It seems like everyone is looking to make extra money these days.

It’s not surprising, since no matter how much money we make, we never seem to have enough of it.

Whether you’re looking to get a weekend job to make money just to make ends meet, or you’re looking to make extra money to get ahead for the future, the following jobs will give you awesome ideas on how to make a solid reliable income on the weekends.

I’ve split up the jobs into online weekend jobs and regular weekend jobs.

Personally, I prefer weekend jobs you can do online, because you can completely set your own hours of how much work you want to do (usually).

My two favourite ways to earn weekend income is to blog and fill out paid surveys for cash. So they’re the top 2 on this list here.

Part Time Weekend Jobs You Can Do Online

1. Get Paid $10 An Hour Filling Out Surveys

Definitely the easiest and quickest way to make money online is to fill out surveys. After you fill one out, you’ll get credited with cash or credited with reward points that you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

If you’re looking for good reliable survey companies to sign up with and begin making money, check out these 3 high paying survey websites below:

Survey Junkie




2. Make $100 Every Weekend Blogging

Blogging is my favourite way to make money online. With your own blog, you can talk about all the fun and passionate stuff you love, and make money at the same time. It’s a truly win win scenario.

For example, I love personal finance, and I love talking about it on this blog. And I make a decent income from it too.

For you, you can make $100+ just working on your blog on the weekends. It’s super fun and rewarding.

I wrote a really good tutorial on how to easily start a blog for the absolute beginner here. I really recommend you check it out.

3. Freelance Online For Money

A freelancer is someone who does work for someone or a business. These are “jobs” that you perform. You usually get paid per task, however, if it’s an ongoing project, you could be paid per hour.

A few examples of freelance work you could do are write articles, edit articles, proof read something, give advice, do someones math homework, research information for someone, reply and respond to emails for a company, and more.

Freelance work is really really popular online. Business and people need all sorts of work done all the time, and they are hiring. Below, I’ll list some popular places online where you can check out freelance work. They are websites that connect freelancers (you) with business and people looking to hire freelancers.

4. Be an Online Tutor

Tutoring can be a regular weekend job as well, but did you know you can tutor people online? That’s right, right from your computer, you can teach a student how to play the guitar, how to sing, a language, or help increase their confidence. Many of these websites focus on academics, but you can find websites that look for skilled teachers in all sorts of categories.

5. Be A Data Entry Specialist

A data entry job isn’t the most spectacular job in the world, but it can be a great way to earn income on the weekends. Your job requires you to input data into a computer. It’s work you are able to do at home from your own computer. Some companies only hire people to do this at the office though. However, companies do allow people from home to perform these tasks, if the information isn’t too sensitive. I’d google online data entry jobs, or something similar, to find what’s available right now.

6. Perform Tasks In Your Area

TaskRabbit is a really cool app on your phone that you can use to find random jobs in your area for money.

Basically, how it works is that there will be a map and jobs indicated on it. You can look for jobs near you and check out what it’s all about. If you like the job you see, you can request to perform the task. If you are approved, you will then perform the task as instructed, report whatever it is you need to report, and then once approved, you earn cash! viola!

Jobs you could end up doing on task rabbit include scanning products at a store with your smart phone (e.g. a company wants to know what a competition is charging), deliver a package for someone, perform a skilled task like fixing a toilet, clean a home, help move stuff, or yard work.

basically, if someone needs something done, and it could be anything, you could see it on Task Rabbit.

What you get paid will vary significantly. The job you perform could pay you a few dollars if it’s quick, to over $100 if it’s a longer or more difficult job. The amount paid will clearly be shown so you can judge if it’s worth your time or not.

7. Social Media Manager

A great weekend job from home is a social media manager. All you need is an internet connection and access to a company’s or personal social media account. They will of course give you this information when you’re hired.

Your job would include posting stories and stuff to news feeds like Twitter and Facebook, to replying to peoples comments or commenting on other peoples stuff.

A lot of social media management revolves around increasing exposure and visibility of a company or person. So it’s a fair hands and important job. Depending on the company, some of them require daily management, and some only need part time management, like on the weekends for example. If you’re interest in becoming a social media manager, I recommend checking out companies websites. Look for smaller companies or pitch to companies you’d be interested in working for.

8. Use Apps That Pay You Money

There are apps you can download that make you money. You simply use them and perform tasks on them, like watching videos or play a game, and you’ll earn money. They won’t get you rich, but they’re a nice way to kill time on weekends and make a bit of money at the same time.

Here’s a list of apps that make you money.


best weekend only jobs for part time


Traditional Part Time Weekend Jobs For Quick Cash

Below are non-online jobs you can do on the weekend, or even during weekday nights. They’re great for anyone, and most apply to teens looking to make weekend money. If you’re searching for a weekend only job or just a weekend part time job, check out the list below.

9. Be an Uber Or Lyft Driver

If you own a vehicle, you can make pretty good money being a Uber or Lyft driver. I read about a guy making $20-$30 an hour driving for Uber. That’s pretty damn good. And it’s the perfect weekend job because you can choose to drive or not drive, and set your own hours.

If you live in any big city you know how big Uber is. And it’s just growing and growing.

10. Weekend Caterer

Catering companies are perfect for people looking for weekend work, because many catering companies require extra people during weeknights, and especially weekends, where many functions and parties take place.

Catering companies typically pay by the hour and you can often earn tips as well. Caterers can have many different responsibilities, including cleaning tables, bringing food out, managing food stands, and everything that goes along with set up and clean up. Caterers are essentially servers who work at special functions like weddings or company events.

11. House Sit

House sitting is kinda like babysitting, actually I don’t always know what the difference is – if there is any. Anyhow, taking care of small children while parents are away at work or an event for the weekend is a great way to make extra income. Typically, younger people do this type of job, so for teens looking to earn extra money, consider house sitting for neighbours, friends, or even random strangers.

12. Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Everyone loves their animals and take really really good care of them. Sometimes they can’t though, and they need someone to take care of them while they are away or unable. If you love animals then you could dog sit for a family or walk animals when the owner is sick or away for example.

13. Mow Lawns & Shovel Snow

I like this job because it’s easy and the money you make isn’t taxes. And the supplies you need won’t be too hard to get. All you need to do is walk up and down your neighbourhood every weekend and ask people if you could mow their lawn. You’ll be using their own lawn mower so you don’t even need to buy anything.

With respect to shovelling snow, buy a good shovel and have a walk around your neighbourhood. I guess it needs to have snowed… but you get the idea :).

14. Retail Sales Representative

Retail stores always need people to perform daily tasks and to sell stuff. Retail is a great weekend job for students looking for extra money or mothers looking to make extra money for the family. Actually, retail jobs are for everyone. If you’ve got a mall nearby or any store you’d consider working at, hit them up and drop off a resume.

15. Cashier

Probably one of the easiest weekend jobs to get, a cashier is a great way to earn steady weekend money. Perhaps it’s not the most interesting or inspiring job, but money is money. Every retail store needs cashiers, and they’re usually always hiring.

16. Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is someone who helps someone else out with just about anything you can imagine. People hire personal assistances because they need help with their day to day tasks, especially when it comes to business or people who need extra care.

A personal assistant could be responsible for performing regular house work duties, shop for groceries, watch over children and pets, or make dinner. What you’ll actually do really depends on what the specific person needs.

17. Bar Tending & Serving

Probably the best way to make the most money on the weekends when it comes to a traditional job is to either bartend or serve. You’ll earn hourly wages for working, and also tips. Any server will tell you the tips you earn can be very very substantial.

Bartenders can take home hundreds of dollars just in tips a night – and this could be a slow day. Restaurants and bars are always hiring because the turnover is usually pretty large. Nightclubs and other similar establishments are always looking for people too. If you need weekend cash bad, this could be right for you.


Here’s a list of other weekend job ideas you can think about doing for extra money.

  • Buy&Sell on eBay
  • Personal Chef
  • Event Coordinator
  • DJ’ing
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Handyman
  • Deliver Pizza
  • Call Centre Agent
  • Graphics Design
  • Web Design
  • Landscaper
  • Admin Assistant
  • Referee Sports
  • Perform At Events
  • Wedding Singer
  • Sports Event Usher
  • Casino Worker
  • Baker
  • Night Desk Clerk
  • Night Cleaning Crew
  • Security At Events
  • Work At The Cinema
  • Customer Service Specialist From Home

As you can see, there are a ton job ideas for the weekend. I personally prefer weekend jobs you can do from home, because it’s just more comfortable and I find them more rewarding and relaxing.

Blogging and completing paid surveys are at the very top of my list, and if you don’t know where to start, I recommend starting with those. Scroll back to the top and check out the two links I shared – they go into detail how to make money doing that!