If you’re planning to start a niche website or you are creating a blog post that focuses on affiliate commissions, selecting a product to promote needs to come before anything else.

Why does selecting a product to promote matter?

Because you need to know HOW you will be making money.

Once you have that product in mind, you can base all your content and marketing efforts based on that product.

It makes sense, and I’ll get into how it works in more detail below.

Heres how most people approach affiliate marketing…

Most people write a blog post about a topic and then find a product that can work.

This is not efficient.

First of all, you may not even find a product that fits well.

You may not find a product that fits at all.

Really, you’re basically opening a store first, and then figuring out what kinds of products to stock in your store. That’s just a weird thing to do if you think about it that way.

Instead, what people actually do is they come up with a product or products that they think will sell well. Then they build a store that fits the product. So the blog post is kind of like the store. It is built AFTER the product has been selected.

You need to know how you’ll make money

Another big mistake new affiliate marketers make all the time is that they don’t know where their income will come from when they begin blogging.

They write a lot of content, some of it is sometimes masterful stuff too, and then they’re not sure how to make money from it.

It’s a lot of time wasted.

What you need to do first is figure out who you want to help in this world. And then find products and services that they actually need.

Once you have those two things, you can then begin writing amazing blog posts for these people.

These blog posts will be amazing because you know the product you will be sharing with them, and you can now better tailor your  blog post to express your message better in a more convincing fashion.

Here’s an example of affiliate marketing done right

For example, suppose you want to promote a Paleo diet cookbook to 40 year old women.

Well, first of all, you already know the demographic of people you want to help, so it makes it so much easier to craft a message that only speaks to these types of people.

With a more tailored message, you’ll come across more genuine and trustworthy. This alone will help increase your chances of selling this cookbook.

With the product already selected (cookbook), you can specifically talk about how cooking low carb meals will help people aged 40 or so slim down and get more energy and be overall healthier.

You’d tailor your blog post to the health benefits of paleo, specific to 40 year olds.

And the BIG thing you’ll also be able to do is hint at how you need good recipes to help you master the paleo diet. Because you know you will be promoting a cookbook, you will be able to talk about recipes more specifically now.

Selecting the product first also tells you how much money you can make

Estimating affiliate income is a little hard because you’ll never know how many sales you will make.

Only experience will tell you how much money you could make approximately, but you always never know until your campaign goes live and it runs for awhile.

But at least if you have a product that earns you $40 for every sale, then you can get an idea of how many sales you need to hit your goal or get a rough idea of how much money you’ll be making if you sell like 5 products a day.

It helps you decide if writing this blog post is worth your time, and if spending your time promoting it is worth the effort.

For example, if you were planning to write a 6000 word article about this amazing hair brush you use and adore, and you were going to write everything about it that is awesome, including amazing pictures and a video, you’d want a great return on this blog post.

I mean, that could take you several days to complete this masterpiece.

But if this hair brush only made you a few dollars per sale, you’d need to sell a lot of brushes to make it worth while.

So when you have the affiliate product in mind already, it makes it a lot easier to decide if you should give the green light to promote this product or not.

In the affiliate marketing world, it’s like you need to pick your spots. You need to figure out how much traffic you’re going to get to a blog post, how well this could convert, and ultimate how many sales you could make before you decide to promote a product or not.

This always starts with the product in mind first.

If you are planning to write blog posts that contain affiliate links, don’t write another blog post again until you know which affiliate products you want to promote.

Go do some research first and figure out what you want to promote first.

Then decide how to build a blog post around that product.

Conversions will be higher.

Your message will be clearer.

You’ll be more persuasive.

Ultimately, you’ll make more money. And we all like that!

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