If you’re looking for a tip or two on saving money, I’ve got you well covered.

Here are 9 saving money blogs that specialize in content specifically about stretching your dollar.

They are hand picked by me so you know they’re good.

Check them out below.

learn how to save money like Anna1. And Then We Saved

Anna paid of $24,000 in debt in 15 months so she knows what she’s talking about. Her blog focuses on living debt free and spending money wisely. She also an advocate of being happy with what you have and getting the most out of what you already have. Anna’s “cool thing” is her Spending Fast, which is a diet for your spending. Think of it as spending on only the necessities.


blogs about saving money2. Creative Savings Blog

Kalyn’s creative savings blog is one of my favorite blogs on the topic because she covers a just about everything your typical person will go through in life, like traveling, cooking, home improvement, eating, and working. She loves writing about tips on how to do this and do that and helps you save money. Her little tips and tricks to help you get a little more out of your money and time is what makes her money saving blog special.


Hi there I'm Ruth and I save money!3. Living Well Spending Less

Ruth’s blog is kind of like a productivity blog mixed with personal development and finance. Her content is focused on topics to help you get more out of life. her core content revolves around food, home, money, and life. Pretty much the most important stuff we all care about. Her blog receives over a million monthly visitors so she’s definitely one to follow.


family money saving blog4. Less 2 More

Ai (pronounced “eye”) blog focuses heavily on family, relationships, home upkeep, and time. And of course, money. Her money stretching section of her blog is filled with useful information on getting the most out of your dollar. Her blog is focused on simplicity and living with a purpose, while doing it with less income.



frugal blog about saving money5. Thrifty Little Mom

Thrifty Little Mom is a fun mommy blog about getting the most out of your finances for your family and home. Kim’s blog features a lot of content about frugal living and being thrifty. She’s very intent on helping others live a lifestyle that makes the most out of their income, no matter how much it is.


6. Bill Cutterz

Bill Cutterz big thing is negotiating your bills for you. Their tag line is “expert negotiator” after all. But besides that, this blog is an amazing place to learn how to save money. He features content on just about everything that relates to money saving, from getting fit on a budget to saving money for college.


best blogs about saving money7. Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom is a blog run by Crystal. She’s pretty much the queen of mommy blogs when it comes to finance and saving money. Her blog focuses on frugal living and making the most out of your money. But mostly, her blog features coupons and deals on the regular.


8. Poor Student

Poor Student is a blog about student finances, as you may have already guessed. It is a nice little blog from a students perspective on how to save and spend money while you’re in school.


money saving websites 9 Everyone Loves Couponing

Everyone Loves Couponing is massive blog about, you guessed it, couponing! It is run by Alea who posts coupon deals almost every day. She has a nice section for beginner couponers to help you learn how to coupon.



10. Coupons Are My Currency

Coupons are my currency is another coupon blog that posts amazing deals every day. It is managed by Katie. She likes to post deals on just about anything. A dollar here, a couple dollars there, and you’re looking at saving a lot of money in the long run. Check out her blog.


One of the best saving money blogs11. Cash Cow Couple

Cash Cow Couple is a personal finance blog run by Jacob and Vanessa. They focus on all types of content related to finances, like investing, retirement, and getting out of debt. Though they aren’t really considered a saving money blog, I wanted to include them here because I like them a lot – and they do have good articles on saving money 🙂



Here are 11 blogs all about saving money. They are run by gorgeous people who are filled with personality and full of money saving wisdom. Please check them out!

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