Using promissory notes is a smart decision to make when you want to lend money to your friends or families. It makes sense to use these types of forms to protect yourself in case the borrower does not pay back the loan or does not pay it back fully.

Also, sometimes things get a little muddy and people forget how much money they borrowed or what the interest rate was, or what day they were supposed to repay the entire loan back. Having a legal document like a promissory note will help clear up any ambiguities that could arise.

I wouldn’t be be fearful for presenting a friend or family member with a promissory note. I think some people may feel this may make you seem untrusting or perhaps a bit anal, but let’s get real. You are lending your money to someone and you need to protect yourself. Things change. People change. And you don’t want to get stuck in a situation where you lose a significant amount of money. Let your friend or family member know that you just want to keep things official for your own records.

The nice thing about promissory notes is that they can be as simple as you like, or you can make them as complicated as you want with added terms and conditions. I think words like a loan agreement template scares people, but it’s really just a simple agreement form that lays out the agreement between two parties on the terms and conditions of a loan.

It’s a little difficult to draft a promissory note from scratch, and why would you want to anyways, you’re probably not a lawyer or have experience with these types of written documents.

Today, I want to share with you 9 free personal loan promissory note templates that you can use for lending money to friends and family. The ones I’m sharing with you are mixed in complexity. Some are ridiculously short and simple, and some require a bit of thinking and decision making when filling them out. Also, some of these templates are print and fill out by hand, and some of them are fill out on a computer where a form is generated, and then you would take the form to the borrower to get signed.

Along with that, there are different types of promissory notes you can download. That probably shouldn’t be too surprising since lending money can come with many terms and conditions, even if it’s simply to a friend or family member.

For example, you could choose to use a secured promissory note template, or a standard unsecured promissory note template. Or perhaps you want to lend money with a balloon payment at the end or you want to charge interest, or you would like to give the borrower the option to pre-pay the loan at any time.

Regardless of the specific type of note you’re searching for, they are all personal loan promissory notes. If you are looking for business promissory notes or mortgage promissory notes, you’ll have to search around for them.

Anyhow, All of these templates are available to download for free using the links below.


Get free promissory note forms for lending your personal money to a friend or family. Protect yourself with these free legal documents! Click here to learn more.

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10 Free Promissory Note Templates And Forms

1. Law Depot personal promissory note form

The Law Depot people have an excellent promissory note template free for use. It’s a computer generated form where you click off various circles to address the terms of the note agreement, and the computer will generate a form for you to download and print. These are my favorite types of forms because they are simple to perform, and it makes it less likely you’ll make a mistake, compared to writing it by hand. The main thing you need to take care of is to handle the terms of the loan.

2. Simple promissory note template by pdf templates

Here is a simple promissory note template. It’s a 2 page template that is downloadable in PDF format. You will need to fill this form out by hand. This form is nice because it’s short and simple. If you don’t need a complicated form or don’t need a lot of extra terms and conditions in your form, then this one may be right for you. The downside to a promissory form like this is that it isn’t customizable in any way. It’s a print and fill out, and what’s printed is what’s printed. But again, if you were to use a form like this one, you probably aren’t looking for a comprehensive promissory note form.

3. Very very simple loan agreement form by crfonline

This is the most simple promissory note template you’ll find anywhere. It literally asks for the amount to be owed back, and by what date, and that’s basically the form. So if you are looking for a template like that, then this is an excellent one.

4. Tidy Forms Loan Agreement Template

Tidy Forms always has excellent templates and forms for all types of purposes. The thing I really like about them is that they typically have several forms to choose from, giving you the variety we usually need. They have 2 general promissory note templates along with a corporate promissory note template, and a sample promissory note template. These templates can be downloaded for free and will come in PDF format.

5. Promissory note sample form by expert law

This promissory form is also a fairly simple one. It’s a little different than the other simple ones I’ve shared so far in that it has a few more terms in the form which gives it more depth. But as far as fields for you to complete, it’s still rather basic and asks for only the essential information, like the loan amount and the date the loan needs to be paid back, as well as the interest rate. This note is all in text. So you’ll need to copy and paste it to a Word document or equivalent. The nice thing about this is that you can add in terms to the form on your own, and modify any of the conditions that have been pre-set.

6. Form Swift sample promissory note template

Form Swift have a ton of professional forms, and their promissory note sample forms are no different. The great thing about their forms is that you make selections using their website and it will generate a promissory note form for you. Things you would select and fill in include your name and address, the borrowers information, if the borrower can pre-pay the loan, if there will be interest charged on the loan, and your State. This makes the form much more customized and specific, which is always better in case any ambiguity arises. The only downside is that you will need to sign up with them before they will allow you to download the promissory note template for free.

7. Collection of personal promissory notes at onecle

This website has an excellent collection of promissory notes. Most of them link to Law Depot (who have excellent forms, btw). They have specific forms that may interest you. For example, they have a secured promissory note template as well as unsecured promissory note templates. They also have templates with more specific terms and conditions than some of the ones I’ve shared with you so far. They include a loan agreement, promissory note due on demand, promissory note template with balloon payment, and a template with installment payments. Check these out if any of these are appealing to your lending needs.

8. Yahoo Finance promissory note loan template for family

Yahoo Finance has a fairly simple promissory note template on their website. You can view the note on their website. The nice thing about this template is that you can copy and paste it to a Word document and fill in your loan details. I like this option because it’s really easy to copy and paste! But they also include the form in downloadable format. Click one of the links near the top. You will be able to download this promissory note template in Word format, as well as in PDF format, or even plain text.

9. Personal promissory note sample by Sample Note

I really enjoy these set of personal promissory notes by Sample Note. The form is simple and straight forward. You shouldn’t have any issues understanding the wording or filling it out. This is a very short template, spanning about half a page long. I like it for that, because personal promissory notes are used usually between friends and family, and don’t always need the long terms and conditions.

Along with the personal promissory note, they also have a few other goodies. Those include a secure promissory note sample, unsecured promissory note, simple promissory note, payment promissory note, and demand promissory note. If you don’t know what those are, simply visit them and click on the links to each one. You’ll figure it out the difference really quick (it’s not complicated).

10. Secure Promissory note by

This secure promissory note template is a fairly standard one. It’s a one page promissory note and includes the most important fields for lending money, without any bells or whistles.

I hope you were able to find the right promissory note for your personal loan to either a friend or family. Just remember that these are free downloaded documents from the internet, and that doesn’t automatically mean it will hold up in court if there should be an issue that arises, or that it automatically means your borrower will pay you back.

But it’s a great step to clear up any ambiguities in case they arise, especially in court if it has to go that far. If you are lending personal money to someone and you really want to make sure you cover your grounds, you can choose to have a lawyer review your personal loan agreement. You also have the option to have a lawyer draft up the agreement, but that costs money. Though lending money often doesn’t require any type of promissory note or loan agreement, you likely wouldn’t need to go as far as that. But If you have any type of concerns or worries about repayment of your loan, take the little bit of extra time and make use of a promissory note! Good luck.