoring that could benefit you. It’s nice that you can get it all in once place, but that’s up to you. Yo can sign up for free, have a look around, and if you like what you see, then consider their other products.

To sign up with credit sesame, click below:

Click here to get your free credit score with Credit Sesame

Is Credit Sesame Safe?

I had to Google around to find the information for this question. It doesn’t really matter what I think, it’s more of what is everyone’s overall experience with Credit Sesame. They are a fairly big company and I thought there would be more information about this, but there actually wasn’t. And there wasn’t really much information saying it was a scam either.

So I would say given my research, it’s hard to say if Credit Sesame is safe or not. Like anything else online that deals with your personal information, you need to be careful about what you do and how you do it. For a company that has products that deals with protecting your identity, I sure hope they are safe!