One of the biggest problems bloggers have is they don’t know what to write about!

But coming up with things to write about is actually really really easy!

There are many ways to do it, however, today I will share with you 6 simple ways to get ideas for your blog topics. You’ll learn quickly how to find topics to write about that your audience actually cares about.

So the next time you sit down to write a blog post, you’ll have a big list of things you could write about.

Here we go!

6 Places To Find Content Topics To blog About

1. Grab a book and read the table of contents

One of my favorite ways to learn about a topic is to read a introductory book about it.

It makes sense that this type of book would have a ton of information about my topic in question, right?

So it also makes perfect sense to browse the table of contents to find topics you can blog about.

For example, if you had a personal finance blog, and you don’t know what to write about, grab a introduction to personal finance book and see what’s in the table of contents.

From there, you will get so many ideas of what you could write about.

Just the topic of investing alone will give you a lot of in depth topics to talk about. Things like registered savings account, to stocks and bonds, to handling risk in your portfolio, to saving for retirement!

The best thing is that you can find these books on Amazon. Many Amazon books lets you look in the cover so you can easily find table of contents of popular books in your niche from home on your computer.

2. Keyword research

Keyword research is my favorite way of finding new topics to talk about.

There are a few ways I go about it, but my favorite way is to find related websites to my niche and plug their website into a keyword research tool (I use SEMrush) and then find all the keywords they rank for.

I then pick out the keywords that are relevant to my website and then write an article based around that keyword. I also try and find the easier to rank keywords so it will be easier for me to reach the top of Google. I talk more about how important this is here.

Keyword research tells you what people are typing into Google and it tells you how many people are typing these words in.

So it’s very very clear what people are looking for online.

It makes sense to perform keyword research to base your blog topics around. You always want to be writing about things people are searching for. Keyword research helps you do just that.

And the great thing is it’s really easy!

3. Browse related forums

There’s a forum for just about every topic out there.

And honestly, it’s a goldmine for blog topics.

Listen, people go on forums to ask questions they need help with.

If someone on a forum is asking that question, chances are many other people have the same question too.

Forums are FULL of questions. It’s potential for blog topics is virtually unlimited.

The other cool thing about a forum is that if the thread is long, there will be many people (including experts) who will chime in with their opinion which helps YOU a lot because you can summarize what these smart people have said, and include your own thoughts on the topic too in your blog post.

It’s like the material is given to you and you just have to nicely craft it together in a blog post for your readers to consume!

To find relevant forums in your niche, just type in “topic” + forum. So if you blog about personal finance, you could type in “personal finance forum” or “investing forum” or “retirement forum”.

4. Ask your readers what they want

One of the most overlooked places to find out what you should be blogging about is the audience you already have!

Your readers already love you and all of them have problems that need to be solved.

Just ask them what they want to hear about!!

Many years ago, when Derek from social triggers started his blog, he asked his readers “what do you struggle with” in his welcome email when people subscribed.

He learned so much from his readers and what they have trouble with online, it gave him a ton of material he could talk about on his blog.

You can email your subscribers to ask them what content they would like to see on your blog or you can simply ask them in your blog post. Ask them to leave a comment about what they would like to hear more about.

5. Read your comment strategically

Your blog comments is also another goldmine for potential blog topics to write about.

Many of your readers will leave comments about what they dislike about your blog and also what they have trouble with.

Using these comments, you can first of all improve on the article you have already written, and also create new content that solves the problems your readers have just identified for you.

Your blog comment section is not the only place to find these little nuggets!

Go to popular blogs in your niche and read their comments!

You’ll get access to even more ideas and blog topics to write about.

6. Read related blogs

Here’s an honest truth.

Most content online is just a re-hash of the same stuff said again and again, but maybe a little differently.

Even the biggest baddest bloggers say the same things that the little bloggers have said already.

So really, everything is almost the same.

Having said that, it makes it easy to find content to write about when you browse similar blogs to yours.

Read their headlines and write the same blog post. It doesn’t have to be the “same” exactly, but the same general idea.

For example, this blog post about finding blog topics to write about is nothing new. I’m sure it’s been written about hundreds of times by other bloggers.

Maybe you’ve even heard of most of the items on this list.

But not everyone has, and nobody has heard it from ME. Which is what a blog is about. It’s about learning about something from a specific person.

Anyway, I got this blog topic from another blog, and I felt it would be a great topic to share with my readers (cause I know it’s something a lot of you struggle with).

So check out other blogs in your industry and see what they are talking about.

Talk about the same topics.

Don’t copy them. But take their general idea and use it as your own.

Create something new and different, but about the same topic.


If you have any comments let me hear them below!