Sometimes the word investing brings up grand images of wealthy individuals making piles and piles of money. But it doesn’t have to be just for those with vast sums to put in, we all should be looking to save and invest for the future and we’ve seen that it doesn’t take much to start with. So for the uninitiated it can be daunting to try and choose where and how to invest your money. You may have heard of peer

Investing in Property

The first thing I expect to hear when I suggest investment in property is woah, no way I’ll be able to afford that! But there is an alternative option to buying a property outright yourself, and this is by buying in to property projects jointly. There is a way to do this in even a small way, have you heard of peer to peer lending? Well, it turn out that you can open an account with an organisation such as Crowd Property who will take your investment and lend it to property professionals to use, this gives you a return on your investment as it’s repaid.

Shares Investment

When talking about investing online there is no need to neglect the traditional ways of investing as they too are easily managed online. You can open regular bank accounts and every major bank has online banking available, usually through the website and also banking apps. You can also have a portfolio of shares managed for you online as well.


Currency has long been a way of investing, as economies grow and contract (in bad situations) and you can buy and sell, basically betting on which will do well. This is also true of cryptocurrencies, which are new online-only currencies, not only can you make money trading but you can easily make money by selling these currencies as a bitcoin affiliate.

Start Your Own Online Business

As well as investing your money for it to grow online then why not consider something that you are a little more actively involved in, namely running your own online business. There are so many options here it would be almost impossible to list them all, but there are a few proven business models we can look at here. Blogging is a hugely popular way of making money these days, if you can find a subject you are knowledgeable on and can write engaging content on, then there is money to be made, through advertising and even promoting products or services through your writing. There are more classic business models as well such as online retail or offering services or tutoring online.

Ethical Investments

I’ve left a little room to talk about investing ethically, as one thing that often is overlooked is what is being done with your money in more classic forms of investing as you have no control over this once you put your money in. This is why certain organizations will offer investments that stick to particular codes of ethical investment conduct. The one downside is that returns aren’t always as great as with mainstream investing.