So you’re looking to make some extra money and need some ideas for income producing assets, right?

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve listed 15 of the best assets that generate income below.

Many of these assets are can be made truly passive as well – which means that once you set up/create your money making asset, you don’t have to touch it – and your asset will continue to make money while you sleep.

Build enough income generating assets and you won’t need to work at making money ever again!

It will generate money without you doing any more work. It’s a beauty.

But let’s get to the list.

15 Income Generating Assets That You Can Start Today

1. Build a Website

My favorite money making thing in the whole wide world is an online blog/website. See my beginners guide to making money blogging here.

The sky is the limit with an online property generating money. Did you know, websites and blogs can make $100,000+ a year? Don’t you find that mind blowing? I used to, until I started doing it myself. And I realized that a blog can truly make me enough money to never have to work a “real” job again. If you ever thought about starting some sort of online venture, get on it NOW!

There are many types of online revenue generating things you can produce. I mentioned a blog/website here. A blog is probably the easiest way to start generating money with your own online real estate. Your goal will be to choose a topic you can be seen as an expert on and help other people with something or make yourself useful in some way. And to make money, you’ll usually sell something or refer people to products/service where you will earn a commission.

You can also start a website selling products &services. For example, you can make home made crafts and sell them online. Or if you have a special skill, like mad piano skills, you could start a website and advertise tutoring classes to local pianists-to-be’s.

Another online asset you can get into is buying and holding domain names in the hopes they will increase in value over time. For example, if you knew in 20 years we could start taking vacations to Mars, then the domain would be worth a lot of money in 20 years. Today, it’s worth virtually nothing. It’s something you could buy and hold on to for now. You’d have to pay roughly $10/year as an upkeep fee to own this domain, but you would be able to turn around and sell it for (likely) tens of thousands later (note this is a made up example). It’s all speculative, but there’s BIG money in investing in domain names. It doesn’t generate you “income” today, so it’s not a true income producing asset in that sense.

To get an idea of how much money domain names fetch, here’s a list of the most expensive domain names ever sold (public sales). Yeah, $35 million for!

2. Invest In Real Estate

I fall into the group of people that consider a home a liability (opposite of asset!). Why? Because every month, you pay utility bills. You pay money to fill your home with furniture, you pay money to put in new roofs every 10 years and new carpet when the dog pisses everywhere. Not to mention your yearly home insurance and tax you must pay.

If you’re renting, it’s the same money sucking deal. You pay rent to someone else, making that person rich (he/she is a smart person btw).

But here’s the kicker.

When you own real estate for the purpose of RENTING it, that is, generating money from your property, THEN your properties become a money generating asset. Even if you are simply renting out the basement, or one of your bedrooms, you will be generating $500 or whatever you’re charging every month – and that’s how you begin to build wealth.

Here’s a list of average rental price for the 50 States. It ain’t cheap.

It’s not likely you’ll be able to own your own property while you’re fairly young. But the thing I really like about real estate investing is that it’s not a complicated thing. I think everyone can understand that when you have an extra room in your home, you can let other people use it for money. Maybe the technicalities of getting it set up and generating money may be a bit more difficult than asking the renter to hand over money at the beginning of every month, but I believe in you’re ability to figure it out :).

3. Invest In Stocks

Stocks is a true investment that generates income. Stock investing is an entire ball game on its own, and I won’t be able to explain it in very much detail here. But the gist of it is this: You believe a company will be successful and make profits in the near (or long term) future. So you’ll want to OWN a piece of their profits by buying shares in the company. And yes, when/if the company does profit, the value of your stocks goes up, and so does your net worth too.

Now, stocks by themselves aren’t true income producing assets. Because, technically, you don’t make ANY MONEY until you sell the stock (assuming you sell it at a higher price). If you invest in stocks that pay DIVIDENDS (payments from companies when they profit), then it is truly considered an asset that generates money. For example, I have some Apple stocks (AAPL), and a month ago, I was paid a small dividend from Apple (I don’t own much of their stock so I only get a small payout).

Stocks are really fun, can be really risky, and something I believe anyone serious in retiring early and generating wealth needs to get into.

4. Buy Bonds

Bonds, like stocks, are income producing assets that have been around for a very long time. Bonds are also true passive investments, because when you purchase a bond, you don’t have to monitor it, or decide when to buy/sell, or anything at all. It’s one of the safest investments you can hold. With bonds, you basically lend your money to a corporation (or government). They agree to take your money and pay you back your principle plus interest. Usually the interest is fairly small, however, because the risk is so low.

Bonds are good ideas if you hate risk and can’t tolerate losing money. Or if you need your money for something specific that is coming up somewhat soon, like money for school or retiring, then you would consider bonds.

5. Invest With Peer to Peer Lending

If you’ve got money sitting in your bank and you don’t know what to do with it, consider lending your money to other people to generate income. You won’t call your neighbors to ask if they need money, or pay for a small space in your local newspaper asking if anyone’s in need of cash. You’ll head over to a peer 2 peer lending website and check out the cool people there who need money. You can put up a few hundred dollars to many thousand dollars for borrowing. Other people will borrow it from you, pay it back, and you will earn interest while your money is away. Does 6%+ sound alright? It’s not bad, actually. If this is something that interests you, check out for a popular p2p network.

6. Invet In Mutual Funds

I think mutual funds makes a lot of sense for people who can’t keep up with this “investing” thing. The way mutual funds work is that once you pick a mutual fund, a professional fund manager will manage it for you. They will choose what types of investments (stocks, bonds, etc), how much of each, and whether to change it up when things go bad. It’s very hands off, so it’s a true passive investment. You can buy mutual funds yourself with a brokerage account, or visit your local bank to speak to a investment specialist.

Here is an amazing list of the 15 best assets that generate income. Click here to check them out!

7. Create An Online Business

In my mind, there’s really one thing that stands out tall among every other asset that generates income – and that’s your own business. With your own business, you call your own shots. You take all the risk, and all the profits. And I don’t have to tell you that business make millions of dollars. You may just want an extra $1000 a month or whatever, but it all starts with a small business that you grow into a massive generating income machine.

I talked earlier about blogging and owning your own website. That’s basically a business – and online one. You can create all types of business. Your own store. A kiosk in a mall. Your own restaurant.

I used to work in a restaurant and the owner set it up so he was generating income passively. I think he just signed checks and made a few phones calls every now and then. He hired a manger to run the entire restaurant, and she did a fine job hiring, firing, and making sure everyone got hot hash browns. At the end of the day, he kept all the profits. And it was substantial, seeing how he supported his entire family with it.

8. Create Something With Royalties

Royalties are paid to the creator every time the thing in question is used or played. A couple excellent examples are music and photographs.

For example, if you made a good song, every time it gets played on the radio station, you would be paid a certain amount of money. Or, if you sold your photographs online, you’d make money from people buying the photo, or if it’s a photo with royalty, you’d be paid every time it’s used.

The really nice thing about royalties is that once you do all the hard work creating your original piece of work, you’re finished with the work. Hopefully it’s good and you can get it out there. Cause once it is, people will discover it and use it, and you will be paid a certain amount for every instance of its use. Pretty cool passive income generator.

9. Create a Product

When you create your own products, your essentially creating your own business. Because business creates products/services that people want, and then people spend money for it. I created a separate section for this here because I think the word “business” scares the shit out of people.

One of the easiest ways to make money with “product creation” is to write an ebook that can be sold at places like Amazon. Everyone has knowledge about things, opinions about things, and expertise about stuff. If you’ve got a lot of knowledge or different angles at looking at stuff, or really anything that you feel other people would be interested in, then why not create a book for it. Once you’ve finished writing it, you’re work is done! It becomes a passive income stream after that – assuming it’s successful and people actually buy it.

You can still create a product and not get too businessy about it. For example, you could make hand crafted ornaments during Christmas and sell them to schools, local shops, or to your community. If you do this yearly, people get to know you and this becomes your little “money generating business”. Essentially, you’ve created yourself an asset that you can rely on every winter time for money.

10. Create an Application

iPhone and Android apps blew up around 5 years ago. I remember checking my iPhone and seeing the crappiest apps in the world. Then came Angry Birds, and IMO, I think that app really changed the game of mobile apps. We saw a game for your phone, which costed $.99, that people went nuts over. Hurling birds became the thing – everyone was doing it. I believe the app developers were making millions of dollars DAILY. Yeah…. crazy, hey.

While you don’t need to create a million dollar game, you can create an app that helps people in some way. The app market is pretty saturated, but if you’ve got something unique that is missing in the app world, creating it could help you make a ton of passive income.

You don’t need any expertise is making apps, btw. You simply need to have a really good handle of what you want this app to be like. Then you hire an app developer to create the app for you. You’ll spend some money doing this, but the return could be astronomical – especially if your app ever gets popular.

11. Buy Things To Rent

I was on a job site and a lift costed an electrical company $700 a week to rent. Holy bananas! It got me thinking about all the things I could buy and rent for money. Some things that came to mind were tools, textbooks, bikes, furniture, a truck, and electronics. I think listing it on a website like Craigslist could work.

I think the best way to really turn renting into a true asset that produces income is to create a business where you rent something specific that people always need. Car rental companies come to mind. Or Suit/dress rentals. These items now become income generating assets.

12. Credit Cards aka plastic beauties

Whoah, credit cards? Hell yes. Let me tell you this. I’ve gotten free trips to many places around the world with my premium travel credit card. While I could opt for a rewards credit card that gives me money back, or groceries, I prefer to take my rewards in the form of free airfare. Just this past January, I booked a trip to Las Vegas with my Visa Infinite. Flight and hotel baby.

I save over a thousand dollars every year with a premium credit card. It doesn’t “make me money”, so a credit card really isn’t a income generator. But I just include it here because it’s an asset in that it gives me points (instead of cash) that I use towards my yearly flights and hotels around the world.

13. Purchase Certificate of Deposits (CD’s)

Not sexy, but super safe and predictable. Completely passive, and yes, it’s a true asset that creates income. You’ll get a fixed rate of return (interest) for the money you put in. CD’s last a month to 5 years. CD’s aren’t going to make you rich. But it has its purpose. If you are super paranoid about losing money, are going to retire soon, or need the money in the near future for any reason, then CD’s can be a way to earn a little bit of interest – rather than having your money sit in a bank account making pennies in interest.

14. Buy an Annuity

A smart way to take care of yourself when you retire is to purchase an annuity. An annuity is when you put money aside today and later on, like when you retire, the financial institution where you purchased your annuity will pay you back your money (plus the growth over the years). So, it’s an asset that will give back to you later on in life. There are different types of annuities and how they work has changed a bit over time since when they were introduced, but this is the basics of it.

Consider purchasing an annuity as a way to secure your finances during retirement and to diversify your income streams.

15. Make Money On Youtube

Youtube is currently the 3rd most visited website in the world. Google owns Youtube, and you have the choice to put ads on any video you upload. If you have some one of those personalities that people love to watch and listen to (good or bad lol), or you have certain skills or knowledge that many people would find useful, consider making Youtube videos.

The ads on your videos may get a few cents to a few dollars per click. It depends on a few factors like the topic you are talking about and how often your videos get clicks. But basically, your videos become assets that will make your money while you sleep.

Consider this: PewDieDie made 7.4 million dollars playing video games and uploading them to youtube – with his reactions and all. Yeah that’s a lot of clicks on ads! You can read more about that here.


Is there any other income generating assets that you want to share? let me know in the comment section below! I’ll include it in my list.