Been getting a bunch of comments lately from people noticing you don’t monetize your blog? And they’ve got the right SEO services for you?

Ha! I must get at least 10 of those a week.

Comment spam is one of my most hated things about blogging.

It’s everywhere and it’s a constant reminder of how annoying spammers are.

Fortunately, there are excellent tools that help prevent comment spam.

I want to share with you 5 excellent plugins that eliminate comment spam from ever reaching your comment section

5 Incredibly Accurate Anti Spam Comment Plugins For WordPress

1. Disqus

comment spam plugin

Pronounced “dis-cuss”, this plugin is one of the most downloaded plugin in all of WordPress. You’ve probably seen it on many many blogs and wondered if your blog could benefit from it too. Anyway, Disqus does many different things besides basically eliminating comment spam by 100%. You can explore those features on your own. But as far as the comment spam goes, it’s one of the best anti-spam plugins you’ll find anywhere.

This is because Disqus is a separate comment box that will be inserted into your website, and your original WordPress comment box is no longer used anymore. To comment, people need to sign up for a Disqus account. While is might be annoying for some people, and it is possible you could lose a comment because someone does not want to sign up, many people have reported that comment count has not decreased.

Disqus is also a community, and you build your Disqus comment profile anytime you write a comment on someones blog. This is a free plugin and there are paid options for premium features, however, the free features can give you everything you need. Disqus itself isn’t really a spam comment filter plugin, it’s more of a high quality social comment plugin that makes it really really hard for spammy comments to exist.

2. Akismet

Wordpress anti spam

Akismet is I guess WordPress’s choice of anti-spam plugin, because it’s one of the few automatically installed plugins when you get your WordPress blog up and running. I purchased Akismet for 1 year awhile back, and I have to say, it works pretty well.

The only thing I don’t know is how many comments that were tracked as spam and filtered out of my comments. I just never knew if a real human being commented and it was marked as spam, because I never got a chance to see it. But other than that, as far as I can tell, it does a good job filtering out spam. Very little get’s through, it’s not 100% accurate.

It’s a paid plugin, and you choose the amount of money you wish to pay. I believe I chose the smallest amount possible which was about 4 dollars for an entire year. I wanted to test it out and see what it was all about. I’d say it’s worth paying $10-$20 a year easily, but the last time I checked, you can still choose the amount of money you wish to pay to use it.

3. WP-SpamShield

Stop wordpress comment spam

WP Spam Shield is a powerful WordPress anti-spam plugin that gets rid of comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam, and registration spam. It does all of this without using any type of CAPTCHA or challenge questions – which severely impacts user experience. It’s a pretty hands off plugin. You’ll need to update the settings and it will run by itself in the background.

This plugin is meant to be an all-in-one type of plugin that takes care of all comment spam. The plugin is like a firewall that makes sure your commenters are actually human, and that the humans aren’t spamming you. To block this spam, it uses two layers for blocking, Javascript/cookies anti-spam and an algorithmic anti-spam layer.


Learn how to stop spammy comments on your WordPress blog by using one of these 5 amazing anti spam plugins


4. Spam Protection By CleanTalk

anti spam plugin

Another “all-in-one spam protection plugin is Spam protection by CleanTalk. This is a premium plugin and total solution to get rid of every type of spam your WordPress blog could encounter, like comment spam, registration spam, contact form spam, widget spam, subscription spam, etc.

It is supports the native WordPress comment box, as well as other comment plugins like the popular JetPack comment plugin. I like the option they have to move all spam comments to the spam folder or you can just ban all spam comment silently, and enable auto delete of spam comments in the Spam folder. They say the cover up to 99.9998% of spam bots. That’s obviously really good. I’ve never used this plugin so if you have, let me know about your experience with it.

5. WordPress Anti Spam Plugin

block comment spam

WordPress Anti Spam plugin is a simple plugin that eliminates spam in comments without using captcha. It works a lot like Akismet in that it blocks spam comments so you’ll never see them. You won’t need to moderate any spammy comments within your WordPress dashboard. This is a very simple and straight forward plugin without and bells or whistles. If that’s all you’re after, give this one a shot. It’s got 4.8 stars out of 5 so it’s probably pretty good, though I’ve never personally used it.

This spam plugin isn’t compatible with Disqu, Jetpack comments, and some types of forms. It’s really best suited for the native WordPress comment box. It also only blocks spam by bots, and not human spammers who may visit your website/blog and manually post a spammy comment, though that’s a pretty rare thing that happens.