A letter of intent is a document that declares the intentions of the writer. It is a formal document that will be submitted to an organization, business, another person, etc.

You can use a letter of intent form for just about any reason. A few common reasons why people create and submit letters of intent are to declare that they would like to purchase something, declare they would like to go to grad school, or declare their motivations or actions for anything.

Most businesses and companies will want something more formal than simply stating you would like to do something by simply words, which is why letter of intents are created and used.

Below, I want to show you some great places to get letter of intent examples. Many of these are templates that are downloadable, editable, and printable. You can customize it however you like, and the structure is all there for you. All you need to do is modify for your own needs. Check them out below.

5 Great Places To Get Letter Of Intent Sample or Template

1. Tidyforms Letter of Intent Templates

TidyForms has a few basic letter of intent forms you can use here. I like them because they are simple and easy to use and understand, and you can use them for various proposals. Though the wording may be referencing a specific type of intent, you can always modify the subject and make it suit your own needs.

Sample Letter Of Intent Forms

2. Vertex42 Templates of Letter of Intent

Vertex42 is a phenomenal place to get any type of forms and templates. They have two really nice letter of intent samples you can download and use. They are a sample letter of intent to purchase and a letter of intent to accept scholarship.

If you have a look at them, you will see that the structure of the letters of intent are basically the same in both. Actually, if you look around, letters of intents are pretty basic and once you see it you could easily create your own because it isn’t complicated.

But you can skip a bit of work and download one of these templates and then edit the wording so it makes sense for what you need. These letter of intents by Vertex42 will come in Word format. If you have Apple pages then you will still be able to download and edit it using the Apple pages application on your Mac.

Sample letter of intent forms

3. FormSwift Letter of Intent Creator

FormSwift is a place to create documents and forms with their built in form builder. It’s not like the first two template websites I mention because this website is where you will want to type in your own information that you need and the form at FormSwift will generate the proper document for you.

So in this instance, you will enter in information like your name and address, and personal information about who you are addressing, and a few details about the type of intent you are trying to do, and FormSwift will create a form for you.

Once your sample letter of intent form is generated you will be able to download it and print it and send it off to whoever you need it sent to. It’s a pretty good place to create a letter of intent if you are the type to want to just fill out a form online and have it auto generate. Also, if you don’t have Microsoft Word or you can’t get to your own computer to quickly create a document like this, then FormSwift is a good idea for you.

Letter Of Intent Form by FormSwift

4. Letter Of Intent For Graduate School

If you are looking to apply for grad school, this website has a letter of intent sample specific for grad school. They have created a sample letter of intent for grad school that you can just copy directly from and reword it to make it your own and not look like you copied it from someone.

They also have a few nice quick guidelines on how to write a letter of intent so that could be super useful for you as you create your own.

You can check out that here

5. Contract Letter Of Intent Examples

If you are looking for a lot of example letter of intents, and especially if they are contractually in nature, then you will want to check out this website. It has dozens of letter of intents to go through. It can really help you get a good grasp on what a letter of intent should look like and how a letter of intent should be written.

I highly recommend it. They are professional and you should be able to get everything you need from it.

See the letter of intent samples here