If you would like to learn how to void a check, you’ve come to the right place. I will show you how in 4 easy steps.

Voiding a check is one of the easiest things to learn to do. In fact, it’s so easy and simple to do, you will never forget how to do it once you’ve done it once.

First off though,

What is a void check?

A void check is a check that has been written off. This means that the check cannot be used for its intended purpose as a means of paying someone or a business. Essentially, the check is not a blank check anymore.

How To Write A Void Check

Step 1: Grab your check book and tear out a check.

Step 2: Grab a pen. Do not use a pencil. Your writing needs to be permanent.

Step 3: Write VOID across the middle of the check. You want VOID to be capitalized and in BIG letters. The bigger the better. I like it to fill up approximately 70% of the entire check. I also like to draw a line to the left and right of the word VOID, which will fill out the entire left and right side of the check. This is a habit of mine that makes my VOID fill the entire check so there is absolutely zero ambiguity that this check has been voided.

Step 4: This is all you have to do. No matter what purpose you need a void check for, you do not need to fill out anything else, or cover your bank details on the bottom, or fill out a date.


Learn the proper way to write a void check here.

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Why Would You Want To Void A Check?

The most common reason why we sometimes need to write a void check is for banking and employment purposes. If your employer does direct deposit (they send money directly to your bank account every pay day), then they will need your bank information. They need to know where to send your pay check!

The easiest way for them to do this is to ask for a void check. They should specifically ask for a VOIDED check because the purpose of this check is to get your banking information for payroll purposes, and nothing more. If they were to ask for a blank check, that would be quite weird and I’d be cautious if that were to happen to you. You should never give a blank check to anybody, because they would be able to more easily commit fraud using your check.

Every one of your checks has numbers at the bottom of it. These numbers represent which bank you belong to, your account number, as well as your bank branch. Essentially, the information here contains your unique banking number, routing number of the bank you belong to (like Wells Fargo for example), and institution number. This is what your employer will use to add your account into their system so they can pay you. This is the actual information they need from you in order to take care of payroll. So technically, you could just give them this information on a piece of paper by copying it from your check, or you could get this information by visiting your bank as well (if you do not have checks).


Voiding a check is very quick and simple. Simply write VOID in big spaced out letters on the front of your check. You don’t need to do anything more with your check than that. There could be several reasons why you need to void a check, but the biggest one is for payroll purposes. For example, your employer may need a void check from you so they can facilitate direct deposit of your pay check directly into your bank account.

Also, never give your employer or anyone a blank check for direct deposit (or for any reason, actually). They technically could write any amount they wish on it and forge your signature, and steal your money. This is obviously really bad so stay on the safe side and don’t do this.