Want to earn money online but not sure where to start?

This list covers several popular ways to earn money. Some of them are longer term strategies that take longer to make money from – but you’ll make more money from.

Other online income earning ideas pay you right away and are great if you need money right away.

Either way, all these ideas require no investment at all, or little investment over time.

Here’s the list below:

Popular Ways To Earn Money Online

1. Make $5-$10 an hour with paid surveys

The quickest way to earn money online is probably with paid surveys. You get credited with money or cash rewards after you complete a survey, and the threshold to cash out is usually very low – which is great news if you need money asap.

There are no start up costs at all, and you don’t need to pay to join. Just need a computer and an internet connection.

All you need to do is join a survey company and fill out surveys that you qualify for. I also recommend singing up for a few survey companies because you won’t qualify for every survey – so the more options you have, the more money you can make.

How to get started:

Join any of the survey companies below. I’ve listed the ones I like and have a good reputation.

2. Write and publish ebooks

ebook publishing is a big business. People are making $100,000+ every single year publishing books online.

Obviously, the writing part requires a computer. And depending on how elegant you want the book to look, it could require equipment like a camera to take photos. But overall, writing the book itself is a very low investment way to make money in terms of money.

If you already know how to publish an ebook, it’s really low cost to do. Learning how to do it effectively can take a little time, so I recommend a course that will teach you what you need to know quickly.

Here’s a fantastic Amazon Kindle training product.

Another spectacular thing about writing books to sell online is that you can write on just about any topic, as long as people are interested in learning more about the subject. And it can be a short book too – less than 100 pages.

I’ve purchased many short books on Amazon Kindle that costed a few dollars. Since these books are so low cost, people don’t really think twice about buying them. And if your book is about something people are really interested in learning more about – you could make a good $50+ every day selling a book that costs $3 or so.

3. Start a Youtube channel

One of the quickest ways to make money online is to use a platform that already has a business model set up for you. Youtube is the perfect example of this. Everything is already set up. All you need to do is make videos people are interested in watching and Youtube will take care of the rest.

Did you know people are making hundreds and even thousands of dollars per day with their videos on Youtube? The most common way Youtubers are making money is by placing ads on their videos. These ads will pay the video owner money if the ads are clicked or viewed.

To be successful on Youtube, you need to create content that people want to watch. And we all know that Youtube has a ton of content on a ton of topics – so really, as long as it’s a video people that gets attention, it can work!

Making videos for Youtube can be a pretty low investment job. You’ll need a camera – which can just be your iphone. And a computer to edit and upload your videos. If you go this route, you’ll find the creating video part isn’t too hard at all. It’s more of coming up with unique stuff and marketing your channel that is the tricky part.

Regardless, Youtube is an incredibly platform to make money on – with little investment.

4. Sell photos online

Photography is big business. There are a gazillion websites online and they all need pictures. A lot of them use stock photography websites to buy photos – paying a few dollars or so per photo in fact.

These photos can come from you too. You can be paid royalties for every photo that is downloaded. Websites like istockphoto.com sell stock photos from regular people like you and me who have taken photos and uploaded it to their site for sale.

Selling stock photos online is big business, and the income is super passive because once it’s uploaded, you don’t have to do any more work. It could sell for years down the road – making you money for years down the road.

If you’re completely new to photography, you will obviously need to buy some photography gear – which isn’t cheap. However, you can just use your iPhone too – because they take incredible pictures now.

Photography has many applications online. It’s not JUST making money with stock photos. You can also edit photos for wedding photographers or create a photography course for a website like Udemy.com or Skillshare.com.

Wondering how to earn money online? Here are the best ways to earn money online without spending much money at all.

5. Start investing money

I think a lot of people think you need a lot of money to start investing. Well, you don’t… especially when you are new.

Investing is one of the most important skills to have. I mean, it’s your money. You need to make sure you are taken care of when you get old, or you want to make sure your children’s finances are taken care of when they are ready for school.

Why would you want to give this responsibility to another person? Trust me – they will not take as good of a care of your money as you will.

You can start investing with around $500. Remember, you are just getting started and don’t need thousands of dollars. You’re not looking to hit home runs at the beginning. You’re just looking to gain your bearings and learn how it works.

Two types of investments I really like are stocks and forex.

You’re probably familiar with stocks already. Stock investing is fun because you are predicting which companies will be more valuable and less valuable – and then you put your money accordingly.

Forex is investing in foreign exchange. It goes like this: If you think the American currency will be worth more than the Canadian currency, then you will invest some money into the American currency. If you’re right, you’ll gain some money. With so many currencies around the world and so many factors affecting currency, it becomes a fun game of prediction.

With both Stocks and Forex, money can be made quickly …. and can be lost just as quick. You have heard of people losing everything in the stock market, but let’s be real, these people are terrible investors because that should NEVER happen. As a responsible investor, you would never invest more money than you are willing to lose – and even then, a smart investor does not take on take on so much risk that it becomes possible their money is wiped out overnight.

Anyway, learning to invest money is a skill you need to have. It’s a necessary skill and a skill you can teach your family and children too.

6. Write content for websites

Writing content for websites requires no investment. The trick is to find reliable work which can be tricky sometimes.

The better write you are and the more knowledgeable about a topic you are, the more money you can command.

You can find TONS of writing gigs online. Being paid $1 for 100 words written is on the low end. Good writers are paid anywhere from $25 – $50 an article typically. These articles usually take 1-3 hours to write – but it more depend on your skill as an efficient writer.

To find writing jobs online, check out a website like upwork.com.

7. Make money off Instagram

Instagram is BIG business. People with established accounts are making full time money on Instagram. I’m talking $50,000+ yearly, and prominent instagrammers make $100,000+ every single year.

There are a few ways to make money on Instagram, but the main way is to promote brands and businesses products and services.

For example, if your Instagram is travel related, a travel company could partner with you and give you a free flight, trip, and accommodation, if you post photos of you on their tour. You can also be paid on top of this too.

Another example is if you are a health Instagrammer and you post photos of your healthy meals every day. A health supplement business could partner with you and pay you money to post a photo of you using their supplement in a meal.

Posting a photo can pay you a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. How much money you are paid depends mostly on how many followers you have and how engaged they are. If you have a high amount of followers and they are also highly engaged, you can make a ton of money on Instagram.

8. Perform micro jobs

Micro jobs are work done online that pay you per “job”. These are typically small simple jobs that are quick to do and therefore usually pay very little. The nice thing about these jobs is that they require very little skill, so anybody can do them.

A simple job could be click a link or liking a Facebook page. It’s usually as simple as that. A popular website to find these type of micro gigs is mechanicalturk.com.

9. Be an online tutor

You can teach students online through your computer on websites like tutor.com, which focuses on academic teachings for students of all ages.

It’s a nice way to make at least $10+ an hour online – and doesn’t have any investment involved besides your time and the internet bill of course.

10. Create a money making website

So I saved the best for last.

Bar none, hands down, the BEST way to earn money online is through your own website or blog.

So how do websites and blogs make money? Two popular ways are using advertisements and recommending products. With ads, you just place them on your site and when people click them, you can make a few cents to a few dollars.

When you recommend products that people buy, you will earn a commission.

Blogging is the best because you can make a full time income with it, and it’s really fun writing and talking about things you already enjoy talking about!

You can start a website on any topic too, but sticking with money making topics is better if maximizing the amount of money you make with your website is important to you.

If you want to learn more about blogging, check out this post on how to make money blogging.

Invest Your Spare Change With Acorns

Acorns is a “micro investing” app with the easiest way to help you invest money passively.

Acorns will take all your spare change from your every day purchases and put it towards your investment accounts.

This means you’ll be investing money on a “micro” bases – where every day, a little bit of change goes towards saving for your future without you needing to do anything extra or needing a lot of money to begin with.

Here’s an example of how Acorns works: You buy a few snacks at 7-11 that comes out to $7.44. Acorns will round that purchase up to $8.00, and the $0.56 spare change will be deposited into your investment account.

As you continue to buy things every day, your investment account will grow larger and larger, and you’ll also earn interest too! How cool is that.

Acorns has other money management features as well you can use, but automated savings of your spare change is the main reason why people join Acorns.

Click here to join Acorns

Automate Savings with Trim

Trim is an app that will automatically save you money. Trim is so powerful, it can save you over $100.

How does Trim work? After you sign up for Trim, the app will analyze your spending and find ways to save you money.

For example, Trim can do the following:

  • Negotiate a lower monthly bill payment for your cable bill or internet bill
  • Find all your subscriptions and cancel any of them for you if you don’t want them anymore
  • Help you get out of debt by finding ways to lower your interest rate, and give you access to expert advisors
  • Automate your savings by transferring funds to a high yield account on autopilot for you

Bottom line: Trim will negotiate your bills for you and lower the amount of money you pay for them each month.

The money you save is the money you earn.

Trim saved its user over 1 million dollars last month. It works and it’s powerful.

Trim is free to join and the app will find areas to save you money in under a minute. Download it and check it out (it’s free)

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