When you start a blog you pretty much just get started and then see how it goes. It seems like a simple process of picking a topic, doing research and then writing about it. While just about everybody knows there’s more to blogging than just that, there are some things that don’t become apparent until well after you’ve started.

There are some technical aspects and some practical that should be taken care of that are not the most exciting parts of blogging. This is just the way it is and when you take care of these foundational things you have a much better chance at your blog becoming an actual business.

If you are serious about making money as a blog then you should take care of these things right as you get started to avoid problems further down the road.

1 – Get an accountant

Can you imagine starting a business like a restaurant and not having an accountant? Even a small kiosk in a mall type of business requires having somebody do your books so that you are always on the right side of the tax laws.

You may wonder why you would need an accountant before you start making money. Well, the main reasons are so that your business is structured properly and also so that you are able to know what expenses can be deducted from your taxes.

It won’t cost as much as you think in the beginning as there won’t be a lot of work for them to do but what you do pay will help you out later so you don’t pay more than you should in taxes. The first year that you are running your blog you will likely be in the red so you are actually losing money. The right accountant will make sure you get some money back.

You can find the right accountant by using Vetted Accountants to search for one that has experience with online businesses and has a reputation that you can see before you hire.

2 – Hire a lawyer

There was a case a few years back about a blogger who was writing about mattresses. After dropping one of the mattress manufacturers from their top ten list, they got sued by them for damaging their business.

This was a lengthy court battle that cost a lot in lawyer fees. And it could have been avoided if the blogger had had a lawyer on their side from the very beginning. This is a warning that not everything is so cut and dry in the online business world and you really should have a lawyer that can take a look at your business as you set things up.

They can give you a roadmap of what to avoid and what to make sure you are doing as you grow your blogging business.

3 – Go with good hosting

You shouldn’t go too cheap on your hosting to save money from the beginning as it could expose your site to malware attacks or other hackers. Make sure to have a good host that focuses on the security of your site.

It should have very little downtime, as well. This way your site is always available for your visitors and you don’t lose money.