We all have tasks to do and it’s a great idea to keep track of them. Whether you like to keep tabs on your tasks and projects with a good old pen and paper or fill things out on a computer, you’ll want a good to do list to manage it all.

Below I’m going to share with you some of my favorite to do list templates. You will be able to download all of them and they are all free. The majority of these templates will be in Microsoft Word format or in Adobe PDF format. Both are easily opened and accessed from any computer, even if you own an Apple device.

Check them out below!

7 Places To Get Amazing Templates For Your To Do Items

1. List Templates Various To Do List Templates

List Template has a wide range of specific to do lists for you here. They are pretty colorful and are made specifically for a particular type of to do list. So if you want a template that is specific rather than a general to do list, then you will wanna check them out.

A few examples of to do lists include: travel checklists, camping checklists, summer activities, wedding & baby shower activities, project and task to do lists, teachers to do list, and more.

See the templates here

2. Template.net To Do List Templates

Template.net has 8 to do list templates. These templates are more on the simple side but that might be a good thing because I don’t think you need complicated lists. Simple is sometimes better. A few lists they have include things to do template, daily activity template, and weekly activity template. Most of them will come in Microsoft Word format or in pdf format.

Template.net’s to do list template

3. Simple Fill In Your Own Details To Do List Template

This is a really nice simple template that you can just for any purpose. It’s got 3 sections on it and that’s it. It’s a one pager and you have a tick box on the left, a description in the middle, and the date on the right. You can use the date as the due date or time the job was completed. In any case, you would write down the list of things you need to do and then tick off the box and put the date in as you go. It’s as simple as that and that’s what I love about it.

Simple list for things to do

4. Tim’s Printable To Do List Template

Tim’s printable has a couple dead simple templates. They have a black and white to do list template that is even more simple than the one above. You don’t get a checkbox with these ones. It’s simply the description of the item that needs to be done and then the date. If you like tick boxes then this one won’t be for you. They also have a weekly to do list template that is very similar to a journal planner that we’ve all seen.

See These templates here

5. Basic To Do List Template That Isn’t So Basic

The template here is called “basic” but it’s actually more detailed then the two I described above. This one is a few more sections. It has a tick box, task name, description, priority, and due date. If you are looking for a more detailed template then this one is pretty awesome. I like that you can fill in the description to clarify anything extra, especially if you are making a list for someone else, and the priority section is also fantastic because it helps you keep track of what’s important and what’s not.

Check out the template here

6. Doc Templates Comprehensive To Do List Templates

Doc Templates has two templates here that are a bit on the comprehensive side. They have project to do list and a multi task to do list template. These templates have a lot of fields to fill in and aren’t on the simple side, even though they call them simple. They are also both specific to a particular task so it would be hard to use them for anything else. But if these two things are the type of lists you’re looking for then it might be prefect for you.

Doc Templates to do lists

7. Personal And Professional Task To Do List

This template is very comprehensive and it’s like a checklist that you use to keep tabs on things constantly. It’s best used if you have many things to do and to keep track of, and to keep track of when it is done. There are several fields to fill in which makes this template excellent for keep tracking of more complicated tasks. You can use this for yourself or professional on a job. It’s a very task oriented list so if you are looking for a template that really keeps track of tasks then this one is your baby. This template is in Word format and is free to download and print.

Task To Do List Template