Everyone loves to have fun and enjoy life. But the reality is, we need to balance work life with our personal and family life.

Spending all our time on a hobby is an afterthought for most people. Making money from a hobby? Probably completely unrealistic.

In an ideal world, we’d all be playing and having fun all day over spending time going to our day jobs. That would be the life!

But… that’s just not reality (unless you win the lottery).

Is there a way to have a lot of fun AND make money at the same time? In other words, can we actually earn income while doing something we love by having a hobby that makes money?

The answer is YES!

We can absolutely spend our days working on something we love that makes money. That’s what this article is about.

Whether you’re bored and want something new to do, or you’re looking to be more productive with your life, this article is for you.

I want to show you how to make money from a hobby – yes, think of ideas like getting paid to travel or making money playing games.

The fact is this: You can make money from practically any hobby. The key is to find a business model behind your hobby so you can earn income.

In most cases, the best way to make money from a hobby is to use the internet. You can reach an unlimited amount of people to make money from and start up costs are very low to zero in most cases.

To give you a bunch of ideas of ways to make money with a hobby, see the 39 examples below.

39 Money Making Hobby Ideas

1. Taking Paid Surveys

Did you know you can make money expressing your opinion?

Companies are desperate to make better products and services, and they need your opinions in order to accomplish this.

You can make a decent income by participating in surveys for money daily. It’s a nice little side hobby because they pay you after each survey you complete and they are really easy to do. And you can get started immediately too. All you need to do is sign up with a few survey websites to begin taking surveys for money.

Here are five high paying and reputable paid websites to get you started:

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Ipsos
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Vindale
  5. MyPoints

2. Blogging

At the heart of making money from your hobby is to create a website about your passionate hobby. Your website is your money making machine. It’s where people will visit and then buy something, click an ad, or do something that makes you money. A website built around your hobby topic is the main way you can make money from a hobby. If you want to learn more about how making money with a website works, check out my guide on making money from blogging here.

3. Investing

Investing is one of the most important financial skills you need to learn no matter how young or old. You essentially need to learn how to make money grow. A lot of people look at investing as a choir or a job to do… and if that’s you, don’t! I encourage you to look at investing from a hobby point of view. It’s something you do often because it’s fun (yes, making money is fun) and the challenges will make you a much smarter person.

4. Gaming

If you’re a gamer and you’re fairly good at it, you can make money by uploading your game play to website like Youtube. People will watch your videos and a percentage of them will click the Youtube ads. You will make a commission every time someone clicks. It could be a few cents to a few dollars.

If you’re really elite, you can join clans and go to tournaments in your city or even around the world. If you’re successful, you can win items like the latest gaming hardware, games, and even cash. Big tournaments pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can also potentially get sponsored by big gaming brands, too. That’s guaranteed money in the bank.

Playing in gaming tournaments for money is called esporting. Big money is paid out at these tournies. Just look at these payouts.

5. Baking

If you love baking, you know you don’t spend hours baking just a few cookies. You bake TONS of cookies. And you can’t eat them all. Instead of giving them to your neighbor or forcing them down your throat, find schools, restaurants, cafes, or bake sales where you can sell your baked goods.

You can (and should) start a baking blog as well. Because your earning potential online is virtually unlimited. You could create a baking ebook and sell it to your readers. Or display ads on your website. Or create baking tutorials on Youtube and make money off Youtube ads.

For example, check out Joy of Baking’s Youtube channel. She gets lots of love and lots of views. And I’m sure she makes a ton of money too.

6. Photography

Photography is an incredibly lucrative hobby. It’s absolutely necessary to create a website to display your work. I’d personally choose a type of photography, like “scenery photography” or “animal photography”, or “travel photography” and specialize in that.

The sky is the limit for money making potential. You can create photography tutorials to sell, review your photography gear and make money from referring people to places to buy photography gear, or sell your photos. You’ll get paid a flat fee for each photo or get paid on a royalty basis, where every time your photo is downloaded, you get paid.

If you want to learn how to master photography in order to make money, click here.

7. Web Design

If your hobby is web design, you have an incredibly useful skill. This is a skill worth learning if you don’t have a clue about it. Virtually every business is online and new business are created every minute. They all need websites created and managed. You can charge a ton of money too.

You can charge $2000+ to create a website that may only take you 20 hours to complete. You can also outsource someone to create a website for your client. You charge $2000 for the website to be made, and pay the outsourcer maybe a few hundred dollars to make it, while pocketing the change. Rinse and repeat. You’ll want to find someone in a country like the Philippines to create the website because you can pay them way less.

How is this even possible today?

Like virtually everything on this list, I recommend creating a blog to showcase your work to help people choose your web designing abilities for their business.

Here’s a good review of what making money with web designing is like.

8. Reading Books

Make money from reading books? Yea, you actually can. What you want to do is make a website where you can give your opinion on the books you’ve read. People value opinions and love to hear about what other people think.

People will search online for reviews of books before they buy. Who wants to waste money on a shitty book, and worse, waste time reading a crappy book? NOBODY. Your website can fix this problem.

Along with that, you can leave a link on your blog and refer people to an online bookstore like Amazon where they can buy the book. If they do, you will earn a commission.

9. Making Crafts

Craft making is about as “hobby” as it gets. You need to do a little bit of research to find out what people like to buy. Once you do, start making your own version of that craft. Hopefully people like it. If they do, you have created yourself a little business of creating and selling arts and crafts.

You can sell crafts online on a website like Etsy. Other places are eBay, Craigslist, and even Amazon. Other than selling your crafts online, try local shops, souvenir stores, and maybe even places like the dollar store. Whatever makes sense and profitability.

10. Recipe Making

You probably don’t know this, but the most searched thing online is recipes. Yep, more than anything else in the world. So you KNOW there is someone out there interested in your unique flavor of cooking.

Creating your own food blog is absolutely necessary. You can talk about everything related to cooking. I’d also invest in a good camera to take mouth watering photos of your cooking.

A few ways to make money are: displaying ads on your cooking blog, creating a recipe book, reviewing kitchen tools and appliances, selling other peoples cookbooks, cooking classes, or creating your own cooking tutorials on Youtube.

One of my favorite foodie bloggers is Nom nom paleo. She goes beyond your typical recipe blog to make money. She created an app and also sells clothing.

11. Coaching / Teaching / Mentoring

If you are pretty knowledgeable about anything, you can help others gain some of that knowledge by teaching them. For example, if you love doing math, you can help students learn math in the evening. Or if you love soccer, you can coach a soccer team and earn money that way, too.

12. Video Editing

Video editing, like web design, is also one of those internet skills that is incredibly useful. If you don’t have any video editing skills, it’s a skill worth learning.

Business need videos to get their marketing message to their audiences. Regular people like you and me need videos put together for school presentations or work presentations. Amateur singers need to create music videos. Facebook pages are filled with brands and companies that use videos to get their message across. This incredibly useful hobby can be turned into a money making machine when you get your name out there.

Here is a post that gives you 26 ideas for video editing.

13. Making Youtube Videos

Youtube is currently the 3rd most visited website in the world. That tells you that every type of person in the world is on there, and a percentage of them will be interested in learning about something you have expert knowledge on, or being entertained by you.

You will make money primary by displaying Youtube ads that visitors click on. You can also use Youtube to drive traffic to your blog, where they have an opportunity to buy something from.

One of Youtube’s most successful money maker is PewDieDie, who earned $7.4 million dollars this year. He talks about it here.

14. Podcasting

Podcasting itself probably isn’t going to make you money, unless you use it to sell your product or service. But think of it as more of a lane where people can come discover who you are and what you do. If you like to talk or interview people, this is absolutely for you.

For example, if you are knowledgeable about self development, you can start a personal development podcast and talk about things related to it. Let people know about your blog to learn more. They just might end up buying your product/service or listening to your advice on what to buy.

Learn how podcasters make money here.

15. Traveling

Traveling is my favorite hobby in the world. Did you know you can get paid to travel? Travel companies will pay you to stay at their resort, or give you a free tour, or free gear, in exchange for a write up about your experience with them. You get something for free, they get exposure. It’s a win/win.

You’ll obviously need your own blog and it definitely needs traffic before you start getting things like sponsored trips. You can also make money by referring people to booking websites like Expedia or booking.com. Or anything travel related, like travel gear and tour companies.

The nice thing about a travel blog is that you kind of have to travel to be able to blog about it. So it’s kinda like living the life, isn’t it? Traveling to make money 🙂 So get your travel itinerary ready and start booking your destinations!

I have an incredible tutorial on making money blogging, which you can use to set up a travel blog. Click here to see it.

16. Investing

I don’t know if investing is really a hobby, but it’s definitely a way to make money. I think people who really get into investing treat it like a hobby. They obsess about it and think about it all the time. I know I”m like that.

I think about stocks I can invest in. I hear people talking about our government or where they think the economy is going, and I can’t help but think about how this could help me pick better stocks. I think making passive income is a hobby in itself, and a worth every second of your time.

17. Writing

Every write has thought about publishing their own book. Whether you take this seriously or not doesn’t matter. You can turn your pen pushing hobby into regular paychecks quickly. The internet needs content. You can get paid by offering your writing to blogs and websites.

This is how I would make money online with my writing skills: I wouldn’t go to a website like Odesk.com to find writing gigs. You have to fight with everyone else to get writing jobs, and you can’t compete with someone from the Philippines who will take jobs for pennies.

This is what I would do: You know what you have knowledge on. Go find blogs who cover these topics. If they look like they have many writers writing for them I would message them and inquire about a writing gig.

For example, I know of a health website that pays $50-$200 per article written by their writers. That person could be you. To earn that type of money, you will need to write quality articles. But, since it’s your hobby, you’re probably very good at writing – so that probably ain’t a problem.

Of the many ways to make money writing, guest posting on websites is one of them. Here is 37 blogs that pay up to $300 per guest post.

18. Playing on Social Networks

Did you know that having ACCESS to an audience is worth a TON of money? That’s right, your stupid little Facebook page about cat memes could make you money. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can create it.

Here’s how it works: Choose a topic and a social network to promote it. I’d use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You want to build an audience by posting stuff that is relevant to them. After awhile, you can promote/show them products that they would be interested in buying. If they buy, you make money. That’s it.

Here is a pretty good tutorial on how to build a Facebook fan page to make money.

We all have hobbies. The key is turning your hobby into a money generating hobby. It's actually easier than you think. Here are 37 popular hobbies you can turn into a real business making you money every month. Check them out.

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19. Making Apps

If you are a computer programmer, you’ve no doubt made apps before. Well, I don’t have to tell you there is a lot of money in app making. So if you aren’t a programmer, you can still make money with apps. You would hire a computer programmer and get that person to make the app. You just need to figure out what’s missing in the app stores that you could fill. If you’re successful, you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here are a few examples of mobile apps that have made millions of dollars.

20. Getting Fit

Are you passion about nutrition and eating well? Have you lost a lot of weight and look great now? Do you really enjoy a certain type of exercise plan? Well, why wouldn’t you want to make money from your experience!!

Start a blog about it and tell the world what you learned, how you’ve benefited from it, and the challenges you’ve had. People that find your blog and connect with your story will be your loyal listeners. They eagerly listen to your recommendations for all things fitness related. And you can make money from recommending them these products and services.

Instagram is an incredible outlet for fitness junkies to get noticed. Check out these 21 incredibly popular fitness girls on Instagram.

21. Playing Sports

If you’re fairly good at a sport you can teach other people who aren’t as good at it how to get better. For example, if you are good at soccer, you can create a blog/Youtube channel to show people things like soccer drills, how to kick a ball, or how to buy soccer cleats. You’d make money through affiliate sales or display ads.

22. Playing Music, Teaching Music, Producing Music

Music is never going away. Ever. So if music is one of your hobbies, you have an evergreen skill you can leverage to make money with. You can do the traditional thing of giving instrument lessons, like going to someones house to teach them how to play the piano. But you could make so much more online!

With music, I feel video is pretty important. You can record yourself playing an instrument or singing a song. You can also give basic tutorials on how to play an instrument. If your videos are popular, you will make money with Youtube ads. And get discovered like Bieber (lol okay probably not to that extent).

I would create a beginners tutorial on how to play the guitar for example. Yea, sure there are a million of them out there. But be YOU and be different. Teach it well and you will earn your own audience who want to learn from YOU. You can also make money from your audience by recommending music products you use, or want to buy.

23. Practicing Funny

Making people laugh is an incredible skill you can cash in on. We pay a lot of money to be entertained, and we all love to laugh. Becoming a famous comedian is a tough road to walk, but its not impossible. But get online and make your own Youtube videos telling your jokes. Teach people how to write jokes and do stand up. Write a book on how to be funny (I’ve researched them and there truly is a lack of books that really help IMO).

24. Buying Antiques & Collectibles

Collecting things is one of the most extremely hobbies that exist IMO. Have you seen Hoarders? lol. Anyway, you don’t just want to collect anything. You want to focus on things that can appreciate in value over time. Anything works. Comic books, vintage electronics, art and paintings, sports cards, etc.

All these things can gain value as time rolls along, increasing your wealth. People that collect stuff REALLY REALLY like doing it. It’s worth it.

25. Gardening

If you’re an avid gardener, you know that you’re likely to grow more food than you could ever eat. Instead of forcing your family or neighbors to take it all, why don’t you sell it? You can rent a spot at your locals farmers market or even simply sell it to someone who already sells at the farmers market.

26. Sewing

Sewing goods is kind of like crafts making where you sew things and sell them for profit. If you are sewing to fix broken things or to adjust sizing of clothing for example, you may want to open your own shop and create a business around it. I’m not sure how well a home business of sewing would work, but that would save you money. The main problem is getting traffic.

27. Dancing

Making money from your dancing skills can go beyond opening up an expensive Studio and teaching people in person. Why not start a dancing blog and show off your skills online? You will reach a much larger audience and can make way more money without spending a lot of money up front.

What this guy teach you how to hip hop dance.

28. Drawing

You can create drawings to sell to business and people who need creative pictures to market their products and businesses. You don’t have to be an expert drawer either.

Go on Facebook and find pages that like to share images. If you find a page that doesn’t seem to post that same crap every other page posts, or they post original content, ask them if they would like hand drawn pictures to grow their audience.

Business regularly pay hundreds of dollars to Facebook to advertise themselves. If they can pay you $20 for a picture that will go viral and earn them a lot of fans, they will keep coming back to you for more pictures. And all you’ll have to do is sit there and draw all day. Yay. The trick will be to find pages who will be wiling to pay you for your photos, and then creating photos for them that have the potential to go viral. If you can hit both of them, you’re probably looking at earning a lot of money.

Neil Patel, an online entrepreneur, paid around $50 (I believe) for this avocado image to promote his Nutrition blog on Facebook. Check it out here. As you can see, you don’t need to be a world class drawer to make money drawing pictures.

29. Giving Your Opinion

If you are the type to have a lot to say, then use one of the many online websites that pay you for your opinion. You won’t earn a ton of money, but if you’re bored, why not.

Here are 8 places that pay you for your opinion.

30. Poker

Poker is a serious hobby with serious income potential. You don’t really even have to be amazing. You just need to be better than most people you’re playing with. Because that’s your competition. If you ever wanted to get serious about playing poker for money, just head online to any of the poker websites and go for it.

For some inspiration, check out Pokers All Time Money List (tournaments).

31. Magic Tricks & Card Tricks

I think getting your own show would require a TON of skill and time in the “trade”. if it’s a pretty big hobby for you, or a hobby you’d like to get into, I’d make videos of you doing tricks. Everyone likes them, even people who aren’t interested in magic. Who doesn’t like to be perplexed?

Andy Field has a Youtube channel where he shows off some of card tricks. He makes money with ads on his Youtube videos, and you can click through to his website where he sells his magic service for things like weddings.

32. Yoga

Yoga has got to be one of the coolest hobbies. I’m always interested in people who tell me they are into Yoga. Something about someone who takes care of themselves and enjoyed connecting their mind body spirit.

You’re not going to be shocked when I tell you Yoga is a great hobby to make money from as well. Making apps and tutorials are pretty saturated. But hey, do your own Yoga thing and there could be plenty of people who want to learn Yoga from YOU!

If you want to use Yoga as a cornerstone part of making money, I’d start a health blog and make Yoga a HUGE part about it. I’d talk about how I keep healthy (food, diet, daily workout routines, and of course, Yoga). And I’d talk about the products I use to stay healthy, and give my readers an opportunity to buy these products through my affiliate links.

Adriene is a very popular Yoga enthusiast on Youtube. Check out her 30 days of Yoga challenge.

33. Martial Arts

You can teach basically martial arts online (probably through videos is best). Why not open up your own school as well. You can gain customers with your online videos.

34. Weight Lifting

Strength training is a big market that appeals to both men and women of all ages. And it’s incredibly lucrative too. Supplements, workout routines, Nutrition plans, workout equipment, etc. If getting buff and pumping iron is something you’re really into, why not make a blog journaling your journey? You can talk about your favorite exercises, how you grew a lot of muscle with your unique version of super sets, or your favorite bench presses.

Here’s a nice thread on bodybuilding.com’s forum where enthusiasts chime in on how to make money body building.

35. Eating Healthy

I think I covered this topic above with some of the other related topics, so I’m going to sound like a broken record (a amazing sounding one though) when I tell you to start a bog on nutrition and make money by showing others how you eat healthy and stay gorgeous.

Steve Kamb’s website Nerdfitness.com is an excellent example of creating a unique website about your passion (eating and being healthy).

36. Make Up

Watching tons of videos on Youtube about make up makes me want to go to Sephora and pick out my perfect lipstick. JUST KIDDING it doesn’t. But it does for a lot of girls (and some guys) who really get into facial art.

If you’re into that, or have a lot of knowledge about putting on make up, why not show other people how to do it. Youtube is your friend here. If you get popular, you’ll not only make money by recommending products and displaying ads, you’ll get free products to test out and make videos on. Score.

Jaclyn Hill is just one of many many girls who make great Youtube tutorials on how to put on make up.

37. Reviewing Gadgets

Gadgets and technology is a massive niche that is also very lucrative. It’s also very competitive, and it will be tough competing with websites like Engadget. But you have a lust for buying new cool shit and testing them out for your own pleasure, you need to show the world your unique point of view. And if people like it, you’ll likely get popular and start making money from it. Like make up above, you’ll start getting companies emailing you asking if you can review their products. You get to keep the product most of the time (some people get Apple products for free OMG!) in exchange for your review.

38. Fixing Cars

I can’t tell you how valuable you are if you have car mechanic skills. I have a few friends who are super car enthusiasts and love working on them, especially building them from scratch. You can obviously start your own car shop and work on troubled vehicles, but I really think starting your own DIY car repair website would be killer. There are a lot of monetizing opportunities in the car niche as well

39. Bargain Hunting

If you’re the type to going around looking for deals (I Know I do on eBay), you will love going around flea markets and yard sales looking for that underpriced gem. Snatch it up and sell it for its true value somewhere else. Maybe eBay, auction houses, of antique stores. Better yet, if it gains value, hold on to it.

Making money from bargain hunting requires a lot of your free time. But honestly… what hobby isn’t a time hogger?
I hope you liked this list of money making hobbies. You can truly make money from just about any hobby. A lot of these hobbies don’t require a lot of money to start making from either. The hard part usually lies in finding a way to make money from your hobby. Like I’ve mentioned about a million times already (lol), a blog is your key to getting your hobby out there so you can make money from it.

Last thoughts about money making hobbies

Is there a hobby you know of that is good at making money? I’d love to hear about it. Tell me about it in the comment section below.