Learning how to invest money will be one of your most important personal finance skills to master. I personally feel it’s more important than most things, because if you can master your investing skills, you will have mastered many other personal finance skills – making it really easy to manage the rest of your financial obligations.

Investing and winning at it takes a lot of patience and careful thought. It takes a certain mindset and approach. It takes a certain amount of discipline to invest logically, rather than emotionally. And it takes time to learn how to invest money properly.

The best thing to do is to begin investing early. Whether you think you want to invest in gold or silver, or whatever else, eat the elephant a little each day, and in a year or so, you should be dramatically more intelligent and able to make wise investing decisions.

Having said all that, you need to start somewhere. There are many blogs and websites devoted to investing and helping you gain valuable investing principles. They all have their place, I suppose, but I find a lot of them are a bit scattered. There isn’t a lot of solid information – more like pieces of info here and there.

You could buy a book. I’ve bought a bunch. They have their place. I’ve always found that reading blogs/websites have given me the best advice and information on just about anything, though. I tend to find books are pretty generic with their info – well, with the beginner books at least.



best websites for investing

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here is a list of 6 great places to start learning how to invest money

1. Investopedia

No investing list is proper without Investopedia in it. Investopeda is the encyclopedia of investing (just like the name suggests). It’s probably the best place for an absolute beginner to start. They have some nice quick tutorials about important topics like stock investing. You can finish them in 10-15 minutes. These tutorials will give you a fair overview of what stocks are and how to make money with them.

Along with their tutorials, they have definitions for just about every financial term imaginable. They also release articles about investing in general… it’s not bad, some of them. You’ll learn a thing or two about general finance rules to live by! But a good place to browse around to learn some stuff.

2. Investing.com

Investing.com is one of my favorite places to get the latest market information. They are a massive website that wants to do just about everything, including reporting on NFL news. I guess that’s where they want to go, but you can just ignore it. What you want to do is click on their “news” tab and click on the “economic indicators” or “Economics” submenu. You’ll get a list of daily articles about what’s trending in the world economy today.

I find these articles to be some of the best ones available anywhere. They are quick reads and they really give you an idea of what the economy is doing and how prices of stocks, bonds, or whatever is affected by it. If you were to read these articles on a daily basis, you’ll really get a strong grasp of how stock prices move and what events causes prices to rise and fall.

You can download investing.com’s app. I have it on my iPhone and I enjoy their push notifications. I generally HATE notifications from apps, but I enjoy being prompted with news about the markets throughout the day. It keeps me “in-tune” with what the market is doing – something you will need to get a feel for too if you want to be a smart investor.

3. The Motley Fool

What an odd name for a BIG investing website? It’s actually branded as fool.com. Yay! Anyways, The Motley Fool is probably a better website than investing.com for the absolutely beginner. I say this because they have tutorials on investing, whereas investing.com does not.

Their tutorials aren’t too bad. I find most of these free investing tutorials online are what they are…. simple introductions to various investing principles. For the absolute beginner, they will all be fantastic since everything is new. I recommend reading as many of them as you can, actually. You’ll get to see the same thing from various angles, which should cement investing basics into your head.

Fool.com’s articles are pretty bad ass too. They like to ask questions about recent events, and it always gets me clicking them to find out what the writer thinks. Reading a few articles a day will make you smarter and get your mind more in tune with how company decisions affects stock prices, or how an industry change (for example, less reliance on oil) changes not just oil prices, but all things that need oil to operate.

4. Bloomberg.com

I absolutely love Bloomberg. They discuss virtually everything related to markets, economics, and current events. These stories are almost always tied to the markets in some way – which always gets your mind thinking about how current events affect prices of investments.

Another thing Bloomberg does really nicely is incorporate videos. I’m a video guy and like to sit back and watch my material. I enjoy watching their stories on my Apple TV. I typically don’t watch their videos online. I have the Bloomberg App on my iPad and watch their stories on my iPad as well. I recommend this for you too if you like to watch more than reading. They have pretty good discussions and some fairly outgoing personalities, too.

5. The Street

The Street is very markety. Just being on their website can be a little intimidating for a newbie, since everything will seem so foreign. They aren’t one of my go to’s for current events and news. I like Bloomberg or The Motley Fool for that. But I do like The Street for their free tutorials. For example, their investing in stocks tutorial is probably the best one out of all the ones out there (that I’ve seen at least).

Along with that, they have a few pretty cool links to check out. Their “best stocks” and “best funds” links are particularly good for beginners. You will get a list of types of stocks and types of bonds. As a newbie, it’s nice to have a list of these industries in your face. When you click a link (like technology stocks), you’ll be given recent articles specific about that industry. I like this and I find it incredibly useful for beginners who want to learn stock investing.

6. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! has been around since the beginning of internet time. They’re the old dogs on the street. And they’re still really relevant. I like reading Yahoo! for the market stories. I think they tend to include some pretty random stuff here and there, but I typically ignore those. They have a more varied selection of market stories in my opinion. I don’t read everything on their website, and it isn’t a website I spend too much time on. It’s a website where I like to jump on and see if any headlines stick out. I find they have some of the most unique and “different angle” stories, which keeps me coming back.


Well there you have it. 6 Excellent websites to learn about investing.

Is there a website that you really like that isn’t on the list? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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