Get ready to have the best yard sale ever!

Having a successful yard sale is every homeowners dream. Let’s make your next garage sale the best darn sale you’ve ever had (even if it will be your first one ever).

Here are 10 of my best tips on killing it at your yard sale. Use them and abuse them, please!

Tip 1: Put signs out everywhere

The biggest thing that frustrates yard sale sellers is that not enough people are coming out to check out their stuff. Don’t let this be you. You must get the word out effectively.

Now, there are laws and rules about where you can and cannot advertise your garage sale. You sometimes need to pay for this privilege as well. Check with you city’s laws to make sure you aren’t violating any rules and then get planning.

Your job is to get the word out everywhere. This takes a bit of time and will cost a little bit of money, but the traffic should be worth it.

Tip 2: Get your neighbors and nearby friends involved

Chances are your neighbors or anybody nearby in your neighborhood have things they could sell for money. Actually, I guarantee they do! Ask around and get them to have garage sales at the same time are having yours. By concentrating yard sale locations nearby, you will make it more attractive for people to come out and check your gig.

Also, if your friends have a few things they’d like to sell, make sure they bring it to your yard/garage to help them out. Perhaps they can pay a little for any advertising fees you may have incurred, or they can help make posters for distribution, or they can post a poster on a school bulletin, etc.

Basically, they help you get the word out to drive more visitors in exchange for a free place to sell their old stuff, where these extra visitors will also benefit from. It’s a win/win.

Tip 3: Bargain smart

When people ask you how much something is, don’t tell them your price. All you need to do is simply ask them how much they want to spend on it. You’ll be surprised at how much people think things are worth to them. By getting them to speak first, you get an idea of what they are willing to pay right off the bat, and you can negotiate accordingly. It’s one of the most important negotiation rules in the book, so use it and abuse it.

Tip 4: Offer discounts for multiple item purchases

Let’s say you have a bunch of old Nintendo games! Someone is interested in purchasing one, but you could tell him if he’s willing to buy more, you will give him a discount on the rest. Everyone loves to buy things at discount, even if they don’t actually need the item.

If you don’t have multiples of similar items, don’t even sweat it. You’ll perhaps have other items the buyer is interested in. To help you move more items and get more money for your stuff, make sure to offer discounts for multi item purchases. The big retails stores do it all the time, and so should you!


Best yard sale tips


Tip 5: Make sure your best items are visible and near the front

People browsing around and checking things out want to see items of interest fast. It tells them they are in the right place and there may be more interesting things elsewhere. If you have your best items hidden and have all the junk at the forefront, well, people will just think this is another junk sale and could leave early.

Tip 6: Create a freebie box

Have a section of your yard sale where everything is free. Anyone can take whatever they want. Also, on your advertising signage, you can write “free stuff” on it as well. Everyone likes something for free. It’s hard wired into us. Having free things will always get peoples interest and can attract a lot of people to your garage sale.

Have your “free stuff” deep inside your garage or at the back of your yard. You want people to walk all the way through in hopes they see something that catches their eyes.

Tip 7: Create signs that gets attention

One of the most important garage sale tip is an obvious one that we all know already. But it needs to be repeated, because time and time again, people make the ugliest garage sale signs that doesn’t compel anyone to want to check it out.

The two biggest problems I’ve seen with garage sale signs are that they are too small or they are hard to read. Make sure you don’t do this. Also, keep it simple. A simple YARD SALE with an arrow pointing in a direction with an address below is excellent.

Or a “GARAGE SALE —> Lots Of Free Stuff Too” sign is very very catch as well. Another idea is to say “Garage Sale – Lots Of New Sports Equipment” or something to that affect would work excellent too.

If you have anything of value then say it! You need to show your peacock feathers and ATTRACT potential buyers. Don’t be modest with your signage.

Though you don’t want to lie in them, the worst thing that could happen is they come and don’t see anything they like and leave.

Tip 8: Give something away for free

At your garage sale, or even on your garage sale signs you make, offer something for free. It can be as simple as a free lemonade stand that your two daughters can run.

Or it could be a “spin the wheel” and get a free item if it lands on something. Again, you want to attract people, and I can’t think of anything better than giving away something for free to attract people – even if it’s as simple as lemonade.

Tip 9: Price your items

I think it’s a good idea to price your items, and if you can, price them individually. Sometimes a $5 box will get mixed with a $10 box, and customers can get confused or be mislead.

Pricing items takes time, supplies, and ultimately costs money. It’s up to you if this makes sense. Otherwise, if you have several people working the yard sale floor, you could not price anything and have people come up to you asking about prices.

If you’re busy and it’s just YOU, it’s gonna be tough to sell things when everyone needs your attention because they don’t know the cost of anything.

When you have a crew of sellers and don’t price anything, just be open and laid back so you don’t seem intimidating – which is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t bother to talk to you at all.

Tip 10: Start a bidding war

This last tip is sleazy but if you want…. you can lol. Basically, when someone inquires about an item, have a friend or whoever pretend to also be interested in it. This will INSTANTLY create feelings of scarcity for the potential buyer. He/she will be MUCH more likely to pay you whatever you want for it now that he/she knows someone else wants it.

Besides, it’s a huge psychological thing when you see someone wanting something you want. It confirms that what you want is the right thing to want!

You can do this for more expensive items or your better items for sale.

Hey… it’s up to you if you want to play the yard sale game on this level. But it works damn well.

Anyways, good luck with your yard sale! If you have any questions or tips for me, I’m always here to learn too. Shoot me a comment below.