If you are unemployed, between jobs, or just really need more money right now, this article lists many ways to get free money quickly.

If you’re wondering how to get free money online, I’ve got a big list of websites, apps, and companies offering free cash listed below.

Keep reading to see all the different ways to make free money.

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Get Money Online With Cash Back & Reward App And Websites

Below are a list of popular websites and apps you can use to earn free money. Many of these sites give you free money just for signing up (the bonus sign up dollars will be listed for you).

You can sign up to earn the free cash. The majority of the sites listed offer paid surveys where you can fill out questionnaires that generally take 1 minute to 20 minutes, and will pay you from a range of $1 to $50 per survey completed.

The more survey companies you sign up for, the more surveys you can complete for cash.

Here they are below:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a great place to get money. They have a network of members who trust and use them to get extra money online.

How Survey Junkie works is really easy because they deal exclusively with paid surveys only. After you sign up, you’ll complete your welcome survey and then get access to many more surveys to complete for cash and rewards (like gift cards to big brand retailers).

Survey Junkie is a household name in the survey world so you’re in good hands when you choose them.

Click here to join Survey Junkie

Vindale Research ($1 free)

Vindale pays you to take online surveys. They are a little bit more unique because they deal exclusively with paying you in cash – through a check or Paypal money transfer.

To earn money with Vindale, you’ll review products and take simple surveys online.

Vindale has surveys that pay up to around $50 per completed survey which is really amazing since most companies don’t have surveys that pay this much.

Vindale has paid out over $5 million to its users to date.

Click here to join Vindale Research

Swagbucks ($5 free)

Swagbucks is one of my all time favorite places to get money online.

How swagbucks works is this: You do things online that you typically do anyway. Like watch entertaining videos and play games. Every time you take one of these actions with Swagbucks, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or real cash.

The best way to earn money with Swagbucks is to sign up to get their bonus $5 and then fill out paid surveys.

You can reasonably make anywhere from $5-$10 an hour filling out surveys.

Swagbucks is a great addition to the other ways to get free money listed here. It’s free to sign up and you can begin accumulating money immediately after you join.

Bonus: Swagbucks is currently giving people $5 for free just for signing up! So sign up today!

Click here to join Swagbucks

Inbox Pays ($5 free)

Inbox pays will pay you $5 to sign up, and up to $50 per survey completed afterwards.

You can earn money several ways with Inbox Pays. Some of the popular ways are listed below:

  • Cash Mails – Get paid to open and read emails they send you
  • Cash Offers – Complete simple market research offers for cash
  • Spin The Wheel – They pay you to play games. You spin the wheel to win the jackpot

To sum it up, you earn cash by reading emails, playing online games, and completing trial offers.

Click here to join Inbox Pays

Panda Research

Panda Research is primarily a survey company who pay you money for your opinion. You also have the option of earning additional income by reading emails.

They have paid out over $2 million to date.

For example, some of the offers they currently have are:

  • Completing a auto insurance survey $1.20 payment
  • Completing a asthma survey $12.00 payment

Bottom line: Panda Research pays you cash for filling out their paid offers/surveys.

Click here to join Panda Research

Cash Surveys

Like the name sounds, Cash Surveys pays you cash to participate in surveys.

Once you sign up you can start receiving online surveys and begin getting paid anywhere from $2 – $72 per survey.

The amount of money you earn from taking a survey will depend on the offer and the amount of time required to complete a survey.

You can also be invited to take part in focus groups where you can get paid up to $120 an hour. Focus groups are groups that discuss something together, like a product, and shape its development.

You also have the ability to receive new products to evaluate, and you get to keep the free product.

To join Cash Surveys, you want to sign up and complete your profile. Then you can begin taking surveys for cash.

Click here to join Cash Surveys

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another big name in the online rewards arena. They are free to join.

You get money by taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, and searching the web.

They have new surveys every day to complete, and payment for them will vary. Surveys range in payment from $0.25 to $5.00+. The longer the survey the more you will make.

You can browse through many offers from companies you’re probably already using or would want to use. Signing up and using them will give you free cash. For example, A magazine company will give you $6 to try them out.

There are many other ways to get money with Inbox Dollars. Sign up with them, search their offers, games, and surveys, and get easy cash.

Click here to join Inbox Dollars

MyPoints ($10 free)

MyPoints is an online website where they pay you back for using them. They are offering a free $10 bonus for signing up.

They work a lot like Swagbucks where you get cash back rewards to do a variety of things, including shopping with them, filling paid surveys, reading emails and watching fun videos.

MyPoints is free to join and are a great way to earn extra income while you’re doing random things like Netflixing or waiting in line.

Click here to sign up for MyPoints


Getaround is an app where you can list your vehicle for rent. It’s exactly like how Airbnb is used for renting out homes – except Getaround is for renting out your car.

This is a great way to make passive income if you have a car you don’t use often or if you don’t drive a lot.

You can make $800 or more every month just renting out your vehicle.

Click here to learn more about renting your car with Getaround

Lyft ($300 free)

Lyft is a popular ride sharing company (just like Uber).

You can become a Lyft driver and get a cool $300 sign up bonus. Lyft works very similarly to Uber, in fact, I’ve met many Lyft drivers who also drive for Uber as well.

As a Lyft driver, you’ll make money driving people around. You get to choose your hours, including when and how long you want to work. Some Lyft drivers work full time!

If you’re interested in making money with Lyft, and earning a great cash bonus for signing up, click here to become a Lyft driver.

Cash Back Sites That Offer Free Cash For Signups

TopCashBack ($1)

Top Cash Back is a website where they pay you money when you buy your usual things through them.

For example, if you’re going to buy something online with Target, you want to go through Top Cash Back’s website first. Find Target and click the link. Then you’ll go to Targets actual website. Now, when you make your purchase, Top Cash Back will pay you for this!

It’s extra money you’ll save on top of any savings Target gives you.

They are offering a $1 free for signing up.

Whenever you buy anything online, it’s good practice to first go through Top Cash Back to see if they partner with that retailer. Chances are they will because they partner with thousands of retailers, including all the name brands you’re familiar with.

Top Cash Back is free to join too!

Click here to join Top Cash Back

Online Free Money Offerings From Personal Finance Companies

Acorns ($5)

Acorns is micro investing app for your phone. It works by taking the spare change from your every day purchases and automatically saves it for you by investing it.

You’re investing a little bit of money every day without knowing it really – which can lead to big savings down the road.

Acorns is offering $5 free after you sign up.

Acorns is a great way to save money for bigger purchases down the road. A car, home, education, and retirement. The best part about Acorns is that you won’t even know you’re investing because it only invests your spare change after each purchase – you won’t notice! But you’ll definitely see the growth over time.

Click here to sign up for Acorns


Trim is an app that can dramatically lower your monthly bills quickly. Best of all, you don’t have to do any of the work – Trim does it for you.

What is Trim? Trim helps you by automating the way you save money.

Here’s how Trim can help you:

  • Finds subscriptions you’re paying for and will cancel any of them for you if you wish
  • Analyzes your cable bill or internet bill and if you’re paying too much, Trim will negotiate a lower monthly bill rate for you (yes, they really do this for you)
  • Trim can also help you get out of debt by lowering your interest rates and automate savings by transferring funds to a high yield account automatically

Trim is free to join and you can check to see if you’re paying too much for bills in under a minute.

If you are, you can let Trim lower these bills for you. It’s that easy to save money. Money saved is money earned right!

Click here to sign up for Trim


Paribus is an incredibly cool app that saves you money in a very unique way.

Paribus will monitor price changes of purchases you’ve made and alert you if the price of your purchased items have dropped after you’ve bought them.

You automatically save money this way without doing any work. Let Paribus do it for you.

Paribus works by connecting to your email and scanning your receipts of online purchases to determine what you’ve bought. This makes it easy to work with Paribus because you don’t have to spend time submitting info to them. Just let them do their work and get alerts when prices have dropped.

Click here to sign up with Paribus


Digit is very cool app that helps you automatically save money without having to think about savings or learn about investing.

How Digit works: You connect Digit to your bank account and Digit will then withdraw small amounts of money to a separate savings account depending on your savings goals.

For example, are you saving for a vacation? Paying off credit cards? Or just saving money for a rainy day? Digit will smartly move money to a different savings account based on your goals.

People are savings thousands of dollars with Digit. It’s a brainless way to reduce overspending and begin saving.

Sign up for Digit here

Find Free Money Online

There are a couple websites online where you can search to see if money is owed to you.

For example, you could have an old bank account you forgot about with money sitting in there. Check with a website called unclaimed.org to check to see if anyone or any organization owes you money.

Take Out A Loan

If you need a lot of cash badly and don’t have many options to get it, a temporary loan may be the right move.

You are able to take out loans for up to $35,000 from several lenders should you qualify. The biggest issues with loans is qualifying for them.

You can fill out an application online to see if you can get an online loan. The loan company can fund your bank account as fast as 24 hours with cash sometimes when you get approved.

A popular and reputable online lender is zippy loans. You can see what rates you qualify for and how much you can borrow from them here.

Refinance Your Loans (can save you thousands)

If you are currently paying a home loan, car loan, or student loans, you may be able to refinance them onto a new loan with a lower interest rate.

If you qualify for this, you can lower your monthly payments to these loans and also pay off your loans sooner.

The saved money can be used for other things you need money for.

You can save thousands of dollars in loan payments by refinancing. This is the main reason why you would want to refinance.

You want to check if you qualify for it by checking out each website below. You can learn how much money you can save each month by checking your lower payment amount as well.

Use the links below to get more info: