If you are looking for a really simple to use work order template then I’ve got you covered. I’m going to share with you 5 templates that are 100% free to download and print for your business needs.

These templates will vary in detail and will also look different from each other. So that’s why I’ve included 5 of them. You can choose the one which matches your personal needs and also your business needs the most. Also, it’s nice to be able to get a bit of variety in case you want a template to match your business branding better.

5 Free Work Order Form Templates


Business Form Template

a work order template for service people

This work order template is more geared towards jobs and work that requires hourly calculating, like contracting work and subcontracting work. There are many fields you can use to fill in details about the job, including hours worked and materials purchased. It’s a 1 pager and sums up everything nicely. It’s simple and clean. There are no frills with this template, and it could be just the right thing for your business. You can download it in pdf or doc format.


Template.net’s Free Work Order Templates

template work orders

Template.net is a great place to find templates for all kinds of business and personal needs. They have 5 free work order templates that vary quite a bit. They are all one page templates and have a varying amount of fields and details to be filled in. Their templates could be used for just about any type of work order, like maintenance work, construction work, auto work or any service work. The only thing you need to do is like their post before you’re allowed to download a template. I recommend checking them out.


Google Docs Work Order Form Template

Google docs has long been a great place to find all sorts of documents. They have a decent selection of work order forms that have been submitted by users and are free for everyone to download and print. With Google docs, you get a variety of templates. Some are utter crap and some are absolute gems. You’ll have to dig around a little. You may very well find a diamond in the rough, so it’s worth checking out for a bit in my books.


Tidy forms Work Order Templates

work order Word format

Tidy forms is one of the first places I go to to find templates for anything. The one thing I really like about them is that they tend to have templates that are more specifically geared towards a particular thing. In the case here, they have a contractor work order template, garage repair order, maintenance work order template, sample work order template, service work order template, and a work order request form. These templates are typically 1-2 page long. These templates are also all free to download and you can download them in Microsoft Word format or PDF format.


Vertex42 Work Order Form

Work order form

Perhaps I saved the best for last? If I needed a template and could only visit one website blindly for one, Vertex42 would probably be the website I’d choose. It may not be the prettiest or best template, but there’s a high chance that you’ll get a free template that’s easy to use. The people behind them make excellent templates. They’re just smart about how they do things.

This particular work order form is excellent. It is downloaded in Excel format which is great, because things are just easier to get rid of and add in in excel format. This order form can be used for things like processing repairs, job orders, and service orders. You can use this form to capture customer details, along with job details and materials used to complete the job. You need to fill in details like quantity of goods and price. Since it is excel, it will calculate the total for you, as well as taxes.

There’s actually two work order forms here. You get both when you download it. You get a basic one and an advanced one. You can get to either of them by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the excel file. check them out.

I hope you’ve found a work order form that compliments your business needs. There are some other ones on the internet, however these ones are the ones I like the most. Feel free to keep searching around for some other forms if you didn’t find anything here that quite fit what you’re looking for.

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