It always blows my mind just how many opportunities there are to work online for money.

In fact, there are so many opportunities to make money from home that it gets extremely confusing for someone new who’s looking for extra income opportunities….

… I mean, what are the best jobs online? What type of online work will make you the most money with the least amount of time and effort?

Well, this list tries to answer that.

I’ve done a ton of online work over the past 5 years and from my experience, this is my list of the best ways to make money from home – whether you’re looking to make a full time income online or just some side cash – this list can help you.

How does working online work?

Since there are so many ways to work online for money, there are a lot of different answers.

However, there are two main ways to make money online:

  1. work for yourself
  2. work for someone

1. Working for yourself means you will start some sort of online business online or you can also freelance your skills.

With your own online business – like starting your own website – you are the boss and you are in full control of everything that goes on. Ultimately, you have full responsibility of what happens and everything will be on your shoulders.

The downside is that it is completely up to you to make sh*t happen, if you know what I mean. You need to be internally driven to make a good amount of money online. There are many ways to “self employ” yourself online – and I’ll list my favorite ways down below later.

2. When you freelance your work, you are technically working for yourself – however you are performing work for someone for money. Freelance is basically working on piece work – like being paid $50 to write one article.

Freelancing your skill is great because all you need to do is find people who are paying for your skill and hopefully they will hire you to work for them. You aren’t responsible for any of the business end of things – like a business owner would be.

Freelance is probably the easiest way to get started making money online – but your income potential is usually limited because these jobs typically don’t pay a ton of money – though some people are making thousands per month freelancing their skill.

What’s better – starting your own work online opportunity or freelancing your work?

I’d say if you are in it for the long run to make money online, then definitely start your own online business. In just a year or two, you could be making a full time income online – and you won’t need to work a typical job anymore.

If you have less time and want to make extra money, then freelancing a skill might be the best way to go. You can always start here and move on to your own business later when you’re ready.

Starting an online business sounds pretty scary – and I will admit that there is a learning curve at the start – but honestly, a lot of the work you do is the same as the stuff you’re already doing at your day job. It’s generally not harder stuff.

10 Online Work Ideas That Pay Well

1. Use survey websites

The easiest way to make money in like the next 10 minutes is to use survey websites.

These websites pay you money when you fill out surveys. Yea, if you didn’t know this was a thing – it totally is – and it’s a big deal too because it’s an incredibly popular way people are making money online.

How surveys for money work is that companies need real feedback on their products and they make surveys in order to get these feedback. Now, people don’t want to fill out surveys for free – so in order to get opinions from real people, they pay you money to fill out their surveys.

So the more surveys you fill out, the more money you make. You can make anywhere from a few dollars to 10 dollars or so per survey typically – however there are surveys that can pay you $20+ if they are longer.

The main thing you need to do is join legit survey companies – because there are some out there that aren’t good.

The more survey companies you join, the more you can fill out to make money. So I recommend joining at least a few when you get started.

Below are legit survey companies to make money with that you can trust:

Survey Junkie


Survey Downline

Survey Voices

2. Use reward websites

Reward websites are like survey companies in that they pay you for your time – however with reward websites – you have more ways to make money besides filling out surveys.

Some of the things you could get paid for include playing games, watching videos, and using their web browser instead of Google for example.

These are super simple tasks to do which  I love – and you don’t need any skill at all.

Here are my top reward websites:

Inbox Dollars


3. Start a website

Of all the ways to work online for money – starting a website is my favorite – and the best way to make a lot of money online.

A website and a blog is basically the same thing these days. It’s an online property that you own and manage. You will be responsible for starting it, getting content on your site, and then promoting it so it gets traffic.

How a website makes money is that people will read your content, and then they can do something like buy a product you recommend, which makes you money if they buy. This is one way money is made with your blog. And you can make a few dollars to 100+ dollars for the product you recommend.

You can start a website on just about any topic you want and make money from it. As I mentioned, there is a learning curve in the beginning – but remember, you’re starting something that can make you a few thousand dollars and more a month. It’s definitely worth the time learning how to do it.

Again, easily the best way to make money online – and definitely worth your time doing if you are serious about doing something online that makes a LOT of money.

4. Freelance your skills

A lot of people get started with online work by freelancing their skills.

If you have a skill – like anything at all – chances are you could freelance it online for money.

As long as the skill you have is something people could benefit from – you can usually make money with it.

For example, if you are good at English, you can teach English online. If you are good at grammar, you can proof read papers online for money. If you are good at typing, you can do data entry for a company or write content for a blog.

If you have knowledge about anything – and it could be anything like herbs, fixing cars, or making home made soap – you can teach people about these things online for money.

Most online work opportunities that fall under the freelance area deal with jobs that involve simple computer skills like writing content, editing content, making graphics and logos, editing photos and videos, etc.

If you have basic computer skills, you should have no problem getting work online.

I highly recommend checking out these websites for freelance work from home listings. These websites are great places to find people who need work done. What you’ll need to do is create an account and then apply for jobs.

Have a browse around. Check out what types of jobs people are posting and how much they are paying.

5. Make money on Youtube

Most people don’t know that Youtuber’s are making a killing online.

The whole idea of making money on Youtube is to make videos that get popular. I’m sure you’ve been on Youtube and seen videos with millions of views. Well, videos that gets millions of views can make thousands of dollars – for just 1 video.

If you have many videos that gets tons of views, well that’s potentially tons of money.

You can make videos on just about anything too – which is why the platform is so great for online work.

Check out this video on how to make $1000 on Youtube.

6. Write a book

Writing and getting a hard copy book published is the traditional way to make money with a book.

But you can write an ebook that is super easy to get published.

Writing a book and selling it on Kindle is a really effective way to get started making money with book writing.

You can also sell a ebook online on a website like Clickbank – which sells ebooks and ecourses for more money than your typical Amazon Kindle book.

I love the business of publishing ebooks because it’s something you only need to do once – and you will make sales for years and years down the road – if it’s successful of course.

Even if you sell an ebook for a few dollars on Amazon – it could sell thousands and thousands of copies – which would make you thousands of dollars.

Not bad, right.

And you don’t need to write books that are 300 pages long. Books that are like 80 pages long can sell like crazy – it’s really about the topic of your book and how in demand the information is.

Check out this article on how to write an ebook.

7. Sell things online

You can sell just about anything online.

Many people buy things at bulk prices and then sell online on websites like Amazon and eBay for money.

You can also make your own products to sell online – which people do on a website like Etsy – which specializes in hand crafted products for sale. People here make hand crafted goods for sale – which are really popular.

8. Make money on Fiverr

Fiverr is a pretty cool website for buyers and sellers. People pay $5 for a job to be done. These jobs are typically really simple and straight forward things like creating a simple logo or writing a short article.

To make money on Fiverr, you just need to be able to do something that people need. That could be just about anything. On Fiverr, I saw someone offering to sing happy birthday in a British accent for $5 – and people are paying him $5 for it!

Check out Fiverr here.

9. Start investing online

This one technically isn’t working online – but it sort of is – and I feel like it should be included because it’s so important anyways.

Everyone needs to learn how to make money grow. It’s one of the most important skills in life.

You can save money – sure, but it will then start to pile up and you need to do something with it. A lot of people just hand it to a financial advisor and be like hey, take care of my money for me please… like, that’s such a bad idea because why the hell would you want someone else taking care of your money?

Because you don’t know how to yourself, right?

Well, how about learning how to take care of money so you can manage your own finances. I absolutely promise you that you will take care of your own money with more interest and intent than someone doing it as their 9-5 job. These people have lots of clients and they’re mostly interested in their own life and money – rather than yours.

Investing online could mean many things – including investing in stocks, forex, and bitcoin.

Regardless of which vehicle you choose, you want to start learning right away – even if it’s just reading a book for now.

10. Create a course that sells online

Creating a course is a killer way to make money online.

The thing I love most about it is that you only need to create the course once, and it can sell for years and years down the road.

I especially like courses that teach a unique skill – like food photography, how to meet women, or how to start investing as a beginner.

You can sell these course on your own website that you start. Or you can create courses for market places that sell courses, like Udemy or Skillshare.

You first need knowledge and skill on a certain topic. Then put together what you know in an easy to follow format for people to consume.

These courses can make you a full time income online. It’s why I love it so much.

The ultimate way to make money from your own courses is to start your own website about a topic – like fitness for millennials – and then create a fitness course that people can buy when they visit your site.

This way, you make all the money and keep it to yourself – where as when you create courses for marketplaces – they take a cut of what you make – though the infrastructure for selling courses is already set up for you there.

Regardless, it really pays to have a skill and then learning how to create a product that teaches it – and then marketing it!

What to do from here

The above are my top 10 work online ideas. As you can see, there are quick ways to make money and longer term strategies that require more work but also pay way more at the end of the day.

It’s important to decide what’s more important to you right now and in the future. Do you just need side income for now to hold you over for awhile? Or do you really want to do something online that makes you a lot of money in the long run? This will help you decide what online work you want to do.

Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or opinions.