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Are you looking for hobby ideas that make money?

I’ve created a list of hobbies for women that are specifically geared towards making money.

I don’t think there is anything better than making money while doing something you love!

You can almost make money with any hobby. The hard part is figuring out a way to turn that hobby into a revenue stream to add to your life.

I’m going to share with you a list of hobbies that can be used to make money. These hobby ideas are focused on “making money” more so than just any old hobby.

List Of Money Making Hobbies For Women

18. Earn Quick Cash With Paid Surveys

If you’re someone who likes to give your opinion on thing, then filling out surveys is a great way to make money quickly.

Survey companies pay you money for your opinion – because your opinion helps them make better products and services.

After signing up for a few survey companies, you’ll get access to paid surveys. You get paid after you complete the surveys. Some take a few minutes and others are longer, and the price you’re paid per survey can range from $1 to $50.

I recommend singing up for several companies to get access to the most surveys possible.

Here are a few high paying and high quality survey companies:

1. Start a website about your hobby topic

You already have things you LOVE to do already. There is a high probability you can create a website about that topic and make money from it.

How is this possible? Well, it’s almost a given that people are interested in learning MORE about the things you love already. You could love eating healthy, going for walks, teaching your dog how to behave, or taking care of your parents.

The things I listed above are just a few things that MANY people want to get better at, and they will search online to learn how to become better at these things.

Because these are things you already do and have good knowledge in – turn it into a money making opportunity by creating a website that helps people be better at these things.

For example, if you already go to the gym and know how to work out, you have a lot of knowledge other women want to know because they want to be healthy and fit like you. A blog about fitness is the PERFECT hobby for you to make money with.

With your blog, you can talk about what you eat, how you exercise, and how you manage time for example. And to make money, you can recommend fitness products like yoga mats or workout clothing, or nutritional products like supplements and shakes – or recommend healthy cookbooks and weight loss books.

Blogging is the BEST way to turn anything you love into a money making opportunity. I wrote a good blog post about how to start a blog that you can check out here if you’re interested in learning more.

2. Write an ebook about anything

There are books about every topic imaginable – but you already know this!

They are written because people are interested in learning more about stuff. So if you have knowledge about something – and it could be literally anything – then writing a book about it could make you good money.

I love ebooks because it’s MUCH easier to get published and get your work out there – whereas a traditional hard copy book sold in bookstores has way more barriers to get published.

You could write a book for Amazon Kindle for example, or write a book to publish that you will promote yourself on your website.

People love buying books. A simple $17 book on juicing could make you hundreds or thousands of dollars every month. There are TONS of people who want to learn how to juice. It’s really a matter of writing a great book and then getting the book out in front of people who are interested in it.

One of the best things about book writing is that once you’ve written it, you don’t have to do any more work. If it’s a good book that gets popular – people will be buying it for years and years down the road – making you passive income.

And again, you can write a book on any topic you’re already an expert on – or have enough knowledge that other people could find useful.

Here’s an ebook on how to write an ebook!

3. Create a course on something you’re an expert on

If you’re at a pretty good level of knowledge on a particular hobby or topic – you should consider creating a course on it.

As long as your hobby is something people want to get better at or learn more about – you can absolutely make money with it.

A course could be a guide on a topic or a video course or both. An example would be a beginners golf course that teaches golfers how to swing a club, or a nail art course that teaches people how to take care of and paint nails.

There are popular websites where people go to buy courses like Udemy and SkillShare. You can create a course for them.

Or you can start your own website and create a course to sell on your own – which will make you more profit per sale. A lot of people do this. They start a website on a subject they love, and then create a product that helps people learn more about the topic.

For example, if you’re into beauty – you can create a website about beauty products. And let’s say you’re into natural beauty products. You can create a course that teaches people how to create their own organic soaps, deodorant, and hair products for example.

4. Drive for Uber

If you’re a fan of driving and meeting people, Uber is a pretty fun way to do both of these things and get paid.

I always like chatting up my Uber drivers and I’ve always found that they are just regular people like you and me that are just making extra money with Uber. Most people I met do it part time to make money – however you can go full time.

Uber drivers make good money during peak times when a lot of people need a ride. I think the income is overall fairly livable from the conversations I’ve had with drivers. It will vary with city to city – but Uber drivers tell me they make hundreds of dollars per day take home.

Learn more about driving with Uber here.

5. Turn photography into a business

One of my biggest passions is photography. There is a HUGE income potential with photography. If you are a person who likes taking photos, I think it’s a no brainer to get serious with this hobby.

With photography, you can make money by creating your own photography course. There are so many different types of photography as well – which you can create courses for too. For example, food photography, mobile photography, street photography, travel photography, etc.

You can also make money by selling your photos to stock websites which can pay you royalties every time your photos is downloaded.

Or of course, there’s the traditional job of wedding photography, event photography, and just photoshoots. These jobs can pay $40+ dollars an hour.

If photography is a hobby you’re already doing – really think about getting serious with it. There are ways to make good money with it because it’s such a popular thing to do that people want to get better at.

Whether you create your own website to teach photography, create photography courses for learning websites like, or work jobs like weddings and photoshoots, you’ll be turning your hobby into a money making opportunity! And that rocks!

You can check out this photography jobs online opportunity here.

6. Learn to create and edit videos

Video is in huge demand. Websites, businesses, and regular people like you and me need videos done for various reasons. And they pay big money for it too – because it isn’t the easiest task to take great video and then edit it together in a cohesive end product.

If you’re a fan of capturing moments or producing visual things – then video creating and editing is something you could really love doing for money.

7. Create graphics and logos

If you’re a creative person and like things related to design, learning to create logos and graphics for websites and businesses is a hell of a skill to have.

Business and website owners need to stand out and be unique. Part of producing great content requires visual graphics that help explain the content and stand out. You can make these graphics for people and businesses.

These graphics pay good money too. You can freelance your work and do piece work at a time or be hired to do work long term. The main thing is to be good at what you do and then get your work out there.

I know even with this website, I need graphics and pictures to make it nice and stand out. This all costs a lot of money!! Again, if you’re really into design, like any type of design, you can design a lot of different types of logos and graphics for businesses!

8. Teach a language online

Online teaching is huge!! I love the idea of language teaching because it’s just so damn easy to do since you already know the language. And I think it’s pretty damn fun teaching people from around the world. It’s awesome how the internet lets us do that. A place to teach online is

9. Travel the world by maximizing credit card rewards

There is a whole industry of maximize credit card rewards. Basically, credit card companies pay you a lot of freebies in order to encourage you to sign up for their credit cards.

And because there are so many credit cards out there you can sign up for, you can learn to hack it by maximizing the way you use the rewards.

For example, a certain credit card will pay you 4x for gas and another credit card will pay you 4x for groceries. You want to use each card strategically to maximize rewards.

And credit cards have massive sign up bonuses too. Some will give you enough points for a free flight or vacation just for singing up. That’s pretty crazy if you think about it. People learn how to maximize these sign up points and bonuses to get free travel while spending the least amount of money possible.

Again, there’s a whole industry in learning how to get free stuff with reward credit cards. It’s pretty spectacular actually. People have turned reward credit card maximizing into their full time hobby. Here is a beginners guide on how to do that.

Check out these money making hobbies for women. It's a great list of hobbies that generate income.

10. Design websites

A web designer is invaluable to business owners and website owners. We want our websites to look great but don’t know how to do that. So we hire a designer.

I have to say – I wish I went to school for web design or something similar. It’s such an incredibly useful skill. I pay $50 or so just to get someone to change something simple on my site that took them 10 minutes.

The really cool thing about web design is that you can learn everything yourself without going to school. People don’t care if you have a design degree or not. They only care if you can do the job right and do it well.

So, if you’re into designing things – think about starting up in web design.

11. Make crafts to sell on Etsy

Etsy is a pretty damn cool place to buy unique crafts and hand made items. It’s the most popular online market place for this.

If you love making hand crafted goods – and they can be anything – from a necklace to wooden spoons, you can potentially make a lot of money by selling them on

12. Garden like a pro and sell your produce

Gardening is an extremely popular things to do for a lot of women. We are moving more and more towards healthier lifestyles which include eating organic foods and more foods that are real.

I would say the demand for farmers markets products will only sky rocket in the future. If you love to garden, then think about going bigger with it. Look into setting up a weekly farmers market gig to make money.

13. Create videos you love on Youtube

I love Youtube because you can create a video on any topic and it could get millions of views. As long as your video is entertaining or useful in some way – you can make money with it.

Youtube uses ads as you already know. Did you know that the owner of the video gets paid money every time the ad is clicked or viewed? So obviously the more views your video gets the more money you will make with Youtube.

You can also direct people to a website in the description box of your Youtube video. You’ve probably seen this already. You can send people directly to a website where they can buy something which will make you a commission, or send them to your website if you have one that can sell something too.

Either way, tons of people use Youtube to get information they need – and as long as you can get your vidoes popular and out there, you can make good money on it.

I love that you can make videos on any topic that you love and make money. Again, as long as it’s a subject that people want to learn about or even if it’s a dumb video that has entertainment value – people will watch it and people will click on ads that make you money.

14. Flip things for money

Flipping items for money is a great way to learn business. If you are someone who enjoys looking for things to buy and sell, or likes to treasure hunt, or enjoys visiting flea markets, or just enjoys making money – then flipping things is a good hobby to get into.

You can flip just about anything – which makes it awesome. It could be a big thing like a house or small things like old records. The idea is to buy things for a low price and then sell at a higher price.

You can buy things and sell things everywhere – in real life or online. If I had more time to do stuff l would certainly get into flipping. I used to collect hockey cards and man it was fun trading with people to make a profit.

15. Sing at events like weddings

If you have a signing voice then I’m pretty sure you enjoy singing – cause you don’t get a good singing voice out of nowhere.

Why not turn that voice into money! Look, people need bands or singers for a lot of reasons. The main one that sticks out to me are wedding singers. Every wedding needs entertainment and wedding singers make a huge different in the overall enjoyment.

If you like the idea of singing and you’re a beginner or want to get better, check out this course on how to sing better here.

16. Become Instagram famous

Did you know people are making several hundred dollars for just posting one photo for a company? The big shots are making thousands of dollars for posting a photo.

Basically, how Instagram works is that you build a following of people who like the content you put on there. Companies and brands want to get their products advertised so they partner with you to do that. And they will pay you money for it too of course.

For example, a water company could pay you $300 for posting a photo of you holding their bottle of water. That’s really it!!!

The main thing is that you need to build an audience of people who are interested in you or the topic you post photos about. Not every Instagrammer shows their face so you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

A travel photographer could just post photos of places they’ve gone. As long as this travel photographer has a following, travel companies will be interested in working with him/her because they can promote their business by getting the Instagrammer to share a photo of their tour for example.

Instagram takes time to build – but it’s an incredibly fun way to make money sharing photos of things you love.

17. Become a bad ass investor

I think investing is one of the funnest hobbies to have. I know it sounds dry and boring – but making money is no way in hell boring. And that’s what investing is all about – making money.

There are a ton of things you can invest in. You can invest in traditional things like stocks and bonds, but antiques, real estate, collectibles, or anything that has value is a great way to build your net worth.

I think everyone should learn how to invest money as part of being a financially responsible human being. I think stock investing is really really fun. I think people think it’s this thing only for experts to do… but I don’t think so.

First of all, you need to take care of your own money – and as you save money over time, you’re going to need to do something with it. Leaving it in a savings account makes you no interest. You need an investment vehicle that will pay you better.

Stocks are cool because you get to gamble a little and it’s a bit thrilling predicting which companies will rise or fall. You’ll want to learn how to do it properly and learn how to manage your risk of course. But again, a super cool hobby to have!

Have any hobby ides for women you want to add?

I’d love to hear from you. Hit me up in the comment section below!