Work from home jobs are becoming more and more normal as people look for ways to make extra money and as opportunities to be your own boss grows.

We all know someone who’s doing something on the side to make money in addition to their day jobs don’t we. This trend of working on home based jobs is exploding and it’s only trending upwards.

With that said, what is the best way to make money working from home? Can you work part time? and what about the Legitimacy of making money from home?

To help you answer these questions, I have to first talk about how a person can make money from home.

How To Make Money From Home

Whether you’re looking for part time jobs from home or looking for a home based business model, there are two main types of ways to make money:

  • Trade time for money
  • Build a business

When you trade time for money, you generally make money quicker but make less money compared to building a business where the results generally take longer but the income potential is exponentially larger than a typical job.

This list of work from home jobs:

Below is a list of the top home based ways to earn extra income. They’re good for stay at home moms to college drop outs.

This isn’t a collection of 100 ways to make money, rather it’s a concise list of the best ways to make money from home that actually work and will actually earn you high quality dollars.

15 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs & Business Ideas

1. Blogger

Blogging is one of the best home based job ideas to start making money with.

Blogging is incredible for three primary reasons:

  1. You can make a lot of money ($300+ daily)
  2. You are your own boss and fully run your own blogging empire
  3. You can blog about (virtually) anything – making blogging especially fun

First of all, what is “blogging” and how do bloggers make money?

A blogger is someone who has a website (blog) that’s focused on a single topic or several related topics. The blogger creates articles to be published on their blog and then attracts readers to see the content. Some readers will take an action that makes the blogger money.

For example, a few of the more common ways bloggers make money are:

  • Recommending a product to the reader
  • The reader clicks on an ad on the site
  • The reader buys a product or service the blogger has created

The amount of money a blogger can make is incredible. Life changing. That’s why I highly recommend blogging as your go-to home based business idea to earn income.

Bloggers can make a full time income ($40,000+) per year after about the first year (if you’re doing things mostly right). And after that, income usually grows exponentially as you continue to grow your blog.

In fact, many bloggers start blogging part time on the side while maintaining their day job. After they’ve reached a level of income where they can leave their jobs and blog full time, they often do that.

Blogging in a nutshell:

Blogging is about creating a website that talks about things people are interested in. Blogs typically have a person or personality attached to it, and content is usually written from the point of view of the blogger.

Some bloggers are very tied in to the feel and vibe of their blog which adds a lot of personal touch – however you can add as much or as little of your personal life as you find necessary.

Two examples of bloggers:

A mommy blogger can base her blog around parenting with twins as a single mom. She would talk about all the challenges about raising two kids on her own, work, taking care of herself, and running her own blog – which are all topics incredibly helpful for many moms.

An adventure travel girl would travel to cool places while documenting her adventures through photos and useful articles with tips and advice on navigating the area, what to pack, and things to do. People interested in traveling to these areas would be very interested in reading her blog posts.

How can a mommy blogger or travel blogger make money? In so many ways! The mom blogger can make money recommending kitchen appliances on Amazon or a time management app she uses to stay organized. The travel blogger can make money recommending travel tours, travel insurance or travel gear she’s using.

The truth about making money blogging…

Yes you can get incredibly rich blogging (I’m talking quit your job forever and retire early). There are almost an unlimited ways you can make money blogging.

However, blogging has a steeper learning curve than many other home based ways to make money because it’s more competitive than say becoming a freelancer or tutoring online.

Bottom line: A successful blog needs great content and visitors who read the content. The money you make will naturally happen if you do the first two well.

You’ll need to learn these two fundamental skills on creating great content and attracting relevant visitors who are interested in that content.

You can read my guide on how to blog for money to learn exactly how to create a successful blog.

2. Instagram Influencer

Instagram has exploded in the past few years and has become the social media of choice to make money from.

In a nutshell, you make money on Instagram like this:

  • You create content for Instagram about a specific topic
  • You gain followers who like your content
  • As you continually create content and gain followers, you build “influence”

“Influence” is simply another word for how engaged your followers are with you. For example, if you have 10,000 followers and ALL of them are very interested in your Instagram account, you have a lot of influence (which means you can make a lot of money).

How you make money on Instagram:

Here are the 3 most common ways Instagram Influencers are making money

  1. Feature a product or service in their Instagram feed or stories
  2. Recommend a product or service that they get a commission from
  3. Partner with a brand where the brand pays you money to feature their business or service

Here’s an example of how a travel Instagrammer makes money

Let’s say the travel Instagrammer is touring across Canada with a Jeep for 4 months. Here’s how she can make money:

  • She can partner with Jeep where Jeep will give her a Jeep Wrangler to use for the duration of her trip while paying for her gas too.
  • She can partner with Travel Alberta where they will set her up with a helicopter ride across the mountains, give her free food at restaurants they want her to feature, and guide her on hikes and popular tourist spots in Alberta – all while paying her
  • She can also make money by showing off her travel backpack, camera equipment, travel apps, and more – all earning her a commission when some of her followers buys through her affiliate link

No matte what type of Instagrammer you are, you are ONLY able to make money if you have an audience that enjoys your content and engages with it (likes, comments, watches, shares, etc).

That’s called “influence”. You build influence by becoming a brand.

You can look at “branding” as being yourself and sharing yourself with the world – attracting the people who like you and what you’re about – and then through your engaging content, your followers will discover new things that they would pay money for to make their lives better too.

It’s a true win win.

Bottom line: To make money on Instagram, you need an audience that pays attention to your content. You’ll need to learn how to create content that engages people and attracting eye balls to your content (which builds your follower count up).

Once you reach a certain level of engaged followers (usually around 5000), you’ll be able to begin making money from Instagram. The bigger your engaged followers get, the more money you’ll be able to make.

3. Niche Website Builder

A niche website is a website that is laser focused on a specific topic. The website gets very deep into that specific topic and does not venture into subjects outside of it.

For example, a website specifically about the keto diet, traveling the Amalfi Coast in Italy, or getting rid of cellulite. These niche topics are different from major topics like “weight loss, “Italy travel” or “skin disorders”.

Niche websites have the following major benefits:

  • Your website topic is clearly defined which makes it easier to create content for
  • Generally faster to grow because there is less competition
  • Generally faster to make money from because less competition
  • Easier to stand out and grab attention because you’re an expert on the subject

Niche websites can make a lot of money. Just as much or more than a blog. The amount of money you make will depend on how lucrative your niche is and how commercial it is.

Two examples of niche websites:

A niche website about losing weight with a keto diet can make you a lot of money because a lot of people are interested in losing weight. You can make money recommending books, courses, keto supplements, and offer personalized coaching.

A niche website about writing children’s books will likely make less money because less people are interested in this topic and there are less monetization strategies for this site.

To be successful creating a money making niche website, you want to choose a topic that is not too small but not too large. And you want to choose a topic with strong monetization channels.

4. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who helps a business online remotely.  For example, many self employed businesses need people to perform every day tasks like writing articles, creating website images, replying to emails, or managing social media accounts.

Businesses hire virtual assistants to do these jobs! A virtual assistant is the perfect work from home job for people looking for ways to make money that doesn’t require them to self start their own business or money making idea.

A virtual assistant typically doesn’t work long term (years or longer). Typically, VA’s are hired for jobs that last a week or two, or six months to a year or longer. It absolutely depends on the businesses needs. I recently saw a website looking for a full time proof reader and was offering $40,000 for a 1 year contract.

How to find virtual assistant jobs:

Finding a good virtual assistant job can be difficult. The best jobs have long term security and pay well. There are online platforms like upwork where you can find VA work – however you make the least amount of money this way as there is a middle man.

The best way to find great VA jobs is to reach out to online websites that could use skills you offer. For example, if you’re knowledgeable about natural health and you want to write online, I recommend reaching out to natural health websites by email to offer your writing skills.

Many websites also have a “hiring” section. Find potential websites you can work for and check to see if they are hiring for a skill you have.

You do have to do some of the leg work to land a job as a virtual assistant. It will pay off when you land your higher paying job that has security.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote/recommend a product or service for a commission. It’s one of the most important tool people use to make money online from home.

The important thing about affiliate marketing is this: You are promoting someone else’s product/service. That means you do not have to go through the growing pains of creating products, testing it, refining it, determining pricing, and every other head ache involved with product creation.

You recommend products/services and will get a cut of every sale you refer. This is the beauty of making money with affiliate sales and why it’s such an incredibly popular way to make money.

How do you start affiliate marketing?

The best way to go about affiliate marketing is by creating your own website where you can promote affiliate products.

You want your own website because you will have full control over what products you promote and how it will be promoted.

As you learn how to make money with affiliate products, you’ll learn that your main job is to ‘pre-sell” the product – which is a fancy way of saying “warming up the reader” to the idea of buying the product.

Example of making an affiliate sale:

You went on a Pike Place Market tour with a company that you absolutely loved. You write a blog post about your tour experience and leave your affiliate link so readers can click it and book a tour for themselves. Every booking makes you a referral commission.

By being able to write your own experience and recommendation of the tour, you’re “warming” up the reader to the idea of going on the tour as well. That’s pre-selling in a nutshell – and that’s the power of having your own website to promote affiliate products.

6. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is someone who gets paid to write for a living. The best part about freelancing your writing skills is that it’s a flexible work from home job that you can do even while you’re on vacation.

A freelancer writer can write for several types of businesses, however you’ll likely find yourself writing for a variety of blogs and websites.

How much money can you earn as a freelancer writer? It’s very reasonable to be earning $2000 – $5000 per month freelance writing. In fact, you can be paid “full time income” for freelance writing once you get the handle of things.

The main problem freelancer writers have is getting good jobs that have a long(ish) term. Freelancing by definition is offering your skills on a per job basis – however with online writing, websites and blogs need content constantly and can hire freelance writers for 6+ months to years if the partnership is good. You can get paid $50 – $200+ per article written.

How do you find freelance jobs?

I’m going to guess you’re looking for high paying and long lasting freelance jobs. The best way to get high quality writing jobs is to find websites where you could be a good fit as a writer and pitch your writing skills. Pitching is very key in landing jobs.

7. Teach English Online

A quickly growing way to earn income from home is to teach English online to students around the world. This job is especially great because you can actually teach while being anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

In the old days, you had to go to another country like China in order to teach English. Today, you can tutor online through many apps that offer face to face video.

How teaching English online works:

You’ll be teaching a student or group of students through face to face video online. You’ll need a computer with a front facing camera in order to do this. You’ll often use an application like Skype to deliver lessons (curriculum is usually given to you).

Generally, online teaching jobs are incredibly flexible. You can usually pick your hours, days you want to work, and how often you want to work – making online teaching a great part time jobs from home.

You get paid up to around $25 an hour on the high end to teach online.

How to find online teaching jobs:

There are several online websites that connect teachers to students. You’ll need to apply and get hired just like any other job. Fortunately, landing teaching jobs isn’t overly difficult if you’re a native English speaker and especially if you hold a degree in something. A few popular sites are VIPKID and Qkids.

Teaching English online is exploding right now. The demand for teachers is ever growing. If this is something you see yourself doing, then 100% look into it.

8. Proof Read Online

If you have a good grasp of English and like words on paper, consider proof reading for money.

A proof reader is someone who reads over articles in it’s final stages and makes minor adjustments to ensure grammar, sentence structure, and overall accuracy of articles are on point.

Websites and businesses that publish content regularly need individuals who can go over articled to make sure they are publish ready. It’s all about publishing a lot of content to grow a presence in today’s internet world, and proof readers are in demand.

You’ll need to learn how to proof read proficiently if you’re inexperienced with it. Proof reading successfully means going over pages of text (sometimes very boring text) while still maintaining a high level of proof reading accuracy.

If you’re interested in learning more about proof reading for money, read this article.

9. Drop Shipping

How would you like to create a business around selling a product without handling any inventory, labeling, dealing with exchanges or returns, or ever touching the product? That’s what drop shipping is!

Drop shipping is a business model where you set up your business online and use a White label company to handle all of the physical aspects of selling products (shipping, handling, labeling, etc).

Example of a drop shipping business: Let’s say you want to to sell fish oil! The White label company will package the oil, stamp your branding on the fish oil, and mail it out to customers for you. Your job will be to market and sell the fish oil from your home computer.

Drop shipping is a full on business model for people who are self starters and are looking to make a large amount of money. If you’re interested in this business model, learn more about it with this guide to dropshipping.

10. Create An Online Course

Creating and selling an online course is one of the most lucrative home based business idea. I used the word “business” here because that’s the type of mindset you’ll want in order to be a successful course creator that makes money.

Why create an online course? 

Because it has the potential to make incredible amounts of money. From $100,000 to millions per year. You get to keep all the profits too because you own the course 100%. And you can get affiliates (other people) to promote your course for you – earning you even more money.

How to create an online course?

You’ll first and foremost need to be very knowledgeable about a topic. For example, you could be an expert on losing weight with a keto diet, drawing anime, travel photography, or cooking Italian food.

You will also want to have your own website. Your site is where you can create content to help market your course and where the sales page of your course can live.

You’ll need a platform for hosting your course. There are two main options. You can host it on your website or use a website like to host it for you.

Many bloggers go on to create their own courses in order to make more money. For example, a stay at home mommy blogger can make a course on how to attract traffic to a blog using Pinterest.

Bottom line: If you’ve got a business mindset and are ambitious about making a lot of money, creating an online course is likely right for you.