I need money now, you say…

If you’re looking for easy ways to make money fast, you’ve hit the jackpot.

I’ve compiled a list of 91 ways to earn money really really fast. This isn’t a list of careers that pay well or business start up ideas. This is a BIG list of ways to get cash fast.

I have to emphasize the word “Fast”, because many of these quick cash ideas will put money in your pocket today.

There are a ton of easy money ideas all throughout the article. Some of them will only take a little bit of work and put thousands of dollars in your bank account.

So make sure you make your way all the way to the bottom so you don’t miss anything and pick out a few ideas that excite you the most.

Here we go! 91 ways to get money fast!

Take Surveys For Money

Taking surveys for money (in my opinion) has been and is still the best way to make money really really fast. If you’re just stuck and need money right now, then sign up at the 3 reputable survey websites I’ve listed below and start doing surveys for quick cash. You will typically be paid a few dollars to over ten dollars per survey you take.

Below are 4 excellent and reputable websites to make money taking surveys:

Survey Junkie



Springboard Survey

I recommend signing up for all 3 of these and begin taking as many surveys as you can to start making quick cash immediately. You can get paid a few dollars to over 10 dollars per survey taken. 

Get Quick Cash Instantly With These Popular Financial Tools

Here are 8 ways to get access to more money quickly.

1. Take out a loan

Obtaining a loan is one of the quickest ways to get cash right away. You can do it online now as well. Loan companies will review and approve your application within minutes, and you can usually get your loan as quick as 24 hours sometimes. Online loan networks will connect you with a network of reputable lenders to get you the best interest rate possible.

A very popular online lender is Zippy Loans where you can borrow up to a large amount of money. You can check them out by clicking here.

2. Peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending is a way to make money by loaning money to other people and making money off the interest you charge. You do need money to lend money, so this won’t work if you’re someone who just needs money immediately. But if you have money, peer to peer lending is an incredible way to make passive income quickly.

If you’re interested in obtain this type of loan, Click here.

3. Refinance your mortgage

If you own your own home and have some equity built into it, you can do what’s called a home refinance which means getting a new loan that pays off your old loan. This can help you do two important things. First, you can lower monthly home payments by refinancing which gives you more cashflow. Second, you can do what’s called a “cash out” refinance which means you can take money out of your home to use as cash for whatever you need.

Click here to see how much money you can get refinancing your home loan.

4. Refinance your student loans

If you have student loan debt, you can do what’s called a student loan refinance. The idea here is to consolidate all your high interest student loans into one manageable loan at a lower interest rate, saving you money on your student loan payments. You can drop your monthly student loan payments by $100 or so and lower the total cost of borrowing. It all comes down to how low your new interest rate will be.

Click here to see if you qualify for a better student loan rate.

5. Refinance your vehicle

If you own a vehicle you can refinance the value of it which can lower your monthly payments on it. This will free up some cash to spend on other things that are important to you. Refinancing works by getting you a lower interest rate.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, click here.

6 Open a new credit card

If you needed money really fast, there are few things that will give you access to money faster than a credit card. Just remember that opening a new credit card is a loan and you will need to pay it back someday. I would only open a new credit card if I needed money badly and had little options elsewhere, AND I knew I could pay back whatever I borrowed in a reasonable time.

You can use this website to find no fee credit cards, no interest credit cards, or whatever card suits you best. It’s a comparison website of popular cards.

7. Open a line of credit

A line of credit is a loan just like a credit card is. However, line’s of credit typically have much lower interest rates than a credit card. Just like a credit card, be responsible and only borrow from a line of credit when you know you can pay it back responsibly.

8. Get a cash advance on your credit card

One of the costliest ways to get money fast is to take out cash advances on your credit card. You will pay a fee just for taking out the cash, and also pay a high interest rate for whatever amount you borrow. Expect around 20%. But, again, if you are in a big pinch and have no alternative, then this is an option. Just make sure you are able to pay it back in a reasonable time so you don’t fall into the abyss of debt.

21 Ways To Make Money By Selling Things You Already Own

1. Sell your Plasma

Selling your plasma is a great way to make money quickly. Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood. Your blood will be drawn from you, then the plasma will be separated, and your blood will be returned to you. The process takes roughly an hour. You can donate your plasma at a maximum of twice per week. What you’re paid for your plasma will vary depending on the state you donate in. Expect anywhere from $15-$45 per donation. You can visit www.donatingplasma.org to find a local plasma donation centre. You need to be fairly healthy to qualify for plasma donation.

2. Donate your bone marrow

Donating your bone marrow is a bit of a grey area, and getting compensated with money isn’t completely straight forward. Nevertheless, you can still get financial rewards by donating bone marrow. The process of donating bone marrow is a little more involved than donating plasma, and will require you to have a few clinic visits. There are also certain criteria you need to fit in order to be a bone marrow candidate. To get an idea of how you can profit from donating bone marrow, visit moremarrowdonors.org

3. Sell your sperm

Selling your sperm, or donating it, however you want to look at it, is a very lucrative way to make money fast. You can expect to get paid around $125 per donation, and you can donate several times a week. That amount of money adds up fast. How much you’re actually paid will depend on which state you live in and the place you donate your sperm. To get an idea of how sperm donation works, visit www.spermbank.com.

4. Donate your eggs

There isn’t much in your body you can legally sell (donate) that will get you more money than donating your eggs. If you wish to donate eggs, expect anywhere between $5,000 – $10,000 for it. There are families that simply cannot produce their own babies, and they are obviously willing to spend a lot of money for fertile eggs. I suggest this egg donation directory to see egg donation clinics in your state. Visit their website and find out more information about how you can donate your eggs.

5. Sell your breast milk

If your a mother and have extra milk to spare, or want to use your milk to make money, you can get $1-2 per ounce of breastmilk. You will want to use a website like www.onlythebrest.com. Visit their classified section to learn more about donating breast milk.

6. Sell your luxurious hair

If you didn’t know, the hair market is enormous. There is an incredibly demand for long hair that is healthy, untreated, and un-dyed. If that’s you, consider selling your hair for money. How much? It will depend on how long your hair is and what condition it is in. But expect something like $300 – $1,000. You can sell your hair on websites like buyandsellhair.com and hairsellon.com

7. Sell your photos to stock photo websites

Stock photo websites are an excellent place to make quick cash. If you have any photos that you would like to sell, visit a stock photo website like shutterstock.com. Compensation for your photos will vary depending on how you want to be paid. If you would like royalties, which means every time the photo is downloaded (purchased), you will be paid a fee. Or you can choose to be paid a one time fee for your photos. There are many stock photo websites on the internet and they are all hungry for more photos.

8. Have a yard sale

A yard sale is a quick way to sell anything you don’t want anymore, or are willing to part with in return for money. There is that little bit of hassle of spending money to have a legit yard sale, and maybe placing an ad to get people to come to your house. But, what I suggest is to piggy back off of someone else’s yard sale. Find someone who is already having a yard sale and offer them money to use their space. Perhaps $50-$100 to bring your stuff over and sell it in their garage/yard. This is an excellent way to “rent” space to sell your stuff without the hassle and cost of setting it up yourself.

9. Make things to sell

Do you have a skill in making anything artsy or crafty? There is a fairly high demands for hand made goods and unique items from people all over the world. You actually don’t even need to create anything that unique. It simply needs to be something that people want. It could be hand-sewn pillow cases, hand drawn calendars, bracelets, personalized guitar picks, and I even saw a “crazy cat lady mug” selling for $20 on Etsy. Speaking of Etsy, it is the best marketplace to buy and sell these types of unique crafty things. Check it out to get ideas of what you could make and sell.

10. Buy tickets to re-sell

A favorite “make money technique” I’ve used since I was a young boy was to buy things I know that will sell out and re-sell them at a higher price. It’s sometimes illegal to do this with certain things, so you may want to do a little research into it if you’re concerned. But generally, it’s fair game. One of the best things to buy and re-sell (scalp) are tickets to big events. If you live in a city where events often take place, you’re golden. It could be anything, from a Taylor Swift concert or a NFL playoff game. These tickets SELL OUT FAST. So get online and get ready to buy them the second they go on sale. Then, wait until a day or so before the event happens (this is when buyers are willing to spend the MOST money), and sell it! You can use online marketplaces like Craigslist or StubHub to sell your tickets.

11. Sell your old electronics

It’s weird that old ugly electronics somehow still have value sometimes. Well, more to gain then! Don’t throw them out. Especially if they are name brand – like Apple, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, or any recognizable brand. Use a website like Gazelle.com, Usell.com, or Nextworth.com to check the value of your old electronics.

12. Sell old jewelry

Do you have any jewelry kicking around that you can part ways with? Selling jewelry is one of those old school ways of making quick cash fast. And why not, precious metals like gold and silver will always have value. So will rare gemstones and diamonds. You could sell your jewelry at a place like a pawn shop, but don’t expect to get full value for it. You can also sell your jewelry online. I suggest doing a Google search for something like “sell jewelry online” or “sell jewelry New Jersey” to find places to sell it. Many places will take your jewelry for money, so don’t be afraid to shop around. The one thing you need to make sure you do first is to find out what your jewelry is worth. You can use a website like dendritics.com to value your jewelry.

13. Put ads on your car

One of the more “out of box” make money ideas is to put ads on your car. I don’t see it often and it’s one of those things that people don’t really know about. It could be an interesting way to make extra cash. Check out www.autowrapped.com to get more info about this.

14. Sell your unused gift cards

Did you get some gift cards for Christmas or your birthday that you just don’t really want? Instead of using them on things you don’t really need, you can actually sell them! One way to sell them is to put them up online on a website like Craigslist or eBay classifieds. Usually, you’ll lose a fair amount of money selling them, from what I’ve seen. You could also sell the gift card to a friend or family member. But there are also websites that take your gift cards and give you money for them. Two of the more popular ones are cardpool.com and cardcash.com, where you can get up to 92% of the value of the gift card.

15. Sell kids clothes

Do you have any children’s clothing that you don’t need or are willing to sell for money? There are a few online websites that specialize in paying people for children’s clothing. one of them is thredup.com. You can also sell any type of clothing at this website – not just children.

16. Sell your old clothes

I think everyone has clothes they no longer wear. Instead of letting them rot in your closet, you can sell them for money. Where do you sell them? One of the best places to sell your old clothing, especially if they are in good condition and have a recognizable name brand, is Plato’s Closet. They have stores all over North America. visit their website www.platoscloset.com and check your area to see if they have a store near you. You bring your clothes in. Someone looks at them and then makes you an offer for the items they want. You walk away with cash. It’s as simple as that.

17. Sell your old books

You can donate your books to libraries, schools, or donate them at book drives. But when you are short on cash, you’ll probably want to sell your old books for money. There are a bunch of ways to sell books, but I recommend selling them on selercentral.amazon.com, especially if you have a lot of books to sell. I recommend selling them on Amazon because of the brand power they have. People go to Amazon to buy books. People trust Amazon. Why not sell your books there too?

18. Sell stuff from your garden

Do you have a garden full of vegetables, or a yard with an apple tree, pear tree, or raspberry bush? If you do, you can make money selling your produce. If you don’t have a garden, you can consider creating one to sell your goods, if that’s your thing. I would sell them at the farmers market or give them to someone at your local farmers market to sell for you, and work out how much of a percent the seller gets. Creating your own garden is fairly inexpensive, which is why this is a great way to make money. It just requires time to maintain, but if time is what you have, then it could work for you. Though it’s not really a make money fast type of deal, you could grow certain things in a month or so. It’s not too bad.

19. Sell any household item at a pawn shop

A pawn shop will literally take anything as long as it has value. There are few ways to get money fast at a pawn shop. You can straight up sell whatever it is you are selling. You can also borrow money from a pawn shop (called pawning), where you give your item to the pawn show as collateral and they give you money. You just need to make sure you pay back the money (plus interest) before a certain date, or they pawn shop will keep your item (which will always be worth more than the cash you received).

20. Sell things on Craigslist

Craigslist is a mecca for selling ANYTHING. I mean, literally anything. It really doesn’t matter what you have, as long as it has value, someone out there probably would want it. Why not put it up on Craigslist and see if you get any takers. Your home is probably filled with a bunch of stuff you don’t need or use anymore. Kitchen tools, old clothing, baby stuff, old video games, a drill set, you name it. Don’t let these things rot away or depreciate in value. Gather all your stuff, take a photo of it, and throw it up on Craigslist!

21. Sell things on Ebay

eBay is another great place to sell your stuff for extra money. The only issue you may have with eBay is the “work” of shipping and posting a bunch of stuff for sale. If you have things you could sell that would be considered “bulk items”, then eBay is a great place to get rid of them. If you also have some rarer items, especially things like collectibles or antiques, eBay is a great bet. The biggest “pro” with eBay compared to a website like Craigslist is that you can reach people worldwide who may be interested in your items for sale. With Craigslist, it’s mostly local. Also, it’s easy to sell A LOT of things with one listing on eBay.

4 Incredible Apps That Make You Money

Phones have come a long way in the past few years. With apps becoming more and more sophisticated and capable, it was only inevitable that money making apps made their way into our phones. If you didn’t know, there are apps you can download into your iPhone or Android phone that you can use to make extra money on your spare time. These apps typically require you to complete a job/task that is located in your local area.

Below are 4 top notch apps you can use to make extra money quickly.

1. Field Agent

Field Agent is one of the best apps to make money with. You download their app, fill in some info so they know who you are, and then you can start looking for jobs close to you to complete. You will typically make $3 – $12 for each job you complete. It’s as simple as that. An example of a job you can expect to do is to walk into a store and take a photo of a product, and input the price of it into your phone. Done. Companies need to know what their competitors are charging and it doesn’t make sense for them to go to each city and store to check prices themselves. They’d rather pay you a fee to do it for them. Visit fieldagent.net to learn more.

2. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another app that pays you to complete tasks using your smartphone. If you have free time on your hands, this is a great way to earn a bit of side money. It works like this: You are given tasks like browsing the internet, taking surveys, or playing a game. Once you complete the task, you are paid a certain amount of money. It’s usually fairly small, like a few dollars or less. Longer tasks will pay more. You are allowed to cash out after you hit $30. Check out their website inboxdollars.com.

3. User Testing

User Testing is yet another awesome way to make money with an app. It works similarly like other apps that pay you, however this one pays more. You get paid $10 per completed task. This is how it works: You visit a website and complete a set of tasks while speaking your thoughts out loud. You will be recorded. It’s a “live” way for companies to test their websites, apps, and products. And your feedback to them is extremely valuable, which is why the payout is fairly high at $10. Visit www.usertesting.com to learn more about it.

4. Gig Walks

This is one of the cooler ways to make quick cash using the Gigwalk app. This app posts “gigs” in your local area where users who have the app can find a gig close by and complete the gig for money. Gigs range from attending a marketing event, checking store shelves for inventory availability, or anything that companies want to improve or make sure they are doing correctly. I think this is an amazing make money app and I recommend you to check it out. Gigs can pay anywhere from $5 – $100, and they take a few minutes to a few hours to complete. What you’re paid will depend on how long and difficult the task is. Most gigs require you to document and report on the event, so you’ll need your phone with you to complete these tasks. Visit www.gigwalk.com.

5 Make Fast Money From Home Ideas

In my opinion, making money from home is the holy grail of making money. The fact that you don’t need to get dressed and look presentable, or need to answer to a boss, or waking up whenever the hell you want, is almost priceless. There are A LOT of ways to make money from your home, but the ones I’ve listed here are the types of work at home jobs that are meant to earn you money fast.

1. Become A Freelancer

What is a freelancer? A freelance is someone who works “jobs” and is usually paid per job or hourly. People and companies need certain tasks to be done, and they hire people on the internet to do these jobs.That’s where you step in. You can be one of these people who complete jobs. Some of the more popular jobs include writing articles, making a logo of designing a graphic, doing data entry, translating articles, creating websites, or creating an app. If you have any knowledge or skill in anything, chances are you could be a freelancer with your skill. What you’re paid will vary tremendously per job, however you get money as soon as you complete the job. The minimum is typically $10 per job and can go up to hundreds or even more. Popular freelancing websites include freelancer.com, oDesk.com, and guru.com.

2. Work jobs on Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is basically freelancing. You will perform certain tasks and get paid for it. The tasks required are typically simpler and take less time to complete than your average freelance jobs you’ll find on the freelance websites mention above. Mechanical Turk Jobs include things like transcribing a video’s words into text, finding email addresses of people, drawing a picture from a photograph, or getting product codes and prices from a receipt. As you can see, they are simple jobs that most people can do. Generally speaking, it doesn’t pay a ton, but if you just need money fast and will do basically anything, Mechanical Turk can be your thing.

3. Make money on Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace where people and business posts tasks they will complete, and where other people search for these tasks to be completed. To work on Fiverr, you simply need to provide a skill people will want. Don’t get caught up on thinking you don’t have any skills. If you can read and write in Spanish, you have a unique skill right there. You could translate Spanish text or videos into English for example. Or write something in Spanish. If you are musical, you could write a song for someone, or make a video singing happy birthday to someone. People need all types of “gigs” done, and they go to Fiverr to find the right person to complete these gigs. Users pay $5 and you get a portion of that once you complete the job. Check out Fiverr.com.

4. Write a software review

Companies always need things tested and the software industry is no different. You can earn side money by writing software reviews for companies. Check out softwarejudge.com for more info.

5. Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is anyone who does work online for someone else. Tasks can be just about anything that is doable online. Writing things, editing things, managing a businesses customer service department, reading emails and responding to them, or managing a Facebook page. A virtual assistants job is as varied as it gets. So if you think you’d like to give a virtual assistant work a shot, a good starting place is www.taskrabbit.com.

The 17 Best Jobs That Makes You Money Fast

There are obviously many jobs out there, and many of them make a lot of money. But the purpose of this list isn’t to give you career ideas. This is a list of jobs that makes money quickly. That’s it. If you’re in desperate need of money, working on the side can give you the income you need to get by.

here is a list of jobs that you can not only get quickly, but they pay decently well too.

1. Perform various errands in your city

Busy people need things done and don’t have the time themselves to do it. So they “outsource” these various jobs to people who have extra time to make money. These types of jobs will vary tremendously, from picking up laundry to driving kids home. To find what types of jobs are out there in your local area, check out the following 3 websites: taskrabbit.com, zaarly.com, craiglist.com

2. House sitting

House sitting is where you look after someones home while they are away. Usually it’s just for an evening or for a day, but sometimes it can be longer, for a few days or weeks. Homeowners go on vacation and need people to look after the house, usually to take care of animals or receive mail. You can try Craigslist to look for house sitting jobs in your area.

3. Babysitting

Much like house sitting, babysitting requires you to look after children while the parents are away. Babysitters can make $10-$15 an hour typically. You can get baby sitting jobs from friends or families, or try one of these sitter websites: sittercity.com and care.com.

4. Mow lawns

If you want instant cash, mowing lawns is one of the quickest ways to get money tax free. All you need to do is go door to door in any neighbourhood and ask if they need their lawn mowed. It’s pretty easy to tell if they need it or not. Tell them you’ll do it fast for $20 or whatever. People are lazy and hate mowing their lawns. The more houses you hit up the more you’ll get “yes”. It’s just a numbers game. You could easily make $100 a day doing this.

5. Rake leaves

This is a job I used to do with my neighbour when we were young. We’d go house to house looking for see if people wanted their lawns raked. And guess what? People do! They gladly gave me $15 – $20 for taking care of their house work they don’t want to do. Buy a rake if you don’t own one, and go door to door. It’s really that simple.

6. Shovel snow

Between mowing lawns, raking leaves, and shovelling snow, shovelling snow is the best option in my opinion. First of all, basically everyone hates the cold and snow, and nobody wants to shovel their driveways. They’d rather stay home and drink hot chocolate. Plus, snow get’s pretty heavy sometimes and some people just are fit enough to shovel. You can may A LOT of money going door to door with your shovel and asking people if they want you to shovel their driveway. It’s a fantastic way to make money fast. Expect $15-$20 or even more depending on how large their driveway is. It’s also common to get a free hot drink or snack, too.

7. Clean gutters and pools

Another crap job that many home owners dread doing is cleaning their gutters and pools. Listen, you just need to go house to house and tell people you are willing to do any type of house work (like cleaning gutters, pools, lawns, etc) for money. Tell them you will work hard and give them a price that is reasonable. People are inherently lazy and a certain percentage will jump for joy when they see you. You make money instantly. If time is on your side, then this is what I recommend you do.

8. Walk dogs

Yep, walking dogs for money is a thing. Check out rover.com to get the scoop.

9. Become a Mystery Shopper

A Mystery Shopper gets paid to go shopping. Sometimes you also get to keep the merchandise you bought as well. Companies pay a lot of money to see how their “customer service” and stores are performing. They hire professional shoppers to shop their stores and report on their experience. Jobs can pay $10 and up. An example of a mystery shop would be going to a cell phone store to buy a phone. You will judge the sales associate on certain criteria that you’ll be given. You fill it out and send it in. Done! To become a mystery shopper, you need to sign up with a mystery shopping agency. You can check out this link here to get more info.

10. Drive people around

If you own a vehicle and need money like yesterday, then why not use your car to make fast money. Sign up with Uber or Lyft and drive people places for cash. This taxi alternative is exploding all over North America and some people get rid of their cars all together and simply get people to drive them around now.

11. Set up a water stand

Go to a high traffic area and set up a stand where you can sell an item that would be highly in demand. Water is the best example I can think of, and it’s also the thing I see the most. For example, in Vegas, when it’s blazing hot outside and you’re walking outside, you don’t mind paying $1 or $2 for a bottle of water. Heck, Everything in Vegas is over priced, paying $2 for a bottle of water is a bargain. People will GLADLY pay that. Besides, they’re thirsty as hell. Another place you can do this is touristy places that people frequent, like a popular place on top of a mountain or after they come down from the mountain. People get thirsty and need water. Your profit from water is very large, considering the fact you can buy a bottle of water for around 10-15 cents.

12. Give tours of your city

One of my favourite things to do when I travel is to go on city tours. I want someone local to tell me about their city and give me recommendations on where to eat and what to do. If you live in a city where people love to visit, start giving tours of your city. The key thing to do is to give tours FOR FREE. And set the expectation at the beginning that you make all your money from tips. I can’t tell you how many “free walking tours” I’ve been on that has made the tour guide hundreds of dollars. If you get a group of like 20 or so people and they each give you $5 (which is on the low side from what I’ve seen), you’d make $100 per walking tour. Give a few of these per day and you’re laughing all the way to the bank. All you need is strong knowledge of your city and the ability to talk about it.

13. Cook for people

Did you know you could go to people’s homes to cook for them – and get paid? Well, you can! There are people who want professional chefs/cooks to come to their homes and cook for them once a week, or however often they like. If you have culinary skills and feel this is something you’d like to do, head over to www.kitchensurfing.com

14. Wash cars

There are a couple ways you can bank from washing cars. My favorite way is to go door to door and ask people if they want their car washed. You only need a few tools to wash cars too, so the start up cost is minimal. And on the plus side, you don’t have to spend any money on water – you’ll be using the home owners water. Washing a car should take you 20-30 minutes and you could make $5-$10 for the job. Sure, it sometimes is cheaper to wash a car at a gas station, but you’re at their door right now offering to wash their car. People like instant gratification. Your job is to hit up as many homes as possible, and a percentage of them will just say yes. The other way to wash cars is to start your own car wash job and lure people in with signs. This takes more effort so I don’t recommend this.

15. Wait tables or Bartend

I tried to stay away from actual jobs as I was creating this make money article, but I wanted to include this one because it’s a job you can get that will give you money immediately. You don’t even have to wait 2 weeks for your first pay check. The first day you work you’ll make tip money that you can use instantly. Also, if you work at a place that is busy enough, you can easily make $20 or more an hour. I used to wait tables and $20 was about my average. I worked at a restaurant that wasn’t very busy and food prices were very low. You can typically make more money in restaurants that have higher prices. Bartending is probably the best way to make a lot of money fast. I’ve talked to bartenders who make a minimum of $200 a night just in tips. On busy nights or event nights, $500-$1000. Can you say cha ching?

16. Clean homes

If all the above doesn’t really suit you, then consider cleaning homes for money. It’s an easy job to get and it pays okay for what you do. You can use websites like Craigslist to offer your services or hit up a cleaning website like www.homejoy.com.

17. Become a tutor

One of the most prestigious ways to make more money fast is to become a tutor. The MAIN THING you need as a tutor is a skill that is in demand. It can be literally anything. An instrument, sports, writing, speaking, working out, nutrition, dating, you name it. As long as you are able to translate this skill into knowledge for someone else, you are automatically a marketable asset. You can charge just about as much money as you want, as long as you can justify you’re worth the price. My ex gf is a piano teacher and students would come to her house and pay her $50 for a 1 hour lesson. She didn’t even have to change her clothes or do her make up. How amazing is that. You see, when you have a valuable skill, people will pay you to teach them. It’s as simple as that. Consider becoming a tutor or coach. A website like www.wyzant.com is a place where you can connect your skills with people who are searching for a tutor.

Make Money By Renting Stuff You Already Own

One of the most overlooked places to make money is by using the things you already own. What you don’t use or need anymore is someone else’s prize. As you read on, you’ll learn that you can rent more than just your home these days.

1. AirBnB

If you own your home and have an extra room or the entire house is “free”, then you can get some of the easiest money ever by renting it out. There are ton of ways to make money renting your home. A common way is to take out an ad in the papers or on an online website and list your room or house for rent. I really really like Airbnb, which is a website that helps visitors find homes in the area where they will be visiting. I have a friend who went to Costa Rica and rented a beach front home for her family for a week. It was only $75 per day I believe. If you would like to rent your home, consider listing it on a website like www.airbnb.com.

2. Rent parking

Renting parking won’t make you rich, but it’s a great way to get free money fast. If you live by an arena or anywhere that parking is very limited, offer parking your private parking spot for money. You can make roughly $5-$10 per car, and if you have a larger lot, you could make double or triple that.

3. Rent anything else

I think one place where literally nobody thinks about when they need money now is to rent stuff that they already own. It can be anything, from a mini oven to clothing. You already paid money for these things – why not get as much value as you can from them? Especially for things you no longer use or things that are dusting away in a closer or basement. Check out rentabilities.com to learn how to rent your stuff for easy money.

4. Rent your car

If you own a vehicle and you’re currently not using it, you can make good money renting it out to other people. Check out relayrides.com or getaround.com. People who rent vehicles from these websites pay $5 or more an hour, so expect to receive a percentage of that as compensation for renting out your vehicle.

If you need money now, then you need to check out this massive list of 91 ways to make money fast. You can make a few hundred dollars just today using some of these money making ideas. Check them out!

Get Money From Your Financial Assets

If you need money right now, then you can consider the following ways to retrieve money from assets you already own.

Here are 4 ways you can do just that:

1. Liquidate your life insurance policy (whole life)

If you own a Whole Life insurance policy, you can liquidate it and get money for it. You’ll want to take a hard look at the pro’s and con’s of doing that. If you’re really in a pinch for money and there is just no other viable option, consider doing this. You’ll want to contact your life insurance company to speak to them about how the process works.

2. Cash in a Certificate Deposit (CD) early

If you own any certificate deposits, you can cash them in early to get access to your money. You will pay a penalty for breaking your agreement. You may lose around 6 months worth of interest. But, if interest rates are low, the actual cost of cashing in your CD may be negligible.

3. Return any items that are returnable

Something people who need money right now often overlook is returning items they own. Whether it’s a recent gift or an item still in its box, you can often get money back for items even beyond their return policy. Many companies have a very relaxed return policy and are willing to take returns past their return date or without a receipt to keep you a happy customer. So check those closets and see what you can find!

4. Borrow money from your IRA

If you own any type of retirement account, you can sometimes borrow money from it or completely take the money out. You will pay penalties and be subject to taxes. These “fees” are typically very high and may really hurt you in the long run, depending on how much you take out and how badly you deplete your investment retirement funds. But, if there is simply no alternative and you need money now, then consider doing this. The good thing is that this money is already yours and you won’t have to pay any interest or potentially ruin your credit.

“Other” Ways To Earn Money Fast

The following are a list of ways to make money that don’t fall into any of the categories above.

1. Find loose change around the house

Feel like scavenging around for money? Check your clothing pockets (especially jeans), check your sofa, your home office, desk, the laundry room, your car, and your junk drawer. Heck, check anywhere that you could have spare change hidden. You never know what you may find.

2. Scavenge for glass bottles and aluminum cans

You might look like a bum (actually… you WILL), but going through garbage cans and dumpster diving will earn you quick cash. It all adds up. If you can handle the job and the social stigma of “being a bum”, then go for it. Plus, you’re making our environment cleaner.

3. Ask for a raise at work

Of all the things I listed here, asking for a raise at work is easily one of the quickest ways to make instant money. If your job isn’t overly structured and your immediate boss decides how much you get paid, why don’t you ask for a raise? You obviously need legitimate reasons to get a raise, and if you do, you better come up with a plan to get that raise. It’s instant money in your pocket that you deserve. It’s one of the fastest ways to make money that will benefit you today and long into the future.

4. Join focus groups

A focus group is a group of people who discuss a certain topic. Sometimes it’s a one time thing and sometimes it’s ongoing. Focus groups exist mostly for marketing purposes. Companies focus group members to discuss their product/service so they can understand what their ideal customers want. It ill help them make the best product possible. In exchange, they will pay you for your time. A few focus group websites include: www.focuspointeglobal.com and www.inspiredopinions.com.

5. Participate in medical research

Medical research companies and institutions always need to test whatever it is they are doing. If you don’t mind subjecting your body or mind to these types of things, you can earn money quickly with these gigs. It can be anything from testing out equipment or participating in a blind study. Some studies take months or even years, and some will take just an evening of your time. What you will be paid varies considerably depending on how much investment you need to make for the study. A great place to look for places to be a research participant is your University or College. You can also use these two websites to become a research participant: www.clinicaltrials.gov and www.clincialconnection.com

6. Get paid to participate in market research

Just like being a medical participant, you can also get paid to participate in market research. It’s pretty much the same thing, only as a market participant, you’ll be required to perform tasks related to marketing and sales. You’ll be mostly doing things like using and evaluating products. Expect to get paid anywhere from $20 – $1000 for your time. To learn more about making money as a market research participant, you can visit a market research company like www.conceptstesting.com

Risky But highly Lucrative Money Making Ideas

The following are ways to make an incredible amount of money really fast. Not surprisingly, the hight reward potential also comes with high amounts of risk. Be careful using any of these to make money.

1. Casino

Where fortunes are won and lost, families made and destroyed, casinos are a place of euphoria or shattered dreams. Be careful with how you spend your time here. If you get lucky, you can make a fortune. The odds are against you here, so don’t get carried away. But it is a way to make a lot of cash quickly.

2. Sports betting

Just like the casino, sports betting can net you a lot of money fast. And you get the money right away, too. Again, just be careful not to over extend yourself.

3. Become a stripper

Well, this is a list of ways to make money fast. Though I don’t promote this idea, it’s just that – an idea. Everyone has their own value and morals. Everyone has their own financial situation too. Good strippers make a lot of money. Let’s just leave it at that. It’s up to you if this is an avenue you want to explore.

4. Stock Trading

I’d say if you’re reading this right now and have never traded stocks before, then it’s absolutely risky for you. For a seasoned day trader, not so much. This isn’t a place I recommend starting off if your goal is to just get money fast. But, like everything else on this list, it is an option that you could take. Basically, stocks go up and down like the wind moves left and right. Fortunes are made and lost overnight – for the risky savvy investors. I recommend taking you time if you want to learn how to make money with stocks.

Get Free Money, Literally

1. Low income free money

If you quality as a low income family, you can get free money from a website like modestneeds.org.

2. Get free money for your bills

Though this isn’t a make money thing, you can get help paying your bills by visiting this website www.needhelppayingbills.com. If you qualify, you’ll get free money that will go towards your utilities.

3. Find out if the government owes you money

A bit of an odd way to get extra cash is to see if a state you used to live has unclaimed money you’re owed. Visit unclaimed.org to find out.


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