Here is 5 ways to make 100 dollars fast.

You can use these 5 things to make $100 a day as well. You’ll have to spend more time on it but these are proven ways to make 100 dollars quickly.

Here they are:

1. Survey Websites

Survey websites pay you money to fill out surveys. They will pay you a few dollars to 10 dollars or more for each survey you fill out. Surveys that require more time will pay you more money typically.

You’ll be told how much money you will be paid or what rewards you’ll get for each survey before you begin.

How do you get started? It’s straight forward. Sign up for a few survey companies. Once you are signed up, you can begin filling ou

t surveys to make money. The more survey companies you are a part of, the more surveys you can fill out to make money with.

Here are 5 popular survey companies:


Panel Surveys

Global Test Market

Harris Poll


2. Sell and/or rent your stuff

You probably have things you don’t really need and it kinda just sits around. Like right now, I have a GoPro that I haven’t used in about a year. Well I could easily sell my GoPro and make a few hundred dollars.

I could also rent it out. I can let someone borrow it and charge them a fee for it. I would do this by going on Craigslist or Kijiji, and other kinds of free advertising places to put stuff for rent or sale.

A lot of people are very happy to buy used things to save money. You’d be surprised. People buy old clothes, shoes, chairs, video games, you name it. This is one of the fastest ways to make 1oo dollars.

3. Write for others

If you know a language well, especially English, and you are able to write at a decent level, you have an unlimited opportunity to make money. Blogs and websites are always looking for fresh content. They can pay anywhere from $5 to $70 or so for an article.

Obviously, if you’re being paid $70 for an article, you will need to be an excellent write and also have strong knowledge of what you’re talking about.

However, I find a lot of people expect to be paid about $1 per 100 words at a minimum. And this is for fairly average writing skills.

A good place to sell your writing skills is a website called upwork.

4. Make money on Fiverr

Do you have a skill. Any skill? Fiverr is a place where you can offer your skill for money. $5 to be exact.

You can offer “add on” services to make more money, but the whole idea is for you to perform a “gig” for money.

These gigs can be anything from singing a song in a British accent to proof reading an essay, or doing math homework, or creating a logo.

As long as you have a skill that people would pay money for, you could make money by using your skill.

I would head over to Fiverr to check out the types of gigs people are doing over there. You can see what it’s all about. Don’t be afraid to sign up as well. You can buy gigs from others are begin creating gigs to make money.

Visit Fiverr here.

5. Become an Uber driver

Did you know Uber drivers make pretty decent money? Especially when you drive people during peak hours, like Friday and Saturday evenings when people are leaving the bars. At this time, Ubers can be 4x more expensive to take, which also means as an Uber driver, you’ll be making 4x the amount of money too.

I always chat with my Uber drivers and they’re making a minimum of a few hundred dollars each day. If you own a car then you can definitely make 100 dollars a day easily with Uber.

Sign up for Uber here

What should you do?

If you have some time on your hands, I would definitely fill out surveys to make money. It’s one of the easiest ways to make 100 dollars fast using the internet.

Making money on Fiverr is a little more of a self start up thing, but as long as you have reliable internet and something people are wiling to pay money for, you might surprise yourself by how much money you can make with Fiverr.

If you own a car, being an Uber driver is one of the best ways to make hundreds of dollars daily. You’ll need a more recent model vehicle to get started with Uber. A few hours each night to make some extra money isn’t bad at all.

Also, writing for others is an awesome way to make extra money each day. Writing is an amazing skill to have and get better at. So if you like writing or want to get good at it, I highly recommend you look into writing for money. People are looking for blog content to be published, guest posts to be written, essays to be written, and so much more.

The best part about the ideas I’ve given you is that they are for the most part things you can do to make money at your own pace. If you don’t really feel like doing surveys or writing today, you don’t have to. Sometimes you have a deadline, but generally speaking, you can simply take on less work if you don’t feel like working as much or if you want to make a hundred dollars really really fast, then you can take on a lot of work, like filling out a lot of surveys to make money quickly.

Whatever you choose, good luck!