Over the past few years, millions of individuals have begun to realize that they can trade stocks without any past experience. As evidenced by the recent WallStreetBets story, in which a group of Redditors worked together to create a massive influence on GameStop stocks, trading is so accessible that it can be done on a whim. This is in part due to the emergence of stock trading apps in the US, in Canada, and throughout the world.

To help you get started on your trading journey, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best stock trading apps in the US.

1. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one of the best brokerages for beginners in the US, with their 0% commissions model and no minimum deposit. Their mobile apps do not disappoint. For beginners, the basic TD Ameritrade app will do the trick, giving you the tools to manage your portfolio on the go. With a bit more experience, you can progress to the thinkorswim app, which provides more features, including a live CNBC feed.

The Apple versions of these apps have much better ratings than those on the Play Store, so they are ideal for iPhone users.

2. SoFi

Trading as a beginner is like building a plane while it is already in the air. The only way to truly learn is through experience, either through a demo account or by starting with a small sum of money. The SoFi (Social Finance) app provides learning on-the-go, with articles linked to various features and trades. The app is perfectly functional as a trading platform in its own right, and you can start with a $1 deposit. There are also no fees or commissions taken, except for cryptocurrencies.

The app is popular on both the Apple and Google Play stores.

3. Webull

If you’re ready to progress in the world of stock trading, the Webull app may be for you. It is light on educational resources, but in terms of functionality it is better than almost any other. Not only does it do the basics extremely well, but it also provides features that will help experienced traders carry out the right trades at the right time. Webull also takes no commission or fees. It is somewhat limited in terms of customer service, according to some complaints, which can be significant when it comes to trading.

4. Robinhood

Robinhood’s reputation might have taken a beating recently, but it is nonetheless one of the best trading apps. It makes stock trading easy and accessible to beginners, increasing accessibility to the layman who doesn’t have millions of dollars to spend. The functionality of the app is great and it has added features without crowding the interface.

When Robinhood stopped trading at the height of the GameStop saga, seemingly in order to protect the hedge funds and short traders, they certainly compromised their image as an advocate for the little guy. However, if you are rightfully cynical about any business in the most capitalist industry doing anything that would go against their own interests, the stain on Robinhood’s reputation shouldn’t deter you.

5. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments is the app for traders using Fidelity as their brokerage. It is ideal for beginners, with an interface uncrowded by advanced features. There are no commissions or fees on most trades, and the process of managing your investments on the app is straightforward. They offer a large array of account types, including education accounts, making the app perfect for beginners from every financial sphere.

6. Power E*TRADE

Earning the status of one of the first online brokerages in the US, E*TRADE has been active since way back in 1982. The Power E*TRADE app is exceptionally easy to use, even if it has few educational resources. E*TRADE does provide more features the more money you invest, with real-time investment feeds if you have over $1,000 invested.

This is another app that Apple users rave about while Android users almost universally have issues.

7. Interactive Brokers

If you are a professional trader, you will certainly want an app that gives you more than the average brokerage options. The Interactive Brokers app is perfect for you, with all the tools and features that you might need at any time. You get access to 135 markets in 33 countries, offering you versatile trades no matter how your portfolio currently looks. The Interactive Brokers app can be used by beginners, but the other apps on this list will better serve them. Once again, the Android reviews of this app are dire, while it seems like it functions excellently on Apple devices.

8. Merrill Edge

Aside from its almost flawless functionality, Merrill Edge will appeal to users because of its excellent research capabilities. With features such as Stock Story (stocks), Fund Story (ETFs, mutual funds), Portfolio Story (all holdings), Portfolio Briefing (interactive video summary), and Idea Builder, the Merrill Edge app makes it easy to find any information you could possibly need when trading, all in the same place.

The Merrill Edge app is one of the best US trading apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

9. TradeStation

TradeStation does not make this list for its mobile app, which is capable but certainly does not stand above the others. Rather, it is here for its robust desktop trading platform. The desktop app is one of the most functional of any online brokerage, with all the tools and features you could possibly need well organized in a useful online ecosystem. For commission-free and fee-free trades, you will need a deposit of at least $2,000, which will push many casual traders towards alternative options.

10. Charles Schwab

Finally, Charles Schwab is one of the most popular and successful brokerages. The desktop site and platform is excellent, and stands among the best. The mobile app, however, is limited, especially if you are using the Android version.

As a beginner or professional trader, trading is easier than ever before with some great mobile apps. Any one of the above will give you the basics, with excellent added features.