If you’re looking for a good pay stub template to use for your business payroll needs, you have come to the right place. I’ve gathered the best check stub templates around the internet for you so you don’t have to go around looking for them yourself.

Most of these templates will be free and some of them you can pay a little bit of money for a premium template. Of course, that decision will be up to you and your business needs.

With these templates, you can of course customize them as much as you’d like. Or if you find the perfect one you can use it as is. The majority of the templates will be in some sort of Microsoft format, and usually be downloadable in Word format or PDF format, and also Excel format.

It’s super easy to get going with these check templates so I hope you find what you’re looking for here. Here’s the list of employee pay stub templates.

Pay Stub Template Word, PDF, Excel & More

1. TidyForms Pay Stub Template

TidyForms has excellent forms and templates for all kinds of things, and they have a couple excellent basic free check stub templates to choose from. They aren’t fancy in any way, they are just meant to get the job done. You will be able to download them in Microsoft Excel format and edit them and print as you wish.

TidyForms pay stub template

2. Template.net Variety Of Pay Stub Templates

If you are looking for a unique pay stub template or a more specific type of pay stub, then you should start with template.net’s templates. They have 21+ templates to choose from and they are all very unique and specific to a certain type of pay stub.

You can have a browse through and see if there is a particular one that fits you best. Remember that these are templates that can be edited in just about every way so don’t be afraid if you find one that is close to what you want but isn’t exactly what you need. You can change it up to suit your needs. Get a staff member or you can even get someone on the internet to edit it for you for a low cost if you don’t know how.

Get the templates here

3. Sample Check Stub Templates

The templates here are much like template.net’s templates in that there is a large variety of templates to choose from, and they are fairly specific and unique in variety.

Again, they are all downloadable for free and you will be able to edit them in Microsoft Office products. Just to let you know, if you download something in say PDF format, you can convert it to Microsoft Word easily with a converter. Just Google it up.

Sample check stub templates

4. Form Swift Check Stub Maker

Form Swift is a professional pay stub maker that will create you a very nice looking pay stub in minutes. Likely one of the best pay stub generator on the market, and I highly recommend using it if you are looking to generate a form rather than download a template to fill in on your own.

All you need to do is fill in the  blanks basically and it will generate a pay stub form at the end for your to download and print. Easy peasy!

Check it out here

5. Stub Samples Pay Stubs

If you are looking for a professional pay stub for your business then Stub Samples is a good place to begin your search. One things where they really separate themselves from everyone else is that they separate their pay stubs by State. Once you check out their website you’ll see what I’m talking about.

For example, if your business was in Florida and you wanted to make a pay stub that worked in Florida then you would just click on the Florida pay stub link and get a more targeted pay stub for your business.

This service is a paid service and costs money. Prices aren’t too bad. If you want a more premium payroll tool then this could be right for you.

Stub Samples check stubs for employees

6. pdffiller Check Stub Maker

Here is another nice little check stub maker / pay stub maker. It’s a simple form that you fill out on their website and it will generate you a pay stub that you can use for whatever your needs are. There is only 1 form and you can’t edit and customize the look of it, but I feel it looks great so hopefully you won’t need to change anything about it.

pdf check stub maker

7. Blank Pay Stub Template

If you are looking for a blank pay stub template that just has blank fields to fill in without anything else then this template here is pretty good. It’s a simple form that will ask you to fill in a variety of important information that needs to be on a pay stub.

The form itself is downloadable and printable. You could even fill things out by hand if you needed to for whatever reason. This template is brought to you by Wikidownload.

Blank check stub template

8. Pay Stub Template Generator

If you are looking to make your own pay stub then you can use this pay stub maker. Basically, if you are looking to create a fake pay stub then this form will help you do just that. Or you can use it to make a pay stuff for whatever reason it doesn’t need to be for fake reasons.

This pay stub generator form will ask for your basic information about you and your employer and it will generate a pay stub form for you to print and use however you like.

Fake pay stub form / template maker