Goal setting is one of the most important parts of achieving success and progressive growth. There are many ways to goal set, however one of the more practical and easy ways to set goals is to use a SMART Goals worksheet.

These worksheets help you set any type of goal while keeping you accountable for it, because of the way it is set up.

SMART stands for:

  • S – Specific: Set a specific goal
  • M – Measurable: Your goal needs to be measurable in order to quantitatively measure success or failure
  • A – Attainable: Your goal needs to be realistic and achievable
  • R – Relevant: Your goal needs to meet the needs of yourself, business, school, organization, etc.
  • T – Time: You need to set a time frame for when your goal is to be achieved

As you can see, a SMART Goal is very very powerful because it really helps you set goals that you can achieve and work towards, with little ambiguity in between.

SMART goals are used by just about everyone. It can be used by a single person who’s looking to lose weight, or an organizations who’s looking to help their employees achieve a certain goal at work, or by teachers and educators who want their students to reach a certain goal in class, or even to help them begin goal setting as a way of self improvement.

With all that said, here are 7 amazing templates that are 100% free to download and use.

7 FREE Smart Goals Templates & Worksheets

The first SMART Goals template I want to share with you is from Sckesc.org. This particular template is good for be given to others to fill out on their own, or to be used by yourself if you are less familiar with SMART goals. This is because the instructions that come along with it are excellent. It tells you specifically what each section of the SMART is meant for, along with an explanation for how to fill it out. I can see this being an excellent resource for schools and children, or any organization where you need to assist people as much as possible for any reasons, like language barriers or mental difficulties. But regardless of that, it is still a great template even for every people like you and me. The only small downside is the template itself isn’t as good as some of the other ones listed here. This template can be downloaded in PDF format and you’ll likely fill it in with a pen or pencil.

1. Smart Goals Template by sckesc.org

NDI.org has put together a nice SMART goal setting worksheet with guidance notes. This template has excellent hand holding for people who are less familiar with goal setting. The template itself is fairly good. It has a different style where the SMART are listed at the top and it flows downwards, whereas most templates has the SMART on the left hand column flowing right. If you prefer the drop down type style, then this template could be the one for you. Though SMART goal setting can be used by anybody, this template and the wording in it is geared more towards companies and corporations, and general business setting type industries. If you don’t fall into any of these categories it’s perfectly fine, as the template itself is for anybody.

There is one additional thing this template offers that adds a little extra touch of love. There is a section for defining your goals which will help you clarify your goal setting. It’s worth using, especially for companies and organizations who like to quantify and measure things.

2. Goal setting template by NDI.org

This smart goals template is meant for education and school purposes. Though you can use the template for any reason, the SMART goals is explained from an educational stand point. It’s a 2 page pdf document that is ready for download. It’s one of the most simple SMART goals template you’ll find anywhere. The actual template itself is very very basic. It would be excellent for younger school children who really just need something simple to look at I find.

3. Education and School Smart Goals Template

Here is another SMART goals Template that comes from an education point of view. This one is probably my favorite one out of the bunch here. I like this one because it is a one pager which makes things neat and organized. And they were able to put instructions on what each SMART section means beside where you fill them out, which makes it very very easy to perform the task. This would be an excellent SMART goals worksheet for students of any age. It would also be a great template for businesses and office workers. This is a PDF document that is free to download.

4. Education and schooling SMART Goals template pdf

This template is from the University of Texas Health Science Center. It is a very complete goal setting worksheet with instructions on how to fill them out. You are free to download it in Microsoft Word/DOC format. I like this one for its professional look and feel.

5. Smart Goals Template Word

This template by Spark People is an excellent one for people who perhaps aren’t good at writing or need the maximum amount of hand holding possible when setting goals. That’s because this template has a fill in the blanks type of style that really really makes it easy to set SMART Goals. It’s a simple 1 page document in Microsoft Word format and is free for download. I think this template would be amazing for all business settings and school settings. It’s a quick thing you can hand out and have your students or organization fill out in 5-10 minutes, rather than some of the other templates that could take 30 minutes or more to full think through and complete. If you are looking for an in-depth SMART Goals template then this isn’t the one.

6. My favorite SMART Goals Template by Spark People

Here is another 1 page SMART Goals worksheet/template that you can fill in and print. It is similar to some of the other 1 page goal setting sheets here. It has a different style and feel, but the mechanics is all the same. It’s really a matter of preference. This Smart Goals template is in PDF format.

7. Another excellent 1 page SMART Goals worksheet


Learn how to set SMART Goals with these 7 amazing templates, all 100% free for download. Click here to get them.

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As you know, setting goals is extremely important for achievement and success. I hope these free SMART Goals templates will help you or or company/organization/school achieve the type of success you’re looking for.

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